By PaBurke

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Spoilers: Season 2 of Supernatural, Season 5 of Smallville

Summary: My beta has a lot of complaints over Dean/Chloe relationships. According to her, none of the authors did it right without some OOC. I took up the challenge, but it ended up with a lot of angst. 220 Words.


Lex called them 'ships passing in the night.' It sounded so slow, romantic and hap-chance that Dean laughed in his face.

Sam called her Dean's girlfriend. They tolerated it because he was Sam and was faking normalcy by applying normal terms on non-normal relationships.

Dean called them 'Buddies with Benefits.' It was closer, since they did a lot of talking and commiserating along with the hot sex.

Clark had it the closest (though he was still wrong). He said that they were Neptune and Pluto, each in their own orbit, but intersecting at intervals. They each had their own orbit, but around their own sun (Sam, Clark). They rotated around the center of their universe knowing that their sun could outshine the heavens or go supernova. Each one stared at their sun, knowing it was blinding them (to the future). They kept circling around every time their sun's gravity pulled them in (Dean, we have a case, Chloe, I need help). They kept momentum knowing that one day, the sun would not call them back (school, Kryptonian things).

And they knew that once one was bumped out of orbit for their sun and spinning aimlessly in the dark universe (not needed anymore, God, that would hurt), the other would not risk being bumped out of their orbit to catch them.