Home Sweet Panic Room Home

By PaBurke

Distribution: The Nook and Crossroads lj

Rating: G

Warnings: Characters that died long before

Summary: So where did Zane run when Eyes Only warned him and the others about Lydecker?

Spoilers: Season One of Dark Angel, episode 'The Kids are Aiight.' This is set way in the future for Supernatural, but spoilers only until Season 3.

Word Count: 500

Zane stood outside the border of the junkyard thoughtfully. His post was as deliberate as every other step since escaping. The dog beside him whined. "I know how you feel," Zane murmured.

"It's about time, boy." The gruff man with a beard leaned against the dilapidated mailbox across the dirt road. His post was as deliberate as Zane's. His every move would be preplanned, something Zane always appreciated. "Sam told us about that Eyes Only commercial and we've been waiting for you. This is the safest place for you."

"I took the scenic route, sir." Zane resisted the urge to salute, but just barely. The dog growled at the man.

"Shut it, Rumsfeld. Bobby's in the garage, get."

The dog streaked –literally- toward the garage, eager to see his original owner again. Both men watched him go. Then John looked at Zane with a grin splitting his graying beard. "What are you waiting for? Sam's been cooking up a storm. You better have worked up an appetite since the rest of us can't eat a thing."

"Yes, sir."

"Where's Dean?"

"On my six, sir. He was double checking my back trail."

"No one better," John admitted. "Come on up to the house."

Zane fell in step with the ghost. Odd how comfortable this was. Odd, how much he had missed this. Odd, that he had never told even Zack. Odd, that Zack had never noticed that Rumsfeld was dead. (And Zack really liked Rumsfeld as a dog).

Then again, Manticore didn't prepare for things they didn't believe in.

Like a contingent of ghosts.

Sam and Dean had latched onto Zane just outside of Manticore's gates. Once Zane had realized just how useful the pair was, he had been sure that they had missed their true contact. Max was the sick one who needed help. Ben was the one who believed in what couldn't been seen. Zack was the one responsible for them all. Sam and Dean should have latched onto one of the others, but they insisted that Zane was the one for them and Zane hadn't been able to shake them since. They had taught him how to survive in the outside world. They had taught him a trade. They had taught him family and safety. They had taught him everything that Manticore deliberately didn't. Thankfully, they weren't always around. They made sure never to reveal themselves to Zack. Sam went wandering from time to time, but Dean made sure that Zane was always safe.

He was a worse big brother than Zack and that was saying something.

Zane reached the door to the house just as Bobby and Rumsfeld were coming from the garage. Zane could see through both bodies, but that was how it had always been. Sam was walking to the door from the inside, and his feet never touched the hardwood floors. Dean just appeared behind Zane and slapped his back and his father's at the same time.

Zane finally smiled.


He was home.