Soldering the Connection

By PaBurke

Summary: What if after Sam was kidnapped, things went Ireally/I wrong for Dean as well.

Spoilers: Freak Nation of Dark Angel, All Hell Break Loose part I of Supernatural. Sequel to Making a Connection.


Disclaimer: None of this eye candy is bring me money, I'm not a pimp.

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Alec had paced for over an hour in a never used corner of Terminal City trying to decide. He was needed here. He knew he was needed here. He knew the people here. He knew everything about them as they knew everything about him. He knew nothing about the Winchesters. He didn't know if he was needed there or if they wanted to get to know him. Why would they?

This indecision was stupid. His drill instructor would have been horrified to see Alec in this state. Alec was horrified to find himself in such a state. He pinched the bridge of his nose and closed his eyes.

Just make a decision already!

He would stay among his own kind. He would not invite the heartbreak that he had witnessed in Max and Joshua. There, was that so hard? He sighed, tilted his head up and opened his eyes.

And saw Max staring down at him from the next level, her facial expression was undecipherable.

Alec immediately smoothed his features into the normal smirk.

Max relaxed (and smirked) as well. "Why are you still here?"

Alec's jaw dropped. "Don't you need… I mean, …ah, these are my people."

Max snorted. "We can survive without you for a couple of weeks. I will send a hunting party for you if you don't return in that time. Am I clear?" For a woman who tried to ignore her military background more than not, she still sprinkled the language throughout her conversations.

Alec saluted because she was so far away. He would have a head start when she decided to thrash him for his disrespect. "Crystal, ma'am."

She glared as predicted. "Try to behave. They seem to be the type of allies that we could definitely use."

Militarily speaking, that made a lot of sense and the line of thought didn't stray into the uncomfortable territory of originals and clones.

"If you want allies, you should send Logan or one of the other X-5s."

Max's face closed down at the mention of her ex. They might have an uneasy truce, but neither sought out the other. "You could go with Logan," she suggested sweetly.

There was no way in hell Alec was going to step into the clusterflop of Max's instigation. "No."

She nodded as expected. She had pushed him into a corner, but Alec couldn't get too angry with her. She was trying to help him in her own busybody, interfering ways. "If you can't get back in two weeks, call."

Otherwise, radio silence, words that she didn't speak, but didn't need to.

"Is the tattoo laser up and running yet?" It wouldn't help against the cops and Familiars that utilized the heat sensor technology that had proved more effective than night-vision goggles, but it would slow any of the suspicious and mob-like populous.

It had taken fourteen well-organized transgenics and just as many creating distractions for the residents of Terminal City to steal the technology.

"Max! Logan!" Dix's voice carried on the patched-up PA system. "Report to HQ."

The two ran to the room, every other resident rushing to get out of the way. The small, mole-like transgenic monitoring the surveillance was smiling. "It's Logan. Eyes Only got word that the heat sensors in the city are down. No one knows how, but the government's rushing around trying to order an import more."

Good news, since the city had been talking about installing one at every street light in addition to the Sector Gates.

"You think that the trio made it happen?" Mole asked around his cigar.

"I've got more news," Logan spoke through the computer.

Max and Alec jogged up to see Logan on video conferencing. "Have the escapees contacted you?"

He smiled and nodded. "Sixty percent, so far. A couple stopped by on their way out of town for the passports that I could provide but I am still waiting on the TC runner with the rest of the safe words to match up with the messages I've received." This time he tilted his head teasingly. "Jam Pony has been so unreliable these days."

It was a good enough joke that the floor and halls rippled with soft chuckles. The good news also uplifted the atmosphere.

"Alec's going to need a top notch Sector Pass," Max informed the hacker.

Logan's eyes narrowed, but he asked no questions. "How soon?"

"Could hours?" Alec offered.

Logan grimaced. "I'll see what I can do. Uhm…" he glanced off to the side and then looked at Max again. "I don't suppose that there's any cash laying about TC to offset the costs?"

It hurt to see the proud man ask.

"I'll see what I can do," Max promised.