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Ch.1 – Goodbye


Uhura had one hour and thirty minutes before she had to report for duty. She waited until the doors of her quarters shut behind her; before removing her heels, dress, and returning her jewelry to the small Andorian box that Spock had given to her a few months ago. Uhura's fingers, traced the jagged edges carefully and she remembered the very day he'd given it to her. Spock had pushed the box in her hands and walked away hurriedly. Uhura laughed, never able to express what he was feeling, Spock would always retreat from an emotionally intense situation.

"Nyota." His voice was full of warmth and tenderness.

Uhura turned to find Spock sitting in the chair beside her bed. He was only a shadow in the dark. Quickly, she grabbed her robe and covered her bare skin. In two fluid steps Spock moved from the chair to the space before her.

"I was concerned for your emotional state." Spock appeared apprehensive as he spoke the words.

Uhura's emotions betrayed her, the tears slowly streamed from her almond shape eyes, "I want to hate you, but I love you too much."

Spock brushed the hair from her face. His eyes revealed what his words and face would not. "I'd rather you hate me than harbor feelings of indifference."

Translation – At least I know you still care.

Spoke's fingers were gentle as they lovingly embraced the curves of her face. Uhura relaxed in his touch and quietly begged for more. Spock's lips met hers and Uhura became hypnotized. Praying that the passion they shared would be too much for him to leave, she intensified their kiss. Pressing her body into his, Spock's heat encouraged Uhura. His hands roughly gathered her hair and he pulled Uhura deeper into the kiss.

As quickly as it began, the moment ended. Spock's eyes were glistening and Uhura's heart was racing. Spock raised his left hand to her right temple, "May I?" Uhura knew what he wanted and she nodded. Spock pressed his fingers to her head and immediately Uhura felt a gripping sadness. Emotions more pronounced than what she experienced. Darkness enveloped her, despair rocked her, and the tears flooded from her eyes. These were Spock's emotions. Uhura was sobbing uncontrollable.

Suddenly she felt warmth and Uhura could see herself walking across the Starfleet campus. She was happy. Gaila was whispering in her ear and they giggled like young school girls. In the vision her eyes locked on to Spock's position and the heat rose to her cheeks. At the same time she could feel his hidden desires rise to the surface.

Next she saw them engaging in their first kiss. It was tender. The rain was falling and a feeling of safety caressed her as his arms encircled her waist. Spock belonged. He understood his father for the first time, his quiet adoration of his mother. He wanted this more than anything. He believed she was his bond mate.

Then, Uhura saw herself in McCoy's arms during their second dance earlier that morning. She could feel Spock's jealousy and his disappointment. Uhura attempted to pull from the meld, she needed to explain, but Spock held steady. He was trying to convey something that he was not capable of doing through mere words. Uhura saw her future; one that was no longer plagued by tears. She was aboard the Enterprise. She was happy. Her hand entwined with McCoy's, while he pressed soft kisses along her neck. Uhura's own hand moved to her extended belly. This was the future Spock wanted for her in his absence. Spock broke the connection.

Uhura was floored and speechless. Her hands reached for Spock's face. There was moisture escaping from his eyes.

"Dr. McCoy cares deeply for you Nyota. It is my desire that you find a salve for the wounds I've inflicted upon you."

"McCoy is not you." No matter how much she tried, Uhura could not stop the tears, neither could Spock.

"You are correct. However, he will love you in a way that I cannot."

Spock placed a final kiss on her forehead before exiting her quarters.

At 0700, when Uhura reported for duty, Commander Spock's station was empty; much like her soul.