I wrote this because the scene wouldn't get out of my head. It's too short to be a one shot, so I deem thee an 'epilogue'.

Epilogue: Milkshakes and Tribbles

From the Desk of Joanna McCoy

To Whom It May Concern:

No, scratch that…

Dear Sir:

No, still not right…

Oh I know what will work

Dear God, It's me Joanna:

Thank you for my daddy!

I like having him around everyday; even if he says 'no' too much.

I don't need to go to bed early!

I can sleep in their room!

Of course I need more dolls, balls, and tribbles! They're cute and cuddly.

Thank you for Ny Ny too. She loves daddy and me. Plus she giggles and I think that's fun; especially when she teaches me to call people names in different languages. Don't tell daddy.

Thank you for this really nice room and living in space on the ship. Your stars are pretty.

I know I asked for kids to play with. I didn't know I had to wait for them to get out of Ny Ny's stomach. Next time can you tell them to use that thing that gives me milkshakes? Not too many milkshakes because last time my tummy hurt. So not too many kids, I don't want her stomach to hurt.

One more thing, make sure mommy knows I love her. Daddy and Ny Ny need me. Someone has to tell them what little kids want. Milkshakes and tribbles.

Joanna signed her name to the letter. Turned out the desk lamp and dived for the bed.

When McCoy peeked in the room, she was fast asleep; curls sprawled across the pillow; eyes fluttering with the vivid images of her dreams. This had quickly become one of his favorite times of the night. He'd come into Joanna's room and read the latest letter to God; they rarely changed. Full of thanks and innocent childhood thoughts he wondered how he had survived so long without watching her each night. How this little girl was the mix of everything right and good from McCoy and his ex-wife. She still believed that life held only good.

McCoy muffled his laughter while reading her letter, what was it with this little girl, milkshakes, and tribbles. He made a mental note to pull a few strings and get her a real milkshake the next day, none of the replicated mess. The furry mess that was a tribble, would be a negative. She'd have to butter up her uncle Jim for another return to that disaster. He pulled the covers over her body and placed a gentle kiss on her forehead. "Sweet dreams little one."

It wasn't until McCoy reached the door that he heard her voice behind him, "Daddy, strawberry is my favorite."