Hunter and Watcher

By PaBurke

Distribution: The Nook

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Spoilers: Season one of Highlander, Pre-Season 1 of Supernatural

Summary: Life after the Marines often takes interesting paths. 350 Words


"You should have called, Dawson."

Joe glared. "You never mentioned any familiarity with the supernatural."

"I was still a war buddy who could have helped." John Winchester paused. "When did you find out?"

"The Marine that saved my life in 'Nam was an Immortal."

"So some of your supernatural is good?" It was something that Winchester couldn't wrap his head around.

"They're just men and women. They start out the same as others in their time periods; they're just very long lived. They can be good or evil. They have the same chances of being sane as any other warrior who has seen everyone they know die. Duncan, he's known as a Boy Scout both by mortals not in the know and by other Immortals."

Winchester grunted. The two drank their beers in silence and waited for Duncan to recover from a very mutilated death courtesy of a poltergeist. Winchester had appeared in time to save Joe's life and to destroy it, mercilessly. The years had written grief and determination into the lines of his face.

"Mary's how you found out, wasn't it?" Joe finally asked. They had always been something about the house fire that never made sense to the Watcher. If John had managed to get six-month Samuel out of his crib, why hadn't he been able to get his wife out of the same room?

John nodded.

"How are the boys?" Joe finally ventured.

John straightened with pride. He even pulled out a pair of worn, bent and fades pictures. "Sam's in the running for a full-ride scholarship to do Law at Stanford. He's serious with his girl. Dean's hunting on his own sometimes. I gave him the Impala. He treats her right."

Joe finally asked the important question. The Watcher in him made him do it. "Are you going to tell them about this?"

"They don't need to know… but if you ever run into them…"

"I'll do right by them."

"Thanks Dawson… for the beer."

"Thanks Winchester… for dragging us out."

The man stood and brushed off the heartfelt thank-you with a quiet, "Semper Fi."