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After that night, things were still the same, except, they were more then friends now. Takato had a wonderfull week... And the moment of depature came to soon... After Takato had checked in his bagage to leave by airplain gain it was time to say goodbye.

"Err, I'll leave you boys for a moment." Henry's dad said... "Henry I'll be waiting for you in the car okay?"

"Kay dad."

"Bye Takato, have a good flight."

"Bye Mister Wong, thanks for everything."

When Henry's dad was gone, they stood there for a moment, silence between them. But then Takato grabbed Henry and cryed...

"Oh Henry I don't wanna leave yet.." Henry hugged Takato...

Hey we'll see eachother as soon as the summervacation is over."

They broke up. Henry smiled a bit. "Heh this is it huh.."

Takato looked down.. "Err, yes, I'm afraid it is.." Silence... Then he looked up at Henry again and said "I'll be waiting for you Henry.." and he took of his goggles... "Here you keep them, you can give them back when you return."

Henry looked with big eyes at the goggles in Takato's hand. Then he took them, now his eyes became wet... "Oh Takato." He pressed them against his chest. "I, I don't know what to say."

"Just say you'll still loving me when you come back."

"Sure I will..."

Then the last call for Takato's flight sounded. They both took eachother in a hug again. And not minding the people around them they shared a quick, but passionate kiss. They broke up again, blushing. Luckly Terriermon, Guillmon and Calumon were to busy with eachother to have noticed it.

"Come one Guillmon, Calumon it's time, Bye Terriermon."

"Bye Takato."

Takato looked once more at Henry and said. "Bye Henry.."

"Bye Takato..." Then Takato turned, and followed by Guillmon and Calumon went of to his flight.

Henry quickly ran outside where he could see the runway. He stood there for a while, then he saw the plain from which he knew it was Takato's taxi upon the runway. He heard the engines roar, the plain picking up spead, rising up and dissapearing high up in the orange sky from the evening sun.

There was a little breeze, and Henry still looked at the now empty sky. A tear rolling over his cheek. Terriermon was standing besides him. Then jumped upon Henry's back and said softly "Momentai Henry" Then he took the goggles form Henry's hand.

"Hey Terriermon what're you doing."

Terriermon put them on Henry's head just the way Takato did. He laughed

"Now you're Takato." Henry smiled and took takato from his back. He hugged them.

"Thanks Terriermon, now lets head back to the car, dad is still waiting for us."

Henry looked back once and then went on to the car...


When the summervaction was nearly on its end, Takato and Henry were reunited. Henry wanted to surprise Takato, so without calling he suddenly stood in the bakery. Takato was in his room so his mom sended Henry upstairs.

Takato heard someone knock on his door and went to open it. You can imagin his reaction when he saw Henry standing there... He was speacheless ofcourse.

"These are yours?" Henry said, offering Takato his goggles back. Takato slowly took them, looking at them for a while. Then he said softly

"You're back." Then he broke out in tears and shouted "You're back, Henry you're back." Then he swung his arms around Henry's neck and kissed him. Henry answerd this kiss like they never would separate again.

They went of to the park to meet with the others again (Rika, Ryu, Kazou, Kenta), also Henry had picked up Terriermon and Guillmon was already at the hide out in the park.

The whole gang enjoyed their day at the park, and this was an perfect end of the summervacation.

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