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Chapter 1. Unexpected company.

"GOHAN!" A desperate call was heard in the woods. "Gohan, where are you?"

A man with black spiky hair was standing on a small yellow cloud. The man was wearing an orange gi with a blue shirt and a blue sash. Two blue wristbands decorated his wrists. The man looked like he was around his early twenties. He was looking around but he couldn't see Gohan anywhere. Chi-chi is going to kill me if Gohan gets hurt. I'd better find him soon...Where is he? He thought to himself

"Daddy!" The man recognized the scream and looked down. He searched for the human that belonged to that familiar voice. The man named Goku widened his eyes when he noticed his son. The small child was hanging on to a tree branch floating in the river. Gohan coughed up water and started crying for his father again as he and the branch were pulled by the current.

"Gohan!" Goku yelled as he and the cloud he was on flew down to the small boy. Goku reached out for Gohan, but the boy was so scared he wasn't looking at the hand near his own. He was clinging to the tree as if his life was depending on it. Goku looked up just in time to see he was seconds from hitting the side of a mountain. He quickly moved, just barely avoiding the jagged mountain side.

"Daddy!" Gohan yelled as he closed his eyes and tears leaked down his cheeks. The boy tried to hang on to the branch but his small hands and arms weren't that strong.

"Hang on, Gohan!" Goku yelled. He flew higher up with the cloud to see if the current was slowing down further down the river when he saw the waterfall. "Gohan!" He yelled in fear as he watched his son and the branch go over the edge. Goku sped forward on his cloud passed the waterfall and to the river below. "Gohan?" He yelled, searching the water for signs of his son. Goku prepared to jump into the water himself when he saw something in the corner of his eyes.

Gohan was clinging to a branch that was sticking out from the side of the mountain as water rushed over and around him. Gohan whimpered and finally noticed his dad who was now behind him. The boy opened his eyes, he flung himself off the stone wall and into his father's arms.

"Daddy!" Gohan yelled as he dived in his father's arm. Goku looked from his son to the waterfall and back to his son and relief tumbled through him.

"But," Goku said as he looked back at the waterfall again. "How did you get here?" Goku wondered out loud. The man tightened his grip on his son. "Gohan. Are you okay?" He asked, looking down at the small wet boy in his arms.

Gohan gave a small nod, still a little scared at the whole ordeal but happy he was safe. He looked up at his father with big eyes, earning a smile from his father. "I'm fine, Dad. But I lost my hat." Gohan muttered, looking down at the waterfall.

Goku quickly dropped the hat on his son's head. "No. You didn't lose it. It's on your head, Silly." Goku answered with a smile. "So, what do you say we get you cleaned up and ready to go to Master Roshi's house, huh? I want you to meet my friends. They'll love meeting you."

Gohan smiled up at his father. "Okay." He said happily.

() **** **** ()

At the exact same time, a Space Pod landed on Earth creating a big crater. The pod opened and a tall man came out. The man blinked at the sudden sunlight and frowned at the planet he landed on. He had long spiky hair traveling down to his knees. The man was wearing a black spandex uniform which didn't cover his arms or legs. His armor was brown with black. The man had a green scouter covering his left eye. He stretched as he looked around.

"Raditz?" A low voice was heard through the scouter. "Did you land?"

"Yes." Raditz answered as he floated upwards. He ignored the terrified farmer on the ground. "This planet is pathetic. The gravity is almost none existing." Raditz said as he landed on the ground. He looked at the farmer, who was yelling something at him. Raditz smirked and stepped closer to the man. The man stepped back and shot his gun at the alien intruder. Raditz caught the bullet and examined it with interest.

"What's happening over there?" The voice asked. Raditz looked at the bullet before he looked back at the farmer.

"Nothing, Vegeta. Just a human who thinks he can hurt me." Raditz showed the bullet. "Is that the best you can do?" He asked amusedly. The man widened his eyes as Raditz tossed the bullet back to him, hitting him right in the chest. The man fell back, dead. Raditz groaned. "Damn, they are weak on this planet. I cannot believe Kakarot failed at his task."

"Just find him. We'll be listening. You know what he looks like." The voice snarled at him. Raditz nodded, tuned off and jumped in the air.

() **** **** ()

Meanwhile Goku landed on a small island in the middle of the ocean. He looked at the pink house in front of him. Inside he could hear people talking and laughing. Goku grinned happily. 'Let's see what they'll say about this.' Goku thought as he placed Gohan on the ground in front of him. "Hey everyone!" He yelled at the top of his lungs. There was a small silence before the door opened and a young girl walked out.

"Leave it up to you to get everyone out of the house to greet you instead of you coming to us." The girl, Bulma, had blue hair and blue eyes. She smiled as she walked closer. "Hi Goku. I've missed you." She was dressed in a blue top and white shorts with a white coat.

Goku nodded. "I've missed you too Bulma." He answered politely. Krillin had walked outside behind Bulma. Krillin was dressed in the same orange gi as Goku.

"Goku! What took you so long, huh?" He asked looking at his best friend.

"Sorry for being so late." Goku apologized. Krillin, Bulma and Master Rosie all shrugged in forgiveness.

Bulma then noticed the small boy standing in front of Goku and tilted her head. "Goku. What's with the kid?" She asked as she eyed the small child. A smile appeared on her lips as Gohan shifted behind his fathers leg. Goku however immediately stepped aside so that Gohan was standing on his own again.

"Yeah. Are you babysitting for money or something?" Krillin asked interested.

"He's my son." Goku said proudly. A small silence fell over the five humans. Gohan looked up at his father. Bulma, Krillin and Master Rosie were staring at Goku with wide eyes.

Bulma was the first one to shake her head and smile. "Wow! Goku! A son, my gosh." She said as she walked closer and knelt down in front of the kid. "So, how old are you, Little one?" She asked nicely.

Gohan looked at her before he looked at his father. The man nodded and Gohan focused on the question. The half-Saiyan counted on his fingers and showed Bulma the number. "I am four." He answered softly.

Bulma tried not to hug him for being so cute and decided to ask a question instead. "Are you going to be a brave fighter like you father?" She asked looking down at the half-Saiyan again. There she patted him on the head.

"No. Chi-chi doesn't let him train." Goku answered her question. He had a disappointed look on his face. "She always makes him study and says that martial arts is a waste of time." Goku sighed and shook his head. "I've tried to sneak him away a few times. Gohan likes to do a few exercises once in a while."

"Hey, he's your son. I believe it." Krillin answered with a grin. "Chi-chi should get over herself. You live in a small house in the woods. If she can lower herself from the palace to a small house, then what's the problem with a little martial arts?"

Bulma got up again and looked back at Krillin. "Come on, Krillin. You can't expect everyone to agree with your lifestyle. Live with it." She sounded just a little annoyed.

Goku smiled at his friends antics before he noticed something. His expression went serious and he looked around. He could feel something weird all around him. Gohan looked up and noticed his father's face. A strong and evil force was heading their way, Goku could feel it. The Saiyan looked up at the sky again, searching for something he wasn't able to see. 'Who is this? It can't be Piccolo, right? He's not as strong as what I am feeling. But maybe he trained...'

The others noticed something was up and turned his way. "Goku, what's wrong?" Master Roshi asked as he stepped closer. At that moment a man landed on the island.

The man called Raditz eyed the three humans with disdain before he turned to Goku. "Aaah, Kakarot. I finally found you." Raditz said, looking his brother up and down.

Goku gave out a confused look. "Kakarot?" He asked as a frown appeared on his face.

"Yes. It's your name, remember?" Raditz responded.

The two Saiyans stared at each other for a while. Goku rubbed his head in confusion. "Who are you?" He asked looking back at Raditz.

"You seem to have forgotten about me. That's okay. Let me introduce myself." Raditz smirked at them and spread his arms. "I am Raditz. Your big brother." He exclaimed.

Bulma gasped and Krillin widened his eyes. Goku's mouth was wide open before he shook his head. "Why should I believe you?" He yelled at the man. "I've never seen you in my live."

Raditz shrugged. "If you want proof then I'll just show you with my tail. If you'd give me your…" Raditz eyed Goku's waist and even tried looking around that area. "Where is your tail?" He demanded.

"My what?" Goku asked, looking behind him as if he could find the tail there. Gohan looked at his own tail before he looked back at the others. "My tail was cut off a long time ago." Goku answered.

"CUT OFF?" Raditz yelled back. "How could you let them cut your tail off?" Raditz yelled at him. "That's a disgrace to our Saiyan race. I can't believe it.. Vegeta is going to kill you when he finds out." Raditz growled loudly.

"Who?" Goku asked even more confused.

"Vegeta." Raditz answered. "Prince Vegeta. Planet Vegeta. Does any of this ring a bell?" Raditz asked frowning. Goku shook his head and Raditz growled again. "What did you do, hit your head or something?" Raditz sneered.

Goku shrugged. "Yes. I did hit my head when I was a child." He answered. "I still don't know what you're talking about."

Raditz's tail slumped behind him. "You forgot? How can you forget everything?" He asked with a little anger in his voice. Goku made a helpless gesture. "You were supposed to destroy the planet, remember? You probably didn't go through with it because you forgot all about it. That's just great. What kind of Saiyan are you?"

Goku frowned a little. "I don't know who you are. But you'd better leave." Goku threatened.

Raditz looked back at him. "Or what?" He snarled back. "I can't leave yet, Kakarot. I came here to fetch you and that's what I am going to do." Raditz answered shortly. "It'll be a little more work than I thought but it will be fine." He continued looking Goku up and down again. Raditz crossed his arms. "Listen up and listen good. I don't like repeating myself. You are a Saiyan. You are from a planet called Vegeta. Warriors were sent out to purge planets with stronger inhabitants. We used to sent babies to planets with weak origins to purge the planets. That's how you ended up here." Raditz smirked at the disgusted expression on Goku's face. "Oh yes. We purge planets for a living. We still do it. In fact, we came here to recruit a new or possibly…" Raditz looked at Gohan, who was trying to hide behind his father's leg again. ".. two new Saiyan recruits. For now, your son is even more Saiyan than you are."

Goku looked down at Gohan. "He's not my son." Goku said quickly, thinking he didn't want Raditz to know Gohan was that close to him.

Raditz laughed. "Nice try but humans don't have tails and your son does." Raditz answered as his own tail leashing behind him. "But I guess you will have to do without a tail. You see, our planet was destroyed some time ago. It collided with a meteor. You, me and three others are the only known survivors." Raditz continued as his eyes slipped to Gohan again. "We've been working for someone else for a while now. And we want to purge a planet which is a little too much for just three to handle. So we decided we needed an extra hand." Raditz smirked at his brother. "And I came here. What do you say, little bro?"

Goku frowned. "Me? Join you?" He asked. Raditz nodded. "Never!" Goku yelled at him. "I'd rather die." Goku screamed at him. "I would never join pirates like you."

Raditz smirked. "Too bad." He answered as he stepped closer. After this he knelt down and eyed the half-Saiyan behind Goku. "And what about you?" He asked amusedly. "Would you like to come with your dear uncle?"

Gohan widened his eyes and shook his head. Raditz laughed and got up again. "That boy is too scared for a Saiyan. You should have taught him better. But now it's too late." Raditz stalked closer and leaned over his brother. "Your fathering times are over." Raditz sneered. "You're not as strong as I hoped you would be. I guess we'll place you in camp for a few years and you'll be ready to go." Raditz continued thoughtfully. "Well. Let's go." Raditz looked at his brother.

Goku narrowed his eyes. "I am not coming!" He yelled back. "You can't force me!" Goku tried to attack him, he tried to punch Raditz and push him away from him and his son but he was too slow. Raditz noticed the movement and disappeared just in time. He reappeared in front of Goku and kneed him in the stomach. Goku gasped and fell down in the water. Gohan shrieked and ran towards his father. Raditz walked closer and effortlessly grabbed Gohan to lift him in the air. Gohan started crying.

"Alright little brother. Why don't you take a little test to see if you are able to kill? You have one day to kill a hundred humans." Raditz started as he moved Gohan up and down a little. "If you do that, I'll leave your son alone and we'll leave together. You'd better do it or I'll have to hurt my only nephew." Raditz moved Gohan a little closer to his face to smirk at the terrified face. "And I would hate to do that." Raditz continued, looking back at Goku . The Saiyan was still lying on the ground. "Just leave them here. I will count so don't try to be smart. And remember.. Saiyans are very strong on family bonds but we easily hand out punishments too. And your son will be punished for your mistake this time." Raditz looked down at his nephew. "Say goodbye to your father, little one." After this he laughed and flew away, taking the struggling Gohan with him.

() **** **** ()

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