Stark Differences

By PaBurke

Summary: Tony Stark seeks out Dean Winchester. He finds him in a dirty bar, but he is not at a loss for words.

Spoilers: Iron Man, the movie. Supernatural, just know the idea

Warning: Dean's mouth, but no swearing (how did I manage that?)

Word Count: 400

"Dean Winchester?"

Dean and Sam looked up from the case notes spread all over the corner barroom table. They surveyed him like special ops soldiers, or like a really good bodyguard. It wasn't often that Tony Stark was on the receiving end of such a penetrating gaze. Normally, he hired people to do it for him.

"Who's asking?" Dean said as he leaned back in his chair.

Sam knew though and choked on his beer. "Tony Stark," he wheezed.

Dean looked confused and Sam elaborated. "Iron Man? Stark Industries?" Sam sighed, "rich guy with the really hot, personal assistant named Pepper?"

Dean suddenly grinned. "Oh, yeah. Love to have her season my life."

Tony didn't like anyone referring to Pepper like that, though he commonly did it to any other pretty female in his vicinity. "If Ms. Potts will get further with you, I'll have her make an appointment."

The brothers exchanged a speaking glance. Tony felt a stab of pain that he had no one that close. "No," Dean finally drawled, reluctantly. "Speak your piece."

"You have several interesting weapon patents that you are applying for," Tony noticed that Sam did Inot/I know about this. "I want to buy them."

Dean grunted. "How much?"

"One million and I'll completely wipe your criminal record."

"One million per patent, plus the record," came Dean's counterbid.

"One million per patent, plus the record, and I get first glance at anything else that you might develop in the next ten years."

Dean considered it, looked at his brother. Sam was trusting his decision, however he chose. Finally, Dean said, "Deal."

Tony grinned. "Wonderful. How about we celebrate this new business arrangement with a drink?"

"If you're buying," Dean gloated.

"Of course." Tony waited until Dean had taken a full swallow of alcohol before saying, "And I'd like to offer you a job." He ignored the beer sprayed all over his face and continued, "With a full lab, a pretty secretary and lots of flunkies to help."

Sam was laughing his head off.

Dean stared at him as if he was crazy. He actually said, "You're nuts. I so don't understand people."

"Is that a 'yes' or a 'no'?"

"That's a 'hell no'."

"Hmmmm," Not many people said 'no' to Tony Stark and he liked hiring those that did. Tony also knew when it was time to retreat and try again a different day.