Growing Panes III

By: PaBurke

Disclaimer: No infringement intended. I'm just playing, no profit involved. If you recognize the characters, they're not mine.

Distribution: The Nook

Spoilers: Season 1 of Firefly, plus the movie. Supernatural AU, Next Chapter of Growing Panes

Warnings: PG-13ish.

"Crazy girl has been snitching food from the kitchen," Jayne snickered.

Jayne's announcement brought everyone's eyes onto the crazy girl. To their surprise, she was getting a little belly.

"What have you been eating, mei-mei?" Simon asked. He stood and gently ran his hands over his sister's shoulders.

"Not tastin' as bad. No vomit."

"That's good," Simon murmured. "Still, I wouldn't have expected you to gain weight."

Mal walked into his kitchen and saw that everyone was quiet. Quiet on his ship was dangerous. "What's going on?"

"River's getting fat," Jayne announced.

Mal glanced at the girl and then looked again. "River, are you pregnant?"

"No!" Simon protested. "That's impossible. She hasn't… been with a man."

"Sammy's a man," River told him.

Simon whirled on Mal. "Samuel Winchester got my little sister pregnant? When?" That answer was too obvious -five months ago Samuel and River had disappeared for a couple hours- and Simon rushed ahead with the accusations. "You let this happen?"

"No," River argued. "I chose the solution, Sammy was my means."

"Solution?" Simon shook his head like the words did not compute. "A solution implies a problem. How does pregnancy solve a problem? It creates one."

"Serenity has a problem."

Mal turned to Kaylee. "Serenity has a problem?"

"She's fit as a fiddle, capt'n."

"There's a hole in her."

"You're talking nonsense, L'le Albatross," Mal told River.

"Zoe's arms are empty. Book's room is empty. I need to fill the hole."

Simon shook his sister's shoulders gently. "Mei-mei, a baby would not fill those holes. One person does not replace another. They can't. Each one is different."

"You need a sister." Quiet tears spilled out of her eyes and ran down River's cheeks. "I'm not good for you. You need a sister and I'm not a good sister. It's a hole in your heart, Simon."

"There is no hole, mei-mei. You are in my heart."

"Me and Kaylee."

"Yes, mei-mei. You and Kaylee."

"Now, it'll be me and Kaylee and Kitten."

Me-ow. Only one little one. Mal remembered River saying that back in Samuel's bunk. "Does the boy know?" Mal asked.

River smiled, "Of course."

"What about Dean?" Simon asked angrily.

"Not yet. Soon."

"When?" Zoë asked.

"When we cross paths."

"When?" Simon growled out.

River grabbed her brother's shoulders. "I examined the evidence and chose a solution. You don't have to like it, but you will accept it." It always surprised Mal when River was so calm and was trying to make sense. ('Course, she was so smart that it wasn't always possible.)

Simon finally settled. "So I'm going to be an uncle?" he asked.


And that was that.