"Well well well. Look what we have here fella's. Our little friend, Danielle."

Daniel LaRusso whipped around to see five of the Cobra Kai students walk into his changing room. They were being lead by the toughest of them all, Dutch. After Dutch, walked in Jimmy, Bobby, Tommy, and then Johnny. Daniel had no idea what they wanted, but he knew they didn't plan on leaving any time soon.

"Hello Danielle. Whassa matter? Mommy not here to dress you?" Dutch asked in a mocking tone. When Daniel refused to answer, or even acknowledge their presence, Dutch got mad.

"Hey, I'm talking to you punk." He pushed Daniel into the table. Daniel spun around to face Dutch and put his hands up in a fighting position. He knew Dutch could kick his ass, but he didn't show any self-defense, they would win before the fight even started.

"Come on, come on! Make a move!" Dutch shouted, even though Daniel could hear him fine when he was just talking.

What should he do? If he hit Dutch, he would have to fight a pissed-off black-belt in karate. But if he didn't strike first, Dutch would hit him and have the upper hand. Daniel stood there, frozen to the spot, trying to avoid looking Dutch in the eyes.

Daniel straightened up and snapped, "Leave me alone! You guys are going to be able to beat me enough during the tournament, so just back off for now."

Daniel turned around completely shocked at what he had just said. They were definitely going to kill him now. What had he done to deserve their hate? Their beatings? Their torture? All he had done was stick up for Ali at the beach, but to these guys, that was like murder.

"Little punk-ass," Dutch swore. He grabbed Daniel and spun him around. Dutch did a move where he grabbed Daniel's wrists and snuck his foot behind Daniel's leg. Dutch swung his foot forward, kicking the back of Daniel's knee, causing Daniel to fall and Dutch to get on top of him.

Dutch pinned Daniel to the floor and straddled him. Dutch held Daniel's hands above his head with one hand, while the other lingered on Daniel's chest. Daniel kicked and cursed, he tried to buck his hips in an attempt to get Dutch off, but it only made Dutch smile, and watch Daniel more closely. Daniel didn't want to get beaten up, he didn't want to be late for the tournament, and he certainly didn't want to be left with these guys alone. Daniel did everything he could, he twisted and struggled, but Dutch would not let up.

"Let go of me you jerk! Get off!"

"Fighting's delayed right now, and you're our only source of entertainment." Dutch snickered. It was true. One of the referee's mothers had gotten sick and was rushed to the hospital, and the referee had to leave, so the tournament was delayed until they could find another referee.

"What do you think we should do guys?" Dutch voice was mocking.

"Just get on with it," Tommy said. Daniel looked at Tommy to see him smiling. Not a ha-ha-we-won,-you-lost smile. A smile that almost looked like he was excited for something.

Dutch smiled down at Daniel and his eyes held a look of lust.

"Ain't that nice, guys? He left his shirt undone for us!" Dutch had a sick smile on his face as he pushed Daniel's shirt off his shoulders with his free hand.

"What the hell are you doing?" Daniel cried. He twisted and tried to free his hands from Dutch's grasp, with no avail.

"You got a nice body Danielle," Dutch said, that smile still on his face. Dutch trailed his hands down Daniel's chest, making him gasp in surprise and pleasure when Dutch stopped to play with his nipples and belly-button.

Dutch leaned down and brought a rosy-pink nipple into his mouth. Daniel gasped and shut his eyes. Dutch's mouth was warm and his lips were hot and smooth against Daniel's chest. Dutch's tongue swirled around the nipple and he sucked roughly on it, treating Daniel's nipple like a piece of hard candy. He felt Dutch's tongue flick at his nipple and he arched his back slightly. He moaned when he felt Dutch bite down and then soothe it with his tongue. Daniel groaned and he could feel his blood rushing downwards. No matter how good it felt, Daniel knew it was wrong. He tried to think about what they were doing and why, but couldn't. Daniel didn't like being this confused. He didn't like how he couldn't talk because he couldn't stop moaning for more than a few seconds. He fought against Dutch, struggling to get his hands loose. Daniel felt someone else grab his hands and pin them above his head. Daniel opened his eyes and bit his lip when he saw Tommy holding his wrists and smirking at him. Tommy sat on the ground next to Daniel's head so he could pin his hands down easier.

Daniel felt Dutch smile against his chest and let go of his wrists. Daniel unwillingly moaned softly when Dutch began to pinch and roll his other nipple now that he could use his hands. Daniel groaned as he felt his body betray him and his nipples harden in response to Dutch's touch. Dutch continued to lick the nipple and pinch the other one. Daniel whimpered and bucked his hips up to Dutch for more. Dutch chuckled and lifted his head. He blew on the nipple he had been sucking on. Daniel groaned and shivered again when the cool air hit his wet nipple and blushed when he opened his eyes and saw that his nipple was dark-red, swollen and hard. Daniel blushed even harder when he realized he had a hard-on pressing against Dutch's stomach.

"Well, looks like little Danielle here got a bit too excited." Dutch said in the same mocking tone he had used when he first walked in the room.

Dutch lowered his head again and began to experimentally nibble on the other nipple. His teeth grinding gently against the nipple was driving Daniel insane. Daniel moaned and accidentally arched his back into Dutch's mouth for more contact. Dutch pushed him back down with one hand and his free hand trailed down Daniel's side, tickling him. Dutch chuckled when Daniel squirmed and sat on Daniel's hips, making Daniel barely able to move. Daniel shut his eyes and whimpered when Dutch began to rock his hips against Daniel's, making the erections rub against each other.


I smiled down at Danielle; he was so cute when he began to whimper. I licked my lips, Danielle's chest tasted almost like honey. I continued to rub our hips together, making him pant and whimper for more. My cock was throbbing and aching for attention, but if I wanted to get any where with Danielle -Daniel, I mean- I had to make sure that he wanted me too. Then there was Tommy and the rest of the guys. They all liked Daniel too, but I was the only one who wanted to take the first move.

Daniel began to moan and pant as I put more pressure on his hips. It felt really good and I really liked the way his small hips fit so perfectly under mine. I smiled and got off of him and I heard him groan. I pulled his legs apart and placed myself between them. I looked at his face and saw that the fear in his eyes had returned. I grabbed the top of his white pants, and, before he could protest, I yanked them down. Daniel looked away in shame and embarrassment when me and all of the guys stared at his rock hard cock that was still covered by his boxers. I smiled when I remembered Daniel couldn't do anything because Tommy was holding his hands.

Speaking of the guys, I looked around. Tommy was staring at Daniel's erection with wide eyes; Johnny was leaning against the doorway shooting daggers at me with his eyes. He was just jealous. Bobby's face was slightly flushed, even though no one was paying attention to him, and he was groping himself through his pants. When he caught me looking at him he smirked and mouthed 'way to go,' but he rolled his eyes to show me he was being sarcastic. Jimmy was just kind of watching the scene with interest. He didn't like Daniel the way the rest of us did, but I don't think it bothered him much.

I traced the tip of Daniel's erection with my finger. I heard him gasp. I chuckled and trailed my hand down his length. I was waybigger than him. I looked at Daniel, and again, he had his eyes closed. His breathing was un-evened and ragged and he was biting on his lower lip. I pulled his boxers down too and pulled them and his pants completely off.

Daniel growled and I knew he wasn't the only one surprised that I had done that. I looked at him and he glared back at me, but his eyes glazed over when I grabbed his erected member and began to pump my hand up and down.


Dutch sure knew what he was doing. His hand stroked Daniel firmly, and Daniel began to moan. Not soft moans like before, but load moans. Very loud. I knew someone was going to hear, but I didn't know if I should do what I had in mind. I thought for a second and leaned down and pushed my lips to Daniel's.

Daniel was so far gone with pleasure what he eagerly opened his mouth for my tongue. I knew that the other guys were shocked because I hadn't closed my eyes. I couldn't see Bobby or Jimmy, but Dutch was chuckling and Johnny was red in the face with his teeth bared.

I closed my eyes and tightened my grip on Daniel's wrists. I wrapped my tongue around his and tugged lightly, Daniel's tongue eagerly played with mine. I took one hand off Daniel's wrists and I pressed against my groin. I moaned into Daniel's mouth and began to rub myself through my karate-gi and boxers. I pressed my mouth harder against Daniel's and kissed him more roughly. I wasn't sure if he could breathe with my mouth over his, but I didn't care. I cupped my groin and stroked more firmly. I felt Daniel squirm and wither from lack of air and Dutch's hand, so reluctantly, I took my hand off my aching erection and used it to hold Daniel down more firmly; but I didn't stop the kiss, just eased up on it.

I fought with his tongue and I could feel and hear him moaning into my mouth. I knew Dutch was pretty good at giving him that hand-job and Daniel was getting closer to losing it. Daniel moaned into my mouth again and I tangled our tongues together. My groin was still throbbing and I knew after this I would need a long jacking-off session.


I felt Tommy tweak my nipples like Dutch had done and I moaned again into his mouth. Dutch was still stroking me and he was adding pressure. I wanted to yell at him. Tell him to fuck off and run. But I couldn't. Tommy was still holding my hands down and even if he wasn't I wouldn't be able to get up because Dutch was much stronger than I was. But there was another thing too, I hate to admit it but...part of me didn't want to go. Part of me was turned on by the lack of choice in this situation. How Dutch had pinned me to the floor. How Tommy had not asked to kiss me. How Dutch just did all of that stuff, not knowing whether I wanted it or not. Not to mention I had never felt anything like this before. Then, the last part of me was asking "Are you sick enough to enjoy that you're enemies are kissing you, which also means you're cheating on Ali?" I didn't really know how to answer that question, so I ignored the voice. I arched my back and broke the kiss Tommy had forced me into (even if I didn't like the guy, he sure knows how to kiss). Dutch must jack off a lot because he knew what I wanted. I bit my tongue to keep myself from screaming Dutch's name, but I still tossed my head back and cried out as I hit my orgasm.

I could feel my body twist and squirm and I shut my eyes. I bucked my hips into Dutch's hand and cried out again with pleasure. Is that what an orgasm felt like? Was it suppose to feel this good? This was...heaven. Even when I was by myself, I was embarrassed to masturbate. Dutch's hand was still pumping me and I wanted to shriek in ecstasy. Even though I had already had my orgasm, pleasure still ran through my body. The feel of someone else's hand around me, making me moan and get harder, was like nothing I had ever felt. My orgasm was intense and powerful and wonderful; it felt right when I came, even if I was with another boy instead of a girl.

I had sweat on my forehead and chest. I was gasping and panting when I brought myself down from my climax. Tommy let go of my hands. It didn't really matter; I was too weak to do anything.

I moaned softly when I felt something warm and slippery on my stomach, and I looked to see Dutch liking my cum off my stomach. His tongue trailed my up stomach and stopped and my belly-button to stick his tongue in. In surprise and pleasure, I bucked my hips up. Dutch swallowed my cum and sat on my hips again.

"Why?" I asked softly. Why did they do that? Why did they kiss me? Why did they want to bring me to an orgasm?

I looked at Dutch and Dutch smiled at me, a weird twinkle in his eyes.

"Because, you're ours. It's about time you realized it."

This chapter was written back in 2009. My writing has greatly changed since then, if there is something you still wish to criticize or point out, be my guest.