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The main point of this story is to practice my writing. In the beginning, it was for fun and I still enjoy it, but now I see You're Ours as a real chance to improve my writing, which has changed a bit since my last update.

"Break up with Daniel, Ali, he's ours! Who in the hell does he think he is?" A fuming Encino girl by the name of Ali Mills repeated in a snarky tone.

"Ali," Susan began calmly, "maybe this is all just one big joke. Has Daniel been acting different?" She plopped down onto the white large couch in the Mills' basement and wrapped the blanket tightly around herself while handing the extra to a shivering Barbra beside her.

"You weren't there, Sue!" The dark haired girl flinched at the awful nickname, but Ali paid no attention. "Dutch and Johnny, oh. My. Goodness. Dutch and Johnny! They kissed!" Ali dry-heaved while Barbra sat up a bit straighter.

"They kissed? That's…" and she began to giggle. "That's kind of cute," she whispered to Susan.

"Cute? No! And Dutch groped Johnny! Like stuck his hand into his crotch and massaged it!" Ali's face was tinted green with disgust.

"Now that's just…hot," Barbra whispered behind her hand. Susan looked at her friend; what was she talking about? The boys since they've known for…geez, how long? And Barbra thought it was hot? Susan particularly didn't give a damn what anyone did as long as it did not cause her any troubles, but Barbra seemed to encourage it just a bit.

Ali paced back and forth and gritted her teeth, these jerks would not take what was hers! "I've got to sit down," she groaned and fell in between her two companions onto the couch.

"How is this happening?" She groaned. Why her? The guy she liked was attracted to her boyfriend, what did she ever do wrong?

"Ali," Susan said in the same tone as before, "wasn't all this after you tried to flirt with Johnny? You know, like cheat on your boyfriend withthem? Why do you even care if they're after Daniel?"

Ali froze. Excellent question that was. Why did she care? Even better, what did it matter if she cared? They were going to turn down her? Encino's beauty queen? There would be hell to pay for insulting her! As if she wasn't good enough!

"It doesn't matter!"

"But it does. Why put so much effort into keeping a guy you don't want?"

"I'm not trying to keep Daniel! It's just that as long as I have him, they won't."

"It seems like they already do." Barbra piped up between chattering teeth. Susan stood up and walked over to the other side of the couch, so Barbra was in the middle, and gave the chilled girl part of her own blanket as well.

"But they can't!" Ali hissed and jumped up. "If they treated me like that, I won't let them!"

"Ali," Susan spoke again, pulling her half of the blanket tighter around herself, "it sounds like they treated you fairly in the beginning, you started it all. Just leave them all alone."

"No! I will pay them back!" The blonde seethed. "Johnny rejects me for the little twerp and Dutch just sat there and laughed at me! He laughed like it was a joke that anybody would ever be attracted to me!" Ali whimpered.

Barbra sighed; Ali was not the nicest person, but her feelings were hurt. She wasn't very smart, certainly not nice, her personality was non-existent; all she had to fall back on were her looks, and even that wasn't stunning. But she was still their friend, so Barbra pulled her into a hug and even offered to share the blanket she was clinging to for dear life. Ali rested her head on Barbra's shoulder for a second and leaned into the soothing hug but Ali was never good with kind gestures and jerked back up.

"No! I won't be pathetic over this! I'll get them back, I don't know how, but they will regret the way the treated me!" And just like that, all sympathy Barbra had for her was gone.

"I will make those bastards sorry!" Ali seethed. Susan crinkled her nose; sure, the guys were usually asses, but bastards? They were still friends with her and Barbra, childhood friends, very close and cared for friends. She should have said something, defended them, but Ali spoke first.

"I'll be back," She announced and shot up the stairs.

The two friends were silent for a moment before Barbra asked "Do you think she's going to turn the thermostat up?"

"Nah, cold hearted bitches can't stand the heat."

Hands pinned down above his head, legs spread open, Tommy's hand doing nice things – very nice things – and Daniel just withering and squirming desperately.

Tommy's hand stopped, and Daniel opened his eyes, the world swamg into his view, and looked up with pleading eyes for the other to continue.

"Are you ready to come with us?" Dutch purred into his ear. Daniel looked around at all the faces: Johnny biting his lip, Bobby's cheeks flushed with arousal and Jimmy standing off-handedly by the door – what was with him?

Tommy's hand ran gently against Daniel's erection and the boy whined and bucked.

"Are you ready?" Dutch asked again, tightening his grip around the small wrists to get the attention of the boy.

And suddenly something is warm and wet on him and Daniel looks down to see Tommy slowly licking his…ohh how nice it felt.

Daniel forgets everything, the beatings, his bruised jaw, the hatred he has for the Cobra Kais and he nods his head weakly. He is ready to be their slave for the weekend.

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