Car Swap

By PaBurke

Spoilers: Season one of Supernatural, and guess the cross.

Summary: They never expected to meet someone rather like themselves, at least on the surface.

Disclaimer: None of this eye candy belongs to me. And I get no money for pimping them out occasionally, so don't sue.

"Damnit! What the hell were we thinking?" Dean yelled. "We left the Impala behind?!"

Sam was disturbed about events, but he wasn't mourning the car like his brother was. "Dude, we'll get it back." He was the one driving the car they jumped in the motel parking lot. He was trying to think and calm his brother down at the same time.

"How could we? All our weapons." Dean dug through the pockets and glovebox of the car looking for anything that could help them get fight the crazy old man and his monkey-suited goons. In the glove box was a battered box like his. Curious and frantic, Dean opened it and stopped. It was more alike inside than out.

"Son of a…."


"Sam, we stole the car of a con man."

"Are there weapons?" He chanced a glance in his brother's direction, but couldn't see much.

"No, but he's better than I am at creating fake IDs."

"Really?" Sam found a turn off and parked. They needed to go back and fix their screw up. Their father would have their head if they lost the Impala and who knew what stupidity Dean would do to get it back if Sam didn't help. At least they still had their dad's demon journal.

"And he's got balls. He puts his first name on all of them and he even has Secret Service IDs."



"Can we use any of them?"

Dean was distracted. He whirled in his seat as he thought that he could hear a familiar purr and then the Impala pulled up beside them. The con man featured in the fake IDs was driving. Dean jumped out of it and ran for the Impala without thinking.

The dark-haired man turned off the engine and stepped out of the classic car with a laptop in hand.

"How did you find us?" Sam asked.

Dean was too busy running his hands over the hood of car to be concerned.

"I tapped into the rental car's GPS system," the stranger explained. "I saw you two arrive at the motel yesterday and I watched you two jump my car and escape today. I figured that you would want your car back." He paused. "How did you know that Mr. Raines was dangerous?"

Dean now stopped and stepped protectively between the stranger and his brother. He was Inot/i about to announce that Sam had had a vision about the scary old guy that had set off the EMF meter like a demon. "Jarod, right?"

The man nodded.

"Thanks for bringing us the car, but we've got to go."

Jarod offered the keys to the Impala but didn't drop them into Dean's hand. "May I have my IDs back?"

Dean reluctantly pulled out the official looking IDs that he had been trying to swipe. Jarod cheerfully exchanged the keys for the IDs. Sam tossed Jarod the keys to the rental. The stranger caught them smoothly. He watched Sam carefully as he juggled his father's journal in one hand and his own laptop in the other. Jarod and Sam edged around each other and climbed into their respective cars.

"Be careful of Mr. Raines," Jarod warned them. "He's dangerous."

"We guessed that," Dean sniped, still mad that he was beholding to a stranger.

"Good luck to you too," Sam told Jarod.

Jarod smiled and watched them leave.

Dean drove like a bat out of hell. Sam knew that he wasn't going to hand over the wheel to him for a very long while.

"As soon as we can," Dean promised the car and warned Sam, "we are stopping and taking this car apart and making sure that neither Jarod nor that Old Guy did anything to her."

"Jarod was the victim beside me in the dream," Sam said.

"I don't care. I don't trust him."

They did stop shortly and examine the car bumper to bumper. They didn't find anything.

They didn't find the tracking device in the driver side door panel.