by PaBurke

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Spoilers: Pretender, everything. Same with BtVS.

Summary: It's all in how you define the terms. 'Bind.'

Word Count: 200

Jarod studied the night sky. He knew the stars by name, by constellation, by the ancient stories. By the stars he knew where he was and how close he was to the Centre. That was always in the back of his thoughts: how close was he to the Centre. It influenced his actions more than he liked. Even though he was not behind bars and locks (anymore), the Centre dictated his every move.

He wished to be free. He was free of the building and of most of the people, but Jarod wanted to be free from the influence and the memories.

"Everyone's captive to something," his new friend suddenly said.

Jarod laughed. How could he not? This particular friend went wherever he pleased, whenever he pleased. If his van ran out of gas, he'd park it somewhere, explore the countryside for a while and when he felt like it, get a short-time job to pay for the next round of gas. If anyone was unfettered, it was Oz.

"Even you?" Jarod asked. He had unloaded his feelings and reservations to this quiet stranger who had listened believingly.

Oz's lips twitched in a sort-of smile. "I, above most, am chained."