The Vampire Atem

Chapter One: Waltz with a vampire

Ever since the soul separation was performed, Atem now had a body of his own and was living in the 21st century. Ever since that day, Yugi and Atem spent every day together happy that they didn't have to share a body anymore. Yugi Moto who was once bonded to Atem's spirit who was once a powerful pharaoh of Egypt and lived within Yugi's millennium puzzle, learning everything that Yugi knew about the modern world. Atem took everything in, marveling at how technology and just everything in society has progressed in the 5000 years since he has lived in the world.

What Atem liked best was celebrating holidays with Yugi and his friends. They celebrated many holidays together, but Atem's favorite thus far was Valentines Day. On that day, he got many roses from the girls at school which made Yugi a little bit jealous.

But one holiday that Atem really wanted to experience was Halloween. When Atem asked about it, Yugi explained that on this dark night once every year, everyone dresses up in costumes. They go around ringing people's doorbells, saying "trick or treat" and get free candy. Tomorrow was Halloween. So on the afternoon before, Atem and Yugi went to the Spirit Halloween store and picked out costumes. Atemu looked at the various costumes on display. He looked at the mummy costumes for quite some time.

"You want to be a mummy for Halloween?" asked Yugi.

"No. I'm just thinking about how I can have this body… when my corpse is probably lying somewhere in a museum…"Atem sighed. Yugi nudged Atem in the ribs.

"Hey… don't even think about that... just enjoy the moment right now." Yugi yelled at him. As the two of them continued to look around, Atem then spotted the perfect Halloween costume. A black and dark red outfit, it was designed to be a vampire outfit but, one look at the dark red velvet and black leather and Atem knew that's what he wanted to be. Atem walked over the costume and ran his hand on the velvet. Yugi walked over to him and smiled. "So, you want to be a vampire for Halloween?"asked Yugi

"What's a vampire?" asked Atem. Yugi smiled and explained the story of the vampire to him. When the story was said and done, Atem wanted to be a vampire even more. Yugi smiled and grabbed the costume and then pulled Atem away to help him choose a costume out for himself. Eventually, Yugi decided to go as the Dark Magician his favorite card character from the Duel Monsters game. The two then moved on the props and makeup, paid for everything, and left the shop, excited for the night ahead.

After school, the gang decided to go to Mokuba Kaiba's Halloween party at the mansion together. They would all meet up at Yugi's house first, and then all go to the mansion together. Since this year was a lunar year, the moon was full on Halloween night. The sky was clear, the air was crisp, and Atem couldn't wait. The doorbell rang and Yugi answered it. The first person he saw was Joey Wheeler whom was wearing a tan and brown dog costume.

"Don't say anything. This is the only thing I could get, and I had to borrow it from Duke Devlin." Joey scowled. Tea Gardner walked in, wearing a dark magician girl outfit, she said it was the same one used in Broadway for the "midnight magic" play. Yugi blushed at the revealing outfit. Tristan Taylor wore a bed sheet with two holes in it.

"I decided to make a budget-wise costume." stated Tristan.

When the gang arrived at the mansion, they could tell Seto Kaiba had taken the extra effort to dress the mansion up. Holographic projections of ghouls and goblins popped up everywhere, surprising everyone. Inside the main hallway, various people, friends from school, as well as other business partners of Kaiba Corp, were all dressed up, drinking punch and talking. Soon the music started and everyone started to dance. Tea asked Yugi to dance and Yugi accepted, leaving Atem to sit at a booth sipping punch. All of a sudden the lights went off and people stopped dancing as they started screaming and panicking.

"Please don't panic, this is just a minor power surge." stated Seto. Atem couldn't see a damn thing. It was pitch black and he started to back into a wall. He felt a draft of wind upon his neck and when he looked around he saw a real pale-faced vampire sitting on the window sill above him. Atem started to scream but with the chaos of the people panicking around him, his voice became lost. The vampire jumped on him and bit deep down into Atem's neck. The blood slowly flowed out of his body as Atem could feel his life slipping away, being replaced by a cursed life. The vampire slit his wrist and forcefully made Atem drink the blood. Atem kept the wrist in his mouth, desperately sucking the blood. He knew that he didn't want to have a cursed life but, what choice did he have? It was either live as a demon or die as a hollow soul. His forearm separated from Atem as the gash wound healed itself. Yugi had rushed over punching the vampire in the face. Atem collapsed to the ground and wearily looked up at Yugi.

"Yu…Yugi…" Atem moaned. The moonlight flowed from the window, landing on the creature's face. Yugi stepped backwards partially because he was afraid and also because he had no idea of who he had just hit, only that this creature was hurting Atem. The vampire hissed as he got back up. His eyes were glowing crimson red and his face was pale. He had sleek black hair and wore a red and black cape. The vampire laughed and transformed into a vampire bat and flew away through the open window sill. Yugi rushed towards Atem and pulled him up to stand. The lights then suddenly came back on and the music started back up once again. Atem winced as the bright fluorescent lights came on. Atem looked down at the ground as his neck still hurt from the bite.

"Are you ok?" asked Yugi in concern.

Atemu shook his head. "I… I don't think so… Yugi… I… I need to go…" With that Atemu walked out of the mansion staggering every 2 steps or so.

"What was that all about?" asked Tea as she walked up to Yugi. Yugi looked worried.

"Something attacked him… I think it was an idiot dressed up as a vampire… but… I'm not sure… Um… I'm going home early. Why don't you enjoy the rest of the party with Joey and the others?"

Atem walked out into the courtyard as his mind was spinning. He noticed he couldn't close his mouth completely and when he took out the plastic fangs, he realized that he had actually grown real fangs.

"What… what the hell?" he asked out loud. A sharp pang in his stomach forced Atem to realize that he was hungry. He needed food. Atem sniffed the air. "Blood…"he hissed. Atem then groaned. "What the hell am I thinking?" Yugi ran up to him.

"Atem, what's wrong? You need a tetanus shot or something?" asked Yugi. When Atem turned towards Yugi, he could see that something was definitely wrong. "Atem… your eyes… they're blood red!" Atem could clearly hear Yugi's heartbeat like a jackhammer as he could also hear the blood rushing through Yugi's veins. Atem bit hard into his lip as his fangs lengthened drawing blood from his lips. Yugi took a couple of steps towards Atem.

"No...Yugi...stay back..." Atem growled at Yugi. The need for blood was great almost consuming Atem. *No...I won't hurt Yugi...I can't...* Atem thought to himself. Atem let out a strange howl as he lept into the sky flying away from Yugi with blood tears in his eyes.

"Atem wait!" Yugi cried out unable to do anything.