Chapter Tweleve: What lies ahead

One week had passed by since the incident with the vampire. Doctor Abraham Van Hellsing was laid to rest two days after his death. Both Yugi and Atem could not attend the funeral during the day, so Nina had two separate ceremonies that way Yugi and Atem could pay their respects to the doctor. Nina decided that she would give control over of the team that her grandfather had put together to Atem and Yugi seeing how they were much more capable than her to fight against supernatural creatures and beings that existed. The four man squad didn't seemed to be bothered by this since both teens had a lot to learn in controlling their powers, how to use their abilities, and how to use their powers. Nina had generously given them all the information that her grandfather had gathered together, a place to stay during the day light hours, and plenty of synthetic blood. Yugi had gained the vampiric wings much like Atem had on the fifth day when he finally begun to regain his strength. Both teens had a lot to think about of what they planned to do now. Their friends and family have excepted what the two have become as they were still loved by those they cared about.

It was early morning as Atem laid next to Yugi in the warehouse that Van Hellsing had bought in order for them to train in secret. This was the safe house that Nina had given to them to stay in during the day light hours since sunlight could hurt them. Atem gently brushed back Yugi's hair grateful to the deck of cards for helping him save Yugi's life. Atem's eyes were partially glazed over with blood lust. He wanted to satisfy the lust and hunger he was feeling. He had told Yugi how he felt for him and he knew that Yugi felt the same for him. Atem gently kissed Yugi as he began to awake underneath Atem's clawed hand staring at Atem through the same lust covered eyes. Yugi's kissed Atem back as his hands moved tugging at Atem's pants.

"Yugi, I don't know if I can contain myself anymore. I need to satisfy my needs." Atem hissed as he broke contact from Yugi.

"I have been feeling the same thing Atem." Yugi purred back undoing Atem's pants to give him full control over the hardened erection. A snarl of pleasure escaped from Atem's lips as his hands moved ripping off the pants that Yugi was wearing. They moved close to each other as they began to kiss each other aggressively as their hands stroked each other's hardened erection. Atem moved his body as took Yugi's erection into his mouth. Yugi moaned in pain and pleasure as his hips bucked under Atem. He took Atem's erection, his tongue playing with the erection. A curse escaped Atem mentally as mentally moaned in pain and pleasure as his hips bucked driving his erection into the young teens mouth. Both of them were in fully enthralled with the blood lust. They both came as one before withdrawing their erections out of each other's mouth. Both Atem and Yugi looked at each other their eyes glowing as they sat up face to face. They kissed each other aggressively as their hand explored each other's body gripping their still hardened erection. Their kisses trailed down to the neck as their fangs pierced each other drawing blood. They came again in the midst of the feeding before they finally collapsed next to each other before falling asleep in each others arms their wings enfolding around their naked bodies.

As they slept, they dreamed as they remembered when back to when they first began their trip together as one and all of the things that happened up to the part of Halloween night when the vampire had attacked them. Neither one of them wanted to live this kind of life style but they were determined to use these vampiric powers to continue what Doctor Abraham Van Hellsing had started by fighting against all of the supernatural creatures that exist within the night. Someone had to protect humanity from these things that go bump in the night. It might as well be Atem and Yugi who were the only two good immortal vampires that exist in the world!