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Jaden: you're already starting another one?

Me: yea thought I might as well

Alexis: What's this one about?

Me: Read, and find out.

Alexis and Jaden: but we don't want to.

Me; Big Babies


It was Bright outside, the sun was shining, it was a beautiful morning, the birds were chirping, the water was moving back, and forth calmly on the beach, and Jaden was sleeping in like usual. It's been a couple of weeks, since Armageddon was destroyed, and everything seemed to be almost back to normal. Except for the fact that everybody knows, that Jaden, and Alexis are couple now along with Rakaia, and Luna.

But anyway Classes, started to get back in rotation, but Jaden wasn't changing any hold habits for anything.

"Yawn." Jaden stretched as he woke up, scratching his back, and looking at the clock.

"NINE O CLOCK!" Jaden screamed as he hopped into his clothes as fast as he could, and jetted for Chrowler's Class.

"Great Chrowler's going to kill me I'm late again." Jaden thought. "Maybe I can still use the I saved the world excuse maybe he'll still buy that." Jaden said to himself as he got to his room, he reached for the door.

"3…2…..1." Chrowler said irritated, but quietly, as if on cue Jaden bust through the door breathing heavily.

"Your late again Slacker." Chrowler hissed, as Jaden was trying to catch his breath.

"Yea….teach……Sorry…I'm still pooped from the whole saving the world thing." Jaden said nervously scratching the back of his head.

Chrowler looked at Jaden plainly, then suddenly his face starting scrunching up, as if he hate something really sour.

"YOU USED THAT EXCUSE LAST TIME!" Chrowler shouted, whiched caused Jaden to jump back in fright.

"I told you before I will not have some Slacker, Mess up my Class now take your seat!" Chrowler shouted again as Jaden quickly made his way to seat right beside Syrus, and Hassleberry.

Unknowingly to him a certain Blue Oblisk was sitting above him, smiling trying to hold back her laughter.

"When will you ever learn?" She said with a smile on her face, as Jaden turned around unnoticed by Chrowler, and smiled at the Oblisk.

"Whenever Class doesn't start so early, and besides Alexis he doesn't know what he's teaching." Jaden stated as he smirking at the love of his life.

"Yea well don't get detention again ok, Remember we got to meet with Rakaia, and Luna after class." She whispered, as she slowly turned went back to acting like she was paying attention, also making Jaden do the same.

While Jaden and Alexis were having their little chat, Chrowler had came across something in the text's book that slightly bothered him.

"Hmm this doesn't make any sense." He said out loud as the whole class, had confused looks on their faces, even Jaden was interested now.

"What doesn't teach?" Jaden asked, with a curious look on his face.

"These Encryptions, I never seen them before it's as if they just appeared in the book." He said confused himself.

Jaden quickly got up from his seat followed by Alexis, as they ran down to Chrowler, to take a look at what he was talking about.

What's it say?" Jaden asked anxiously

"I don't know I can't make out any of it." Chrowler responded. "The only thing that clear to me is this, Earthbound Immortals." Chrowler said slowly, which made Jaden, and Alexis, and pretty much the whole class just look confused at what he was talking about.

"Earthbound Immortals." Jaden said slowly.

"Maybe we can look up something in the Library." Alexis stated making Jaden face almost sink to the floor.

"Anything but the library." He said sadly.

Chrowler nodded in disapproval. "No that won't be necessary it's probably a minor mix up with the text books, it's nothing to worry about." Chrowler said confidently as he closed the book quickly, with a nervous look on his face.

"I'll.. Just take this little mishap to the Chancellor; he'll fix this little matter it's nothing to worry about." Chrowler assured nervously. "Class is dismissed no homework this time." He added as he grabbed the book, and walked out of the class room, leaving the class looking real confused this time.

"Wow Chrowler not giving homework." Said Syrus.

"yea Something's up ." Said Hassleberry.

"Yea it is, and I wonder what." Alexis added, as she thought Chrowler was hiding something from them.

"WOW NO HOMEWORK WHOOOO!" shouted Jaden as he jumped up, and down happily

Alexis just looked at Jaden, and rolled her eyes, but ended up smirking a few seconds later.

Soon the class got their things, and started to leave.

Jaden was packing his things, and then he looked up, and saw Alexis staring at him right in the face with a smile.

"Could you pack a little faster?" She said with a smile.

Jaden just smirked at her. "I don't know it depends, I think I need some motivation." He said with a smile. Whiched made Alexis smile even harder.

"Fine you win." She said as she leaned in a gave Jaden a quick kiss on the lips.

"There now come on we got to meet up with the others." She said

"Alright!" Jaden shouted as the quick kiss Alexis, gave him made him move in hyper speed as he was done packing, and he grabbed Alexis by the arm, and Jetted out the door, all in one motion.


Rakaia and Luna were at the beach, sitting, and waiting for Jaden, and Alexis.

"What's keeping those to?" Luna asked annoyed.

"You know Jaden, he probably over slept again." Rakaia replied.

"I don't think so not with Alexis with him." Luna responded as she was kicking her feet in the water, and looking up at the sky.

"Well either way, they need to hurry up, were going to miss lunch." Rakaia said as his stomach to growl furiously. "And if I know Jaden he wouldn't miss lunch." He stated.

Luna couldn't help but laugh at her boyfriends comment as she turned her head slightly, and could see to figures running towards them.

"There they go." She stated as she got up, and walked over to a normal sized basket, that was sitting on top of a Blanket with, an Umbrella sticking up from it.

"Guys!" shouted Jaden as he, and Alexis were running to the beach.

"It's about time!" shouted Rakaia waving his arms in the air, as a smile appeared on his face.

"Yea sorry about that." Jaden stated as he sat down right in front of Rakaia, with Alexis following sitting beside Jaden, but in front of Luna.

"Sorry for the wait." Alexis stated as she got comfortable." But Chrowler was acting kind of funny today." She added

"Funny?" Luna questioned

"Yea when he read this encryption that was title The Earthbound Immortals, he nearly flipped." Alexis Replied.

"Earthbound immortals." Rakaia said as Alexis nodded.

"Never heard of them, what is that a rock band or something." Rakaia stated whiched made Alexis sweat drop Anime Style.

"I don't think a Rock band would make Chrowler sweat like that." She commented

".. Jaden was your intake on this?" Luna asked

Jaden wasn't saying anything he was stuffing his face, while the others were talking.

"Jaden." Luna said as she turned, and saw Jaden hawking down the food.

"Hey that was mine!" shouted Rakaia as he leaped on Jaden which made the girls laugh.

"Oh well I guess it's nothing we have to worry about now." Alexis stated.

"Yea let's just enjoy this free time we have now." Luna replied as she picked up a sandwich from the basket, and started to chow down.

Alexis just smiled as she looked at the two wrestle over a sandwich, as she picked up her own, and laughed as Jaden got away from Rakaia, and started to run away with his sandwich.

"Give that back!" Yelled Rakaia as he ran after Jaden.

Meanwhile in the Chancellor office.

Chancellor Sheppard was reading through his books, with a smile on his face, thinking all was peaceful.

Soon Chrowler bust through his door with a scared look on his face.

"Chancellor I think we might have a serious problem!" Chrowler shouted as he ran towards his desk.

"What is it Chrowler?" Sheppard asked shocked at the unannounced disturbance of Chrowler.

"Look at this it appeared in the book just a few moments ago!" Chrowler shouted again, as he opened the book, and showed the Chancellor what he had seen.

"Oh no." Sheppard said in horror. "I can't believe it, No not now." Chancellor stated as he quickly got up from his chair, and ran to the other side of his room, and start rummaging through books of his own.

After he a few minutes of rummaging through the pages of an Ancient book he pulled off the shelf, he finally found what he was looking for, and what he found started to make him sweat nervously.

"Chancellor." Chrowler stated.

"It's as I feared." Chancellor stated, as Chrowler looked at him with a concerned look on his face.

Slowly the Chancellor read a couple more pages, and closed the book slowly, and looked at Chrowler with his face looking more serious than ever.

"If what I read is true, then we're in trouble." Sheppard said, in a serious tone.

Chrowler in shock, and confusion, as Chancellor was getting worked up, even more by the second.

Meanwhile in the Dark Depths of the Shadow Realm.

Seven Dark Figures were standing around in the shadows, not saying a word waiting for the arrival of someone.

Soon a Dark light appeared in the Center of the Dark Figures, and a shadow like figure appeared, but only transparently.

"It's almost time." The main figure said evilly. "Are you ready?" It added, not changing its tone.

"Yes master, everything is ready, we await your orders." One of the figures responded as, they all got down on one knee, and bowed their heads towards the transparent figure.

"Good, soon the world will witness my return, and this time I will destroy it." The transparent figure stated. "Mwhahahaahahahaahahaha." The figure laughed as they 7 dark figures joined in as if on cue, and faded away into darkness.

Wow what's going, what are the Earthbound Immortals, and who are these 7 figures, and what plan do they have in store for the earth found out next time on YUGIOH GX.

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