Summary thus far: After the forced kiss, the team parties all night till they finally rest up. And now we know they have a practice match! With only one month to prepare, will they fare well against the new Hyoutei members, or will they fail due to Shinju's odd decisions? Perhaps the month of preparation shall reveal the answers.


-Chapter Eleven: Hell's Practice, Start!-

"I've decided we really have to work on our doubles," Shinju stated one week after they returned from their break. The tennis players whipped their heads around, disliking the idea of another doubles match mini tournament. "Ah, but it won't be anything like what happened last time!"

A collective sigh of relief could be heard on the courts that day.

The silverette smirked smugly, unnerving the male tennis team. "But y'know," he started, pacing around with his hands behind his back, "I've been thinking of ways to improve our doubles teams, and I've come up with the perfect idea."

"B-But we have the Golden Pair on our side! That should be enough!" a freshman cried woefully, as he was horrible in doubles and feared for his life.

"Yeah, and Kaidoh and Inui are pretty good at doubles, too," another person tried.

Shinju shot both a harsh glare, scaring the crap out of them, before smiling charmingly. "That won't do at all~! Because we need to set the bar up wa~y up high if we're gonna head to nationals this year," he chuckled, shaking his head as if he wasn't believing what he was hearing. "All of you will be doing the training this time – not just the regulars."

"Wh-What're we gonna do…?" Oishi asked, slightly apprehensive of Shinju's next words.

His apprehensiveness didn't go unnoticed, as the grin on the silverette's lips grew wider. From out of nowhere, he whipped out a black concoction in a cup and a plate of brown… glop, for there was NO way that thing was food. "Losers gotta eat my food and drink Inui's new mix."

"Where did you get that?" the bespectacled ravenette asked, fixing his glasses with a slightly annoyed look in his eyes.

"You don't need to know," Shinju commented, placing the plate and cup on a small table. "And this isn't the ONLY meal I can make," he grinned wolfishly. "I'm sure this nice little consolation prize will… motivate you."

A collective shout of terror could be heard on the courts that day.

Later that day

The red eyed captain shrugged his jacket on as practice ended with the usual clean up. He tossed the car keys to Toushiro and picked up his bag. "Hungry?"

"Just wondering what you're up to."

"Heh, this is all pure training, training!" Shinju exclaimed, a sly smile sneaking onto his lips.

"You rarely take out your food to motivate them – you usually just use Inui's juices. Though your taste buds are shot, you know it, and I doubt you want your team to be conked out for a week."

"It's not that bad this time," the tennis captain pouted, locking up the changing room. "Just… like I said, we really have to set the bar up high," red eyes glanced at the setting sun in the distance. "And despite what people see at first, Tezuka and Echizen are a really good doubles team. Echizen does his best when he's presented with Tezuka's presence and Tezuka is just the type to not let anyone down. I doubt he'd forgive himself if he lost with Echizen by his side, meaning he'd have failed Echizen. Especially since Tezuka likes Echizen."

"Hmm, you should really stick your nose out of their business," Toushiro advised.

"I should," Shinju chuckled before a grim smile spread on his face, "but if they continue to let their feelings get in the way of their style, I won't forgive them. Leaving love untouched will only lead to depression in the end, an unsatisfactory result for everyone here – except for Fuji and that bitch cousin of Echizen's. But I care for them both as teammates and friends. Their depressed demeanor will put a decrease in their aim and motivation – I read Inui's notes – and no person would want to see their friend sad, right?"

The older male sighed tiredly, sifting a hand through his hair before sliding into the driver's seat of his car. "Just make sure not to hurt yourself in the process. Or Fuji, for that matter. As much as you hate him now, he's still part of the team."

Shinju scoffed. "Who do you think you're talking about?" an evil grin plastered on his lips as he took his place in the passenger's seat. "Of course he'll get hurt if he gets in my way."

Toushiro gave another exasperated sigh as he turned the key. "That's what I thought."

The next few weeks would prove to be extremely amusing, indeed. The thought of helping (torturing) his teammates made Shinju chuckle evilly. Yet something in the back of his mind was wary of something. After all… Mito and Fuji wouldn't lay low forever.

-End Chapter Eleven: Hell's Practice, Start!-

Oh gosh, please don't kill me for the extremely short chapter , I was guilty for not posting sooner than I had hoped, but I'm stuck on writer's black for the transitions and games – gosh, writing out the games really tires me out. But anyway, thanks for being patient with me! I'll try to post as soon as possible (though I can't exactly promise, exams still aren't over… damn finals and regents (pouts)), so thank you all again for being so patient , Hope everyone has a nice summer, too~!