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Geek Charming

By: BloodyRozze


"Love is 99% insanity and 1% stupidity."


Set Theory



"Miss Sakura, would you please solve the problem in front?"

I stood up clumsily, toppling my chair over in the process. As I wriggled past my seatmates, I heard them grunt and whine and rub every part of their body that came in contact with me with disgusted looks plastered across their faces.

I went up in front, and got a piece of chalk from my teacher who was also keeping distance from me, like I was some kind of anti matter.

Find the area of a triangle with sides of lengths 5, 6 and 7.

As I mentally reread the problem, I began scribbling something on the board. It was easier than what I anticipated it to be and can be merely solved by Heron's formula.

A few seconds after, I gently placed the brittle chalk on the board ledge and returned to my seat.

Professor Jinno, our grumpy old Math teacher whose hobbies are to make our, well, my classmates' lives in particular, a living hell nodded approvingly of my answer.

"Dork." Our school's IT girl, pampered by all who know her, Sumire Shouda muttered, making my classmates burst into snickers.

"Miss Shouda, please refrain from using such foul language." Professor Jinno lectured pointing his signature wooden stick towards her.

"Oh what-ever." She rolled her eyes and started playing with her curls while purposely knocking over her pink fluffy pen.

She bent down to retrieve it, her red halter top making a futile effort in hiding her cleavage and her mini skirt too short to hide the black lacy thong beneath.

The boys drooled over the expose and some wolf whistled urging her to show more.

What was this a strip show?

Does anyone, besides me, consider school to be a solemn place to learn and not to erotically show off one's body parts?

"Despicable." I spat.

Unfortunately for me, it was loud enough for Sumire to hear.

"You've got something to say you nerdy bitch?" She demanded teasingly while crossing her arms.

"No-nothing." I stammered and opened my Biology book hoping she'll lose interest and leave the matter to dissolve by itself.

But this was Sumire Shouda we're talking about. The very ground she walks on is worshipped by men, and her actions and words is influential among women. And one sad thing about her is that she always gets her way and never misses out on a chance to humiliate me.

I watched her move on the corner of my eye and slowly felt my glasses being tugged off of my face.

Grinning triumphantly, she snapped it into half and allowed the two pieces to fall on the floor. And if that wasn't enough, she used her razor sharp heels to mash up the lens into broken shards,

I sat there, still, knowing I couldn't do anything about it and allowed her to destroy my only pair of proper glasses right before my very eyes.

The bell rung, and with a final smirk, she and her loyal posse of Barbie clones and skirt chasing jocks left with me having to contemplate on my glasses' messed up state.

Prof. Jinno left without sparing a single concerning glance. Even though I was his best student, the fact that I do not contribute to his monthly salary despite how participative I am during his lessons proved to be the foundation of his uncaring attitude.

After all my classmates had vacated the room I knelt down and picked up the tiny shards and placed them on my palm.

"These were my last good ones." I whispered and tossed them into a nearby trash can. What a waste of money.

My vision became blurry and my head began to throb.

Gritting my teeth, I got my bag with the words Save the Earth printedin front in big blue letters and headed out of the room.

The students made way for me. Not because I was one of those popular, stuck up humans who can revolutionize high school, but because everyone always keeps a safe three meter distance away from me, for unknown reasons in which I have yet to clarify.

But all I know is one thing, high school, is a real manifestation of Mathematics. It was both deranging and survival depends on how much of a critical thinker you are.

Let's say high school is Set A. There are three subsets of set A. One is the popular subset, whose elements are the Gucci wearing folks, pom pom waving, and ball grappling Homo sapiens. There's the mediocre subset, where the self proclaiming Goths, Skaters and freeloaders lie. And there happens to be the final subset, where those who have an IQ higher than 200, who wears green knitted turtlenecks, floral skirts, thick rimmed glasses, and black non heeled leather shoes, strive to improve their image and reputation but needlessly failing. A perfect example of this subset also happens to be me. The one and only.

I rubbed my stinging eyes and felt small quantities of liquid slowly forming on its corners.

I quickened my pace as I slammed the main doors open and exited the building.

Outside parked fancy BMWs, pink Lamborghinis, red Ferraris and black Jaguars. The only reason why I happen to attend this outrageously expensive school is because I managed to claim the top spot on the entrance exam and earned a scholarship grant. But of course, being the only poor student at school indeed arose many intrigued individuals such as Sumire Shouda who made it their habit in ruining my life.

With a sigh I tightened my grip unto my bag and started walking. I only live a few blocks away from school, but since Gakuen Alice extends its territories up to a heaping three kilometers, I had to walk farther than what I was supposed to.

After stopping by at the grocery store and debating with some vegan who claimed that poultry was useless while I insisted that they play a major role in our diet and protein manufacture, I reached my comfy suburban home three hours and forty five minutes later, out of breath, sweating prosperously while holding two heavy bags of lean meat and veggies.

"I'm home." I huffed and placed the bags on the table.

"We-lcome…home…" Greeted my mother, who looked as terrible as ever. She's been working overtime for the last six months and is now suffering from over exhaustion, saggy eye bags, and neurosis. Her hair was in tangles, and she was still wearing her three day old business suit.

"Mom, you really need to take a break." I said while accompanying her back to her room and tucking her into bed.

"You look horrible." I pointed out while applying some moisturizer on her dry face, that used to be pretty and showbiz worthy.

"Don't mind me honey….these are simply signs of aging, it's normal for someone like me…" She wheezed,

"No mom, it's because you've been stressing too much lately. Take a few days off from work." I suggested while fluffing up her pillow.

Her hand jolted up and squeezed my arm as she stared at me terrified. Her wrinkles became more visible and I thought that she indeed looked like the old woman in Drag Me to Hell that very moment. It scared the hell out of me.

"No…if I do that…we'll never be able to pay for the loan….no, no, NO!" She started to scream and rock back and forth like she was mental.

"Mom, calm down, okay?" I said massaging her scalp.

"How can I?! We owe 2,780,450 million yen to the loan sharks!!!" She retaliated.

"2,780,450 million yen…2,780,450 million yen….2,780,450 million yen…." She kept on repeating as if it were some incantation used to baffle spirits away.

After a few minutes, her heavy eyelids finally closed and with one last whisper, "2,780,450 million yen…….."

I kissed her forehead and went up to my room, which looked like hurricane Katrina had just passed through it.

Books and papers were everywhere. Blueprints of some architectural designs were pinned on the corkboard. Albert Einstein's portraits and posters hanged on the walls covering it like wallpaper. Some chemical stains were still visible on the carpet and the mice I used for experimenting on some growth serum were busy munching cheese on my bed.

I placed my bag down on the floor and proceeded in the bathroom for a quick shower and changed into my PJs.

I got my pair of emergency glasses and pushed it up to the bridge of my nose.

I sighed in relief. My vision was stable now, and my headache was slowly transpiring.

I got my Physics book and started studying for the quiz due next next week.

Before I knew it, my eyelids too were failing me, and my mind went blank.

I too had fallen asleep.

The next morning, mom was nowhere to be found. Usually I'll find her eating some burnt piece of toast and charcoal black bacon. But I checked her room, the kitchen, the living room, the bathroom but she nowhere in sight.

My eyes sauntered over the fridge only to see neon colored Post It stuck in front.


Don't worry, I'm fine, I'm just taking a break, as you said.

I've managed to find a way to finally pay your father's debt.

So if a guy wearing a freaky outfit goes there and forces you in

A black limo, don't be frightened.

Love you always,


For a girl with an IQ raging from 200-250, I couldn't quite heed what she meant.

All I know is, she's taken off somewhere leaving me behind.

As I crumpled the note and went out of the house annoyed by my mom's selfish actions, I finally was able to understand what she was pertaining to.

Because at that moment, some muscled guy wearing a freaky looking all black outfit, grabbed my wrist, threw me into a shiny black limousine and drove off while I constantly screamed for help, until he stopped to silence me with a duct tape midway.

Then we halted in front of two enormous golden gates guarded by a sumo wrestler looking man in a suit which opened after my kidnapper showed him his ID.

As I stared out of the car window, inwardly gasping and gaping at the structural marvels before me, the car finally parked.

My kidnapper once more grabbed me and forcefully dragged me into a huge mansion.

I tried punching him, kicking his groin, but still he wouldn't let go.

He stopped in front of a wooden door and knocked three times before he turned the bronze knob.

Twelve men in black tuxedos greeted us with a respectful bow as my kidnapper led me towards the table and leather chair occupying the middle of the room.

Then slowly, the black leather chair turned exposing a handsome young man, probably the same age as me, his hands coolly dangling on the arm rests. He had tousled raven hair with long bangs almost hiding his piercing crimson eyes which were now staring at me, making me feel self conscious all of a sudden. Unlike his guards, he wore a bloody red tux with black calves matched with a four button opened black polo beneath exposing his well built milky white chest with a dragon tattoo located somewhere near his clavicle. A sapphire earring dangled on his right earlobe and a necklace with a cross on it hung loose from his neck.

In short, he was hot and totally bad news.

Sensing my alarm, his rosy lips curled into a friendly grin, which caught me off guard because I actually thought he was some bad guy judging from what he was wearing.

"Who are you and what is it that you want from me?" I build up my courage and asked.

His oh-so-friendly grin disappeared and transformed into an evil smirk contrasting his beautiful face.

"Natsume Hyuuga," he introduced while standing up.

Wait, why does that name ring a bell….Natsume? Hyuuga?

My eyes bulged out of its sockets.

NATSUME HYUUGA?!!! As in head of the Chinese-Japanese mafia? That Hyuuga?

He walked over to me and as he did that, I felt like a female character on a thriller novel. My heart pounded hard on my chest, knowing he could kill me with one yank of his finger. I remained frozen on the spot shivering of fright and computing for the probability that I would still be alive after this,

I'm guessing, 50-50.

As soon as he was a foot away, he retracted his right hand from his pocket and raised my chin, analyzing my face.

I felt a slight chill on my spine as he removed my glasses and tugged my bun loose allowing my caramel locks to cascade down my back.

"-Boss of the Chinese-Jap mafia,"

My hypothesis was correct. I gulped down my saliva.

He leaned closer and whispered hotly on my ear. "And from now, you're my woman."

And before I could react to his statement, his lips had already claimed mine.

What the…fuck?




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