The Lost Pretend X

By PaBurke

***Summary: Double Drabble. Jarod and clone in Atlantis. ***

***Disclaimer: I play, am not paid, do not own. No infringement intended.***

***Spoilers: Season Premiere for SGA and the Gemini-Storyline for Pretender. ***

***Distribution: Crossgate, Wormhole Crossing ***

"When can we start using Jarod and his clone?" Rodney demanded of Elizabeth.

"His name is Jay," John cut in. "And we are Inot/I going to Iuse/I them. We either leave them in the brig, or we let them out."

"We're not the Centre, John," Elizabeth reminded him. "We're not going to kill or torture them for experiments."

"How far is experimentation from using them?" John retorted.

"We're not using them," Elizabeth argued. "We are letting them do what they do best and keeping them where we are sure that they can't hurt the city's population."

"That's only one step away from the Centre's philosophy: they rationalized that they were making the Pretenders' lives easier by removing distractions. Elizabeth, why are you arguing for the slippery slope?"

Elizabeth stopped and thought about it. "Because you are arguing against it? Why are you so sure that we can trust them?"

"Because I've watched weeks worth of their lives, both the recent and many of their formative simulations. They have gentle souls."

"So can we let them out and take them to my lab," Rodney asked eagerly.

"Under strict supervision," Elizabeth cautioned.

John and Rodney were already on their way to brig.