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Chapter 2: What's a Pokémon?

Pekonyan moaned as she slowly opened up her eyes. What happened? The last thing she could clearly remember was that she was hit by that staff; she flew into the air, and slipped into unconsciousness. And even though her wounds were healed, she could still feel a slight pain in her side where she had been hit.

In confusion, the Nyanshe pushed herself up into a sitting position, and looked behind her. To her surprise she found a torn cloth right where her head had been. Come to think of it, it was the exact same color as the young man's robe.

"Did he… spare me, nya?" she asked herself as she reached up to pick up the cloth that was left behind. As soon as she asked this, she remembered coming to, but only for a brief moment. She heard the young man's voice saying that he would have stayed to make sure she was doing better, but he had someone he had to find. Closing her eyes, she tried to remember what else he had said.

Oh yes, now she remembered! The young man introduced himself as Keele Zeibel, and he hoped the next time they met, it wouldn't be as enemies. He must have left behind part of his robe as a pillow for her to use.

Pekonyan looked at the cloth for a moment, and unfolded it, getting a look at how big it was. At closer inspection, it turned out to be the sleeve of his robe! Taking a good hold of the cloth, she tied it around her neck, like a scarf. It did look out of place compared to all the pink she was wearing, but she did this to show that she was grateful to Keele, and that she agreed with him.

"Next time we meet, I hope it will be as friends too, nya," she murmured and looked to the mouth of the cave. She moved toward it so she could head out into the fresh air. "Now, where to go from here, nya?" the Nyanshe wondered. Come to think of it, she wasn't sure where she came from either.

Knowing she had to choose one path, Pekonyan made her way to the closest forest. Her stomach was growling too, so she thought she could find some things there to eat.

Pekonyan looked at the bushes with berries on them with a confused look on her face. She had never seen these weird looking berries before. Questions poured into her mind as she reached out and picked up a green berry with her paw. Would it taste good? Was the berry ripe? Or better yet, was it poisonous? Would it kill her if she ate it?

"If only there was some water, I could get some fish, nya," the Nyanshe murmured as she continued to stare at the little berry. There were several more of these berries where she was, but a yummy fish sounded good right about now.

Pekonyan looked at the berries for a moment longer, before she finally decided to put the berry she was already holding into her mouth. To her relief, it tasted fine, and when she swallowed, she didn't feel any cramping in her stomach. She ate a few more berries, which was a great snack at best, and she headed even deeper into the forest.

The Nyanshe heard the sound of footsteps coming up from behind her, and she turned around. A human stood behind her, wearing jeans, a black shirt, a jacket, and a red and white hat on his head. What was interesting to note was that on his belt were six red and white balls she had never seen before.

For a moment, Pekonyan stood there, unsure of what she should do. Her last opponent, Keele, wasn't planning on tricking her, and she had jumped to conclusions about him a little too quickly. After all, he healed her and even gave her his sleeve to use as a pillow.

"Who are you, nya?" she finally asked.

"I'm Red," the human answered. "I've never seen anything like you before. Are you a Pokémon?"

"No, I'm Pekonyan. I'm a Nyanshe, not a Pokémon," the cat girl corrected. First Keele mentioned something called Katz, now she was called a Pokémon, and she didn't have any idea what they were. And she couldn't help thinking that Red was an interesting name for someone to have.

It was hard to tell what the human was thinking from just looking into his eyes. Was he expecting a fight? Pekonyan took a step forward, reminding herself that she was doing this so she could be with Pokonyan again. But that didn't help her hesitation. Was this guy anything like Keele, who spared her instead of killing her?

Red reached for one of the balls on his belt, and assuming that he was preparing for a fight, Pekonyan went into a fighting stance. She had only barely woken up, and now she was being attacked again? Boy, she just couldn't get a break.

"Pikachu, I choose you!" Red shouted and threw the ball to the ground. There was a small flash of white light, and a cute, yellow mouse appeared with a lightning bolt tail and red cheeks. It was one of the most adorable things that Pekonyan had ever seen!

Was Red using this creature to attack her? Did that mean he couldn't fight on his own?

"Pikachu, use Thunderbolt now!" Red shouted.

Electricity sparked from Pikachu's cheeks, heading toward Pekonyan at full force. With a gasp, Pekonyan tried to jump out of the way, with it barely missing her. She barely had enough time to react when she heard Red call out to the yellow mouse again, "Pikachu, use Quick Attack!"

The Nyanshe watched as Pikachu rushed forward on all four paws. It was moving so fast, Pekonyan couldn't keep up with it, and felt the yellow mouse hit her hard in the chest, causing her to fall down. As she started to get back to her feet, Pekonyan chanted under her breath. "Wind, nya!"

The wind began to blow hard around Pikachu, picking the yellow mouse off of its paws and throwing it nearby. As the yellow mouse tried to get its bearings back, Pekonyan leaped into the air. "Kitty Somersault, nya!" she shouted as she flipped in the air, and landed hard on Pikachu. When she got a good look, she discovered that Pikachu was knocked out cold.

"Pikachu, return!" Red called, holding out his red and white ball, summoning the yellow mouse back inside with a red light. After putting it to the side, he picked up another ball and tossed it. "I choose you, Blastoise!"

In a flash of light, a huge looking blue turtle appeared, that looked like it had pumps on its shell. This thing was so much bigger than Pikachu!

"Blastoise, use your Blizzard attack!" Red shouted.

The only way that Pekonyan knew to stop an ice based attack was to use a fire based attack, which luckily she had one. "Fire, nya!" she cried, hoping to get rid of most of the effects of the blizzard. Fireballs shot out of her paws, and they lessened the damage for the most part and hit the Blastoise too. Unfortunately, it didn't do as much damage as she thought it would.

"Use your Whirlpool attack, Blastoise!" Red ordered from the sidelines.

Blastoise shot water like a whirlpool toward Pekonyan. As the water knocked her around, and drenched her fur, she had an idea. After taking a deep breath, making sure there was no water to go into her mouth, she began to chant again, "Lightning, nya!"

A purple lighting bolt came from the sky, hitting the Blastoise, and it went backwards a few steps. Realizing she found its weak point, Pekonyan cast the spell again before Red could give out another order. Blastiose fell to the ground, which relieved the cat. As the human called Blastoise back, Pekonyan did a quick heal spell to get rid of her injuries.

"Go Espeon!" Red tossed the next ball to the ground, and this time, a light purple creature came out that had what looked like pointed ears that were split, and a long skinny tail that split in two at the tip. "Reflect now!"

Pekonyan watched as something that looked like a barrier appeared briefly in front of the Espeon. Most times when she saw something like this that meant magical attacks did less damage so she decided she had to try something else.

"Kitty Somersault, nya!" she cried jumping into the air. However, as she landed on Espeon, it didn't do as much as it usually would.

"Espeon, use your Psychic attack!" At Red's command, a beam of colored light came out of the red gem on the purple creature's forehead. The beam connected and it caused the Nyanshe to fall backwards.

Oh this wasn't good at all. If Espeon was immune to magical and physical attacks, then she was done for! But she was not going to give up without a fight! "Mega MeteorNya!" she chanted, causing stars to fall from the sky.

Each one pelted Espeon, and try as it may, it couldn't get away from the barrage of attacks. As the purple creature finally fainted from the attack, Pekonyan realized that Espeon's reflect was to lessen the physical damage and not anything magical.

As Red called Espeon back, the Nyanshe noticed a look in his eyes that showed that he was impressed. "I thought this would be an easy fight. It seems that I was wrong." Then he picked up another ball and gave it a toss, "I choose you, Snorlax!"

This time, what came out of the ball was a huge dark purple creature, with a big stomach. Its eyes were slit-like as if they were closed. Was this thing even bigger than the Blastiose she saw earlier?

"Snorlax, use Body Slam!"

Pekonyan watched in horror as Snorlax leaned forward. If it landed on her, she would get squished! She jumped up into the air to do another Kitty Somersault, and she added some kicks too. It didn't knock it out, but it was enough to stop it from falling on her.

"MeteorNya!" she cried and quickly moved out of the way. Though not as many stars appeared like they would for Mega Meteor, the ones that did come were enough time to get out of the way as Snorlax fell forward. Pekonyan breathed a sigh of relief, and quickly chanted another spell, more quietly than before. A loud snoring sound from the big creature showed that her sleep spell was successful.

Red called Snorlax back and grabbed another ball from his belt. "Taurus, I choose you!" What looked like a big bull came out of the light, but it wasn't like a normal bull that Pekonyan had ever seen before.

"Taurus, use Headbutt!"

Taurus started to run forward, keeping its gaze on Pekonyan the whole time. Pekonyan held out her paws and chanted, "Saint, nya!" causing a bright light to appear in front of Taurus. It did damage, but she mostly did this hoping that it couldn't see. She then followed with a Kitty Somersault, knocking the bull creature out cold.

If Pekonyan remembered right, Red had six of those balls, and she fought five of his creatures. That meant she only had to fight one more. However, what was left she didn't expect at all.

"Dragonite, it's up to you!" Red shouted as he threw the final ball, and a huge orange dragon came out. Now, Pekonyan had seen a dragon before, but nothing like this!

"This is it! Dragonite, get her with your Fly attack!" The dragon took to the air, and flew toward Pekonyan at a fast speed. She tried to jump out of the way, but she failed, and ended up hit in the side that Keele hit her on. She felt lucky that she was still on her paws.

"Okay, now use Thunder Wave!"

Pekonyan shook her head to clear out the cobwebs and chanted under her breath. "Mega Charm, nya!" She waited to be hit by the dragon's Thunder Wave, and felt relieved when she didn't feel the shocks in her fur. Instead, she noticed that Dragonite was looking at her with a confused look on its face.

"Dragonite!" Red shouted. "Use Thunder Wave!"

Dragonite looked at Red, looking unsure of what it should do. Pekonyan took this much needed pause in attacks to use a heal spell to heal some of her wounds, and then attacked with another Mega Meteor. Now that the Dragonite had been hit, it was no longer confused, but now it was too late. The many falling stars landed on the dragon creature, and even hit one of its wings, making a little tear. It collapsed from the sudden attack.

Now the look in Red's eyes was replaced with shock. "I don't believe this…" he murmured.

"No more, nya?" Pekonyan asked. "Whew, that was close, nya."

Red called Dragonite back and sighed, looking at the potions he had in his pouch. Pekonyan turned around and started to walk off, but she stopped when she heard the human's voice. "Hey, where are you going? Aren't you going to…?"

"No, I'm not, nya," Pekonyan answered. Even as she spoke, she heard a voice in her head. "Killing others is not what the cat you love would want you to do, nya. Think of Keele, and the kindness he showed you when the battle ended, nya."

Tugging on her cloth like scarf, and looking at the pendant that Pokonyan had given her, Pekonyan added, "My last opponent… no friend, showed me something, nya. I will survive… and I will be with Pokonyan again!" A look of determination filled her eyes as the Nyanshe walked off.

Thinking of Pokonyan reminded her why she even came to this place. But thanks to someone with light blue hair, she realized she might have to think of things in a different way.