StarGate Centre

By PaBurke

*** My answer to the Kinsey-Must-Die Challenge. A Stargate/ Pretender Crossover. Be careful what you wish for. ***

*** Disclaimer: I own nothing. No infringement intended. I could not create a Creepy Big Bad like Mr. Lyle if I tried. Kinsey belongs to Stargate. It was a pleasure to kill him. ***

*** Spoilers: Sometime before Kinsey became Vice President and sometime after Lyle was reinstated in the Centre. ***

*** Distribution: Crossgate, Wormhole Crossing ***

Mr. Lyle watched through the telescope, a slight smile on his face. He followed the taillights of the diplomatic limousine down the winding roads of Blue Cove, Delaware. His smile widened as the driver frantically pumped the breaks, the lights blurred as the limo swerved dangerously. The driver would lose control any moment . . . Now, the limo plunged off the cliff into the icy waters below.

"The locks and windows will return to normal in twenty minutes?" he asked Willy.

The experienced sweeper nodded. "Yes, sir. There will be no evidence of tampering on Senator Kinsey's limo by the time the government realizes he's gone."

"Good." Mr. Lyle nodded decisively. "It's a pity he took that limo out against the mechanic's recommendation."

Willy agreed. "Very unfortunate, Mr. Lyle."

The Golden Boy of the Centre turned his telescope to the night sky. "Maybe the NID will finally figure out who really runs this show."

"One can only hope," murmured the sweeper.

"Well, next stop: the stars."