Play House

By PaBurke

Spoilers: All of Pretender, Season 2 of House (that's all that's on DVD.)

Disclaimer: None of the characters are mine and no money is being made.

Distribution: The Nook

Rating: PG for language and sexual insinuation, if you shouldn't be watching House, you shouldn't be reading this.

Word Count: 350


"Gregory! Damnit Greg, open up!"

Dr. Gregory House left his very pleasant dream involving Cuddy and silk and woke into a very unpleasant reality where someone was pounding on the door.


The doctor fell off his couch and hit his bum leg. He cursed and staggered to the door.

"Gregory! Open up already!"

By now, Greg was awake enough to recognize the voice. He shouldn't be blamed for taking so long; after all, the voice belonged to a dead man.

"Gory!" And the only person to ever call him that.

Greg yanked open the door. A man stumbled through the doorway. "Don't the dead need to be invited in," Greg sniped.

"Hello to you too." He looked Iold/I. He forestalled any real conversation by pulling a boy of twelve through the door. "This is my… grandson. I need you to take care of him for a few days. Never take your eyes off him."

"I have work."

"It's important. If you don't take him, the next doctor to see him might very well be doing his autopsy."

"You were always melodramatic, Charles," Greg told his brother. "You're dropping the kid off with me while you what? Fly off into the wild blue yonder to save the day?"

Charles looked very worse for wear. Greg guessed that being dead could do that to a guy, even someone in the Air Force. Yes, Charles had followed dear old dad's footsteps. Even a doctor couldn't compete against the perfect child. "Go ahead," Charles said. "Take him to work. He's smart enough to keep up with you."

"Like you could?" Greg leaned on his cane.

Charles finally smiled. "He's better. He could do your job and mine and it might not exercise his brain enough to make him wake up." He ruffled the boy's hair. The boy looked rather calm for being dropped off at a perfect stranger's house in the middle of the night. "Greg, this is Jarod Junior. Jarod, this is your Uncle Greg. Be good."

The boy nodded solemnly. Then Charles was gone and Greg was left behind as always.