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~~~Kaoru's POV~~~

"T-tamaki." I gasped and he was nibbling on my nipples as he kept a nice slow pace. Our bodies were moving against each other causing friction but it felt so good. His lower stomach was rubbing my erection making pre-cum drip from the tip.

It's 10 at night. We've been at this since we got back from the game.. At 7:00. You could only imagine how many climaxes we've had already.

We were drenched in sweat and the heat from outside didn't help at all but still our bodies were pressed together and we were warm from body heat too.

If you saw Tamaki in school you'd never picture him in bed like this. He was quite needy and he had a lot of stamina. We've probably been in nearly all of the positions we could think of but it still felt so good. I've never had sex for 3 hours. It's very tiring and I think I might have abs from when I was on top but its ok because every climax was worth it.

When I get home tomorrow I'm going to have to see how long me and Hikaru could last for. I wasn't tired just yet but I could tell Tamaki was slowly wearing himself out so I made us roll so our positions were switched. I was on top of him riding him hard. I wanted it bad right now. Tamaki was moaning my name and it made me go harder and deeper. Tamaki bucked his hips upwards slamming inside of me.

"Ohhh Tamaki." Every time he did that I'd lose my breath it felt so good.

Yeah... I know... I am addicted to sex. Of coarse dating Tamaki and Hikaru didn't help my addiction to well. In fact it made it worse. Much worse but what can you do? I just loved feeling good.

~~~Hikaru's POV~~~

"Hey Kaoru." I said and jogged up to him. He turned to me and smiled.

"Hey!" He hugged me tightly. He seemed like he was in a good mood.

"So how long did you two go on for?" I asked and he smirked widely.

"Oh I'm sure if we wanted to we could last over 4 hours." He said and I was in shock. Tamaki lasted 4 hours??

"Wait... Who was the pitcher?" I asked and he blushed.

"Tamaki.." I started cracking up hysterically and he turned red.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Your just always the catcher. It's kind of cute." I grinned and then smirked. "But how about we try to beat the record tonight?" I purred and he grinned widely.

"I was hoping you'd say that." He said and the bell rang and I bit my lip.

"Shit I have a boner..."

It's lunchtime but do you know where I was? The bathroom. Do you want to know why? Well... This was the conversation.

"Kaoru, how hungry are you?" I asked before we went online.

"Um... Pretty hungry. Why?" He asked and I walked a bit closer to him.

"Look down, what do you see?" I asked and looked around the room trying to be discrete.

"H-Hikaru." Kaoru blushed when he noticed the rather large bulge in my pants.

"I am really horny. Come on Kaoru. Please." I bit my lip as Kaoru looked me up and down then sighed and grabbed my hand.

"Come on..." He mumbled and we went into the bathroom. We locked the door. Good thing the school didn't believe in bathroom stalls. It's just one big bathroom. Kaoru pulled down his pants to his ankles and I unzipped mine and pulled out my pulsing erection. I pulled out lotion from my pocket and glazed my penis with it. I got Kaoru looking at me lustfully.

I slid myself inside of him with a satisfied sigh. I haven't had him in a day and already my body craved him.

Though the bathroom in school wasn't really a romantic place to have sex, we could ad it onto the list of places we've done it.

Kaoru was pressed against the wall and I was behind him, gripping his inner thighs, just barely touching his penis. The harder I slammed into him the harder he pressed into the wall. He didn't mind though. He was trying to keep his moans down.

One of my hands grabbed his swollen penis and began to shaft it nice and quick making him moan. The second I heard that sweet moan I couldn't help it. I slammed as hard as I could inside of him and he made a strange noise but it's one that could be categorized under pleasure.

"O-oh my god. Do that again Hikaru." He was shaking and his words seemed he had a loss of breath. I rammed inside of him and heard the moan of his. "Fucking harder Hikaru."

I loved this guy. He knew exactly what I wanted without even knowing it.

Soon we climaxed. I came inside of Kaoru and he came all over my hand and the wall in front of him.

"Oh my god Kaoru thank you so much." I was breathing heavily. I turned him around and cupped his face and kissed him. His hand ran down my chest and he started to play with my softening member but with his touch it became hard in no time.

"I want you again." He said and I grew a smirk.

"Get against the wall and you'll have me." I said and he kissed me roughly.

Tamaki, I don't know WHAT you did to my brother but... Why didn't you do it sooner?

Me and Kaoru were still going at it when the bell rang.

"Uhhnn... Hikaru don't stop." Kaoru groaned and I shook my head.

"Not until you come for me." I cooed and he gasped. I needed to get him to come fast. My legs were starting to hurt. Can't we be on the floor or something?

Finally, I felt sticky liquid run down my fingers. I smirked in satisfaction and we did our pants and then I noticed.

"...Kaoru.... Do you know how to get out a come stain?" I asked and he looked down at my pants and blushed.

"No... Sorry." I sighed and washed my hands and put some water on a paper towel and scrubbed at it.

"Hurry up. We need to get to class." Kaoru said and I raised my eyebrow at him.

"But when I was pleasing you, you didn't care did you?" I asked and he smirked and walked over and kissed me passionately. He pulled away.

"Come on now." I looked down at my pants and remembered I took my coat off. I put it back on and thankfully it covered the area.

"Right behind you."

Throughout the whole day mine and Kaoru's stomachs were DYING for something to eat. You know why? Oh yeah. We skipped out of lunch. Best. Skip. Ever.

We were finally in the Host Club and we ate A LOT of cake.

"You guys are hungry." Honey said with a smile.

"They didn't show up at lunch. Where were you guys anyway?" Haruhi asked and we paused and smiled.

"Um.. Nothing?" We laughed nervously and that's when Tamaki walked in.

"Guys! It's almost time that the host club opens but first I'd like to talk to Hikaru and Kaoru." Me and Kaoru exchanged glances but walked over to Tamaki.

"Yeah?" We asked in unison and he smiled.

"You guys will be sitting on either side of me." He said and we tilted our heads to the side.

"Why boss?" We asked and he put his arm around both of us and walked to the couch.

"Who doesn't like a good 3-some?" Tamaki suggested and we smirked.

"Ok boss." We agreed and we sat next to him. His arm was around our necks and our arms were around his waist.

I had to admit, Tamaki smelt really nice.

When the girls were let in they nearly died of a heart attack. The twins and Tamaki. Imagine that 3-some. Who would be who in bed?

Well I think Kaoru would be the catcher, I'd be behind him while he gave Tamaki head. Sounds good to me.

Me and Kaoru were sitting in bed. He turned to me slowly.

"Hikaru... I have a question." He said and I turned to him.

"Yeah Kaoru?" I asked and he sat up.

"You know the necklace with the half of a heart?" He asked and pulled out his from around his neck for extra effect to the question. I nodded.

"Yes, why?" I asked and he blushed.

"I wanted to know if ours fit together..." He said and I smiled.

"Well of coarse they would." I said and got up to get it. It was my first time unwrapping it and Kaoru took off his necklace. We put them together but they repelled away from each other violently. I dropped mine and so did he. We looked at each other sadly.

"They... They don't fit." Kaoru said wide eyed and fell to the ground and his eyes watered.

"Kaoru." I said and wrapped my arm around him. "So what if they don't fit? That doesn't mean I don't love you."

"... I know. I guess I was just hoping that they would fit." Kaoru sighed and I kissed him.

That's how I tried to cover the fact that not only was he disappointed but I was too.

I wanted them to fit. I wanted them to fit perfectly.

~~~Dani's POV~~~

I walked to the door just as they put the charms together. They repelled. I smirked. I knew they would do that. I knew exactly what they would do.

Kaoru collapsed to the ground sadly. I knew he'd do that too. But I'm a psychic so I guess that isn't fair.

They should really pay attention to their necklaces. I shook my head and walked away.

Hikaru and Kaoru love each other so much its unreal. I knew it too. Their love completely outmatches any logic. It was perfect.

Both of them were like a mirrored image of each other. A broken mirrored image. And that was perfect. Opposites attract. But in their case, they're to much of the same.

When I walked back by their room I found what I wanted. Both of them were asleep. I walked over to the charms and watched them closely.

They slowly got closer and closer until they attached and turned hollow and from then, a locket.

Both of their names were written on it in script. I opened the locket and saw a picture of them. They were older though. Their hair was slicked back and they had professional smiles on. There were 4 different pictures. The locket was divided in 4s. I flipped to the other pictures and saw them kissing in tuxes.

I looked at them and smiled. I walked over to the bed and rubbed their cheeks. The looked so peaceful.

I knew I loved them. I loved them both a lot. They were like my own children. I wanted to stay with them until they got married.

I sighed and let the locket rest on the desk and walked out of the room and walked to Mrs. Hitachiin's office and knocked lightly.

"Come in." I heard her voice say.

When I walked in I looked at her. She looked awfully young to be a mother of 15 year old twins.

"Mrs. Hitachiin... I would like to quit." I said and she seemed a bit shocked.

"Did something happen?" She asked and I smiled.

"There's things I need to do... In America. I'm sorry." She smiled.

"That's fine dear. You may go." I nodded with a smile.

"Thank you." I bowed and left the room. I walked into the boy's room and kissed both of them on the cheek like they did with me all of the time.

"I love you boys." I whispered and I left the house. If I said I didn't cry then I'd be a fucking liar. I cried like a bitch. I'm going to miss them so much. It's better for them without me though.

"Daniana." I heard a very familiar voice call and I turned to be met with my sister.

"Mirabella." I said slightly surprised. She ran over and hugged me. We still looked the same but her hair was longer. She looked warn out though.

"That was a noble thing you did for those boys." She said and I glared at her.

"Shut up." I snapped and she laughed.

"Wouldn't want them to get to attached to you now would you?" She asked and I looked down and sighed.

"That's why I left." I whispered.

"Good thing." Mirabella walked over and took my hand and led me away from the house. "Nobody wants to know the day they die. It's your fault mom and dad went crazy."

"... I know..." I said and turned my head. My parents tried to avoid their death but I knew that they couldn't. So when they passed away I promised myself I'd never get involved, but with Kaoru's death, I had to save him.

The day we met even if no one knew, I saved him from committing suicide. I wanted to be there for him so their life wouldn't drastically turn. I gave him someone to talk to so he wouldn't be sad all the time so maybe his head would be cleared of all those extremely rash things. I was there for him because I never wanted him to die.

I was there with Hikaru for the same reason.

The day Kaoru died I knew exactly what to do to save him. I walked in before he was taken to the emergency room and told the doctors what they had to do to keep his heart beating. But I told them not to tell anyone that I said anything. That's why they think Kaoru did it.

I was always there for them when they would need me. They might not know it yet and I hope they never do. Who knows what they'd think of a monster like me. I couldn't cause them to go insane with knowledge like my parents did. I prevented Kaoru from dying because before I knew him I knew he'd die soon. I had to stop it. Sort of my thoughts of redeeming my parents. I saved Kaoru but couldn't save them.

"Hey." Mirabella said knocking me out of my thoughts. I turned to her.

"Hm?" I asked not really paying attention. She tilted my chin towards her and kissed me tenderly. She pulled away and smiled.

"I'm proud of you big sis." She said and I looked back at the house one last time.

"Me too..."

~~~Hikaru's POV~~~

"Kaoru." I called out frantically and Kaoru woke up. I showed him the locket and there was a note next to it.


I can't be around you to cause any more danger. I love you two so much which is why I'm moving back to America. I wish you guys well and I hope to see you guys happy in the future. Please forgive the impulse of me moving. I love you two very much. Please be good.


"...Hikaru, she's... She's gone." Kaoru said and I nodded and kissed him.

"It's ok Kaoru. We'll see her again. I promise." I said and he sighed and nodded.

"Ok." He said and I pressed my lips to his.

"We look so good getting married." I said smirking and showed him the picture and Kaoru broke out into a grin.

"I love you Hikaru." He said and kissed me lightly.

"I love you too Kaoru." I said and held him close in a kiss.

With the crack down the picture it looked like we were the exact broken mirror image of us getting married.

But maybe that's what it was supposed to be.


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