Ok well hi. . . this is my first ff on this website! whoo ok well i am not to sure how this story will go but i hope u like it!! It might take a while to get started but stick with me!!! plz enjoy!!!!

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"Samantha Hennington?" The social worker, Mrs. Maria Lucas, called as she walked out of the doorway. I have become close to her over the past week while I have been waiting at an orphanage, for my 'father'. You see he had an affair with my mother, which resulted in a humongous mistake, also known as Samantha Anne Hennington. He left my mother after his own wife became suspicious. Why is he coming you may ask? My mother died. You thought I would be upset wouldn't you? Ha. . . no.


"No, Mom please don't!" I screeched.

"This is all your fault you little twit!" She yelled. I ran to my closet and hid. It was the only hiding place in this two-bed room apartment. I crouched down trying to make no noise. The door came flying open. "Get out here! NOW!"

"Yes ma ma" I said meekly. I felt her cold hard hand slap my face and all blacked out again. It hadn't always been like this. Mike, my moms ex-boyfriend, used to be here, he was nice. But then he lost interest and left, causing mother to become like this, full of hatred.

*End of flashback*

"Sam!" Mrs. Lucas called from the doorway.

"Yeah sorry, what?" Mrs. Lucas looked at me with pity. She knew what I had been through.

"Your father and his family have come to get you."

"Alright." I stood up grabbing my one bag and my beat up guitar case, and pushed my dark, almost black, brown, straight, choppy hair out of my face. I took a deep breath,

"Here goes nothing," I muttered.