A/N: I want to thank Kuntrygal for helping me out with this. Thank you so much, you have no idea how grateful I am. Thanks.


Today is the day most girls dream about; the day you're dressed up in a huge white gown with a veil covering your beautiful face waiting to take the longest walk of your entire life to meet the man you love at the front end of the church.

The day your best friend (if you have someone named Alice Brandon as your best friend) tortures you with makeup and hairdo for the entire morning. I love her by the way.

The day your family invites almost five thousand people you don't know to your wedding. They mostly come to eat and drink, and just party their lives away for free.

The day, all your friends come; some who are jealous that you got to take that walk first, and others who are genuinely happy that you're finally entering damnation and giving your soul to a man (my friends aren't really normal).

The day, your mother is running up and down, panicking about the arrangements of the wedding. Tears are welled up in her eyes and she's trying her best not to make them spoil her makeup, because she's just so shocked at how much you've grown and how unwilling she is to let you go.

The day, your father holds your arms and shoots murderous glares at your fiancé, ensuring him that if anything were to happen to you; he'd be there to kick his ass as he hands you to your future.

The day that you're a nervous wreck because you're definitely sure that you're going to forget your vows even though you memorized it like you were reading for an exam a thousand times the night before.

And when you do get to suck it up, it is the day you get to look at that handsome man's face and say your vows sweetly, promising to love him for the rest of your life till death destroys this faithful commitment.

The day you say 'I do' to your beloved and become bound and owned to the man who's claiming you just by an object, your wedding ring. The ring symbolizes your never ending love and your commitment. So that every time you decide to look at another man in a sexual way, you'd look at your finger and realize what good you're missing.

Most people don't know this but the truth is (except you're not going to get married); the day you get married is the day you start living. All other days before that day, you just existed.

Today is meant to be the happiest day of my life.

Because today is the day that I get to marry the man who loves me; Jacob Black, while the man I love, Edward Cullen, watches painfully as I tie the knot.

And yet, I'm here with my heart racing like a horse and sweat breaking out on my forehead wondering if this is what I really want.

At the end of the day, is this really worth it?