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4 months after her rescue…

She sat on the beach deck, and looked out at the beach as if searching for answers. Unfortunately, the only answers the waves had were more questions. With each crash against the shore, she heard more questions. She turned to see an another woman, somewhat older than us, take a seat at the deck table.

"Do you think you will hear from him?"

"No I do not." A pause, then, "But, then again, I have tried to predict his behavior in the past, and was certainly wrong. I could be wrong now." She sat down at the table.

"Do you want to hear from him?"

The older woman studied the young woman seated across from at the table. Sepia-brown eyes and chocolate hair, the young woman was lost in thought. She stood up and started pacing around the deck. Her small frame was well-built: defined legs and hips, ample chest and well-developed arms. But it was the jarring scar (which was healing) on her cheek that marred her beautiful face, and what had put her in this place.

"Truthfully, no. I stayed with my fa – the Director and did what I've always done: followed orders. Now, I'm not sure that's what I should do anymore." She shook her head, "Besides, it's not as if I did in the first place."

"What do you mean by that?"

"Well, not exactly him, but my other…fath – er, boss...Gibbs. Him, I broke a rule and didn't follow orders."

"What rule did you break?"

"Rule #12 – Never get involved romantically with your co-worker."

"Which was Rivkin."


"You were romantically involved with someone else."

"Not exactly."

"Wait a minute. You weren't romantically involved with the 'someone else' but you feel that you broke a rule."

"We kept playing…how did Gibbs call it, 'grabass'? Is that correct? We flirted, but that was all. And I think he is silent right now because he thinks in his little mind that I could not lower myself to be with him."

The other woman chuckled. "Figures that Gibbs would have a rule about that, especially when he broke it a few times himself. But that's neither here nor there. You could see yourself. With him." She pondered, and then stated, confidently. "DiNozzo."

Ziva hesitated. "If I felt that he was serious…maybe."

Hollis Mann rolled her eyes, and cracked, "DiNozzo, serious?! Well, after what Jethro told me what happened recently, I do believe that Tony, quite possibly, could be capable of anything."