Chapter 1: The Arrival

Thus far, many strange and unusual events occur after the Sinnoh League. Ash, Brock, and Dawn captured. Abel assembles a team to rescue them. Zario's strange appearance. The plot to kill Abel with all the big villainous teams combined. Red being the leader of the plot. The eruption of Mount Battle. Dark Deoxys and the portal. Abel and Queen Ivysaur going through the portal.

And then, there was the Quest of Smash. Visiting all the exotic planets and people. Trazia and the artifacts. The fact that Abel knew all these people. Master Hand and the tablets of something called the "Song of Smash". The Heartless attacking for no real reason. The adventurer Poliwhirl. The planets Doma and Xaxen. The Phase Distorter and time travel. Abel and Ivysaur having an Esper Form and beat Dark Deoxys with it. Both of them STUCK in Esper Form. The Dark Barrier strengthening after the spirit of Gedharm Ketchum is released from Dark Deoxys. And Abel and Ivysaur enter PokeWorld despite the Dark barrier being there.

While Abel and Ivysaur were gone, Ash takes Brock and Misty to go back to the other Leagues which somehow all occurred in three days. This is the third day. Manuel and Cynthia tried to free Lance of his evil, corrupted by Red. Sabrina was too, but was freed after by Darren and Drew. Speaking of Darren, he leads a group to the world that there can still be happiness in a bad time like what they are now. Red's friends are trying to stop Red from his influence in the world. Meanwhile, Abel's All-Star Team tries and succeeds in finding and freeing MissMaster. And there's Zario. He and Righty, another alien from a different dimension, eventually finds a book that Zario calls "MY HOME!", whatever it is.

And now, the two sensed some energy from the spot where Abel & Ivysaur left from. They seem to be waiting for something. Or someone…

Righty: …As much as I hate staying here, Whatever's coming could be a challenge. Right?

Zario: …yeah I am still sensing some sort of food…or gas.

And then, they see two lights coming down in front of them. The two do not recognize the figures, but they somehow knew it was none other than Abel and Ivysaur.

Righty: DUDE! P.M.?

Zario: That's not P.M. that's just a Personal Message.

Righty told Abel what happened to the planet and with everyone else. Normally, Esper Abel doesn't talk, but he starts to speak about what to do for a plan.

Esper Abel: Alrighty then. Here's what we're going to do. Right now, we're going to see Manuel's team. Then, we'll destroy the rest of the towers.

Now that everyone knows what to do, the four of them will set out on one last journey to set everything right again before they leave the Pokemon World.