Final Chapter: End of Story

Ivysaur: MissMaster is unable to battle. Pikachu wins and the winner of this match is Ash!

As much as Ivysaur hates to say it, she declares Ash the winner of the final battle and the right to become a Pokémon Master. Abel accepts this and so do Cynthia, Lance, and Manuel. Abel recalls MissMaster back to her Poke Ball, telling her thanks for the great effort. Pikachu is shown happy to win. Pikachu falls out of exhaustion. Ash picks Pikachu up. Abel walks towards Ash, with the other Masters behind him.

Abel: Well…I guess you won. How about that? Oh, take this.

Abel gives Ash a symbol he kept with him, which looks like a Master Ball. Cynthia tells Abel that she already has a copy for Ash and Abel doesn't need to give him his symbol

Abel: I figured out how this thing REALLY works.

Cynthia: …Really?

Abel: This thing doesn't let me PSI Teleport out of the planet. It's a good thing that portal from that Deoxys doesn't count. So …I'm giving mine to Ash.

Cynthia: Oh. Thought you wouldn't figured it out.

Abel: …Anyway, I'm also giving him mine so that he can be my replacement.

Lance: Re…placement?

Ash: Didn't you say that after this battle you'll leave the planet?
Abel: You listened. Awesome. *to the audience* Everyone, listen up. As of tomorrow, I will leave the planet!

Upon learning that announcement, there were people, among them the other Masters and Sabrina, begging for Abel to not leave, but Abel already had plans and decided to leave.

Hours later, everyone has a big party in Pallet Town. Everyone is happy and cheerful, especially Ash's mom, until the next day. It looks like everyone in the world is in Saffron City (not really, but there is a lot of people, nonetheless). The crowd is near Abel's house to see him leave. Abel suddenly releases all of the All-Stars and tells them to have a good life until he returns, if he returns. Then, Zario begins PSI Teleport alpha and teleports first with Dill, Righty, and Righty's sister. Abel takes one look back and uses PSI Teleport alpha to leave the Pokémon World. With Ash as the world's new Pokémon Master, everyone returned to their homes.

Epilogue A

The All-Stars, with nowhere left to go, enters Abel's house. With nothing to do, they just stayed there. Someone knocks the door. MissMaster opens the door to reveal Queen Ivysaur.

Queen Ivysaur: Hi, MissMaster

MissMaster: Oh. Hi, Queen.

Queen Ivysaur: There is a big celebration in the castle and I would like for you and the All-Stars to come.

MissMaster: Hold on. *to the others* HEY! YOU WANT TO COME TO POKÉMON CASTLE? *pause, to Ivysaur* Sure. The others agreed to go.

Queen Ivysaur: Okay. Come with me.

In Pokémon Castle (this is essentially a castle: castle-shaped, castle-sized, standing on a floating platform), there is a celebration of sorts. The All-Stars have no idea who is this celebration for.

Queen Ivysaur: As of today, there will be a new Royal Pokémon. For millennia, Royal Pokémon have selected non-Royals to follow in the legacy. Today, I will do just that. *pause* The new Royal Pokémon is…MissMaster!

MissMaster: …Say what?

MissMaster, shocked, goes to a platform and is given a crown.

MissMaster: Is…this possible?

Queen Ivysaur: Long story short, yes.

The Royal Pokémon are congratulating her and a ray of light of a different color shines on MissMaster. In the corner of the castle, Abel congratulates MissMaster without anyone knowing. MissMaster looks behind her and smiles. Abel then teleports away.

Epilogue B

A man, probably in his 30s, closes a book. It seems like he just finished reading a story to a bunch of kids in a library. The kids question whether or not the story is fiction or not. The man tells the children that the story contained in the book is not only a nonfiction book, but the man is part of the story. The kids do not know who the man is, since he wears a hat that conceals his face. One of the kids asks who the man is.

The man takes off his hat…That familiar hairstyle…those familiar zigzagging freckles… the eyes… Another kid points at the man, saying "Hey! You're Ash!" The man nods and the kids are shocked. Ash, now a bit older, looks out the nearest window in a library. His Pikachu runs towards Ash and hops to his shoulder. Ash shows Pikachu the window and they see a cloud shaped like a four-winged angel.

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