Title: Code Chobit

Genre: Humor/Romance

Rating: M

Warnings: AU. Chobits/Code Geass crossover. SuzaLulu. Rated for adult themes and situations. In this fic's universe, there is no war nor is there such a thing as a Code or a Geass. Once you read it, you'll understand everything. Wanna get in a Chobits mood? Then listen to Let Me Be With You by Round Table!!! It's the Chobits theme song and should get you in the mood for this story. :D You may not care, but I drew a pic of Lelouch as a Persocom. Link is on my profile at the bottom of the page. Ah, shameless plugs…

Summary: With the rise of technology came the creation of special humanoid computers known as Persocoms. Suzaku never thought he would own one, however; he also never thought he would actually fall in love with one either.

Disclaimer: I do not own Code Geass nor do I own Chobits.

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Title: Code Chobit

Chapter 1: Lelouch Awakens

By Serena the Hikari of Love


That's the name of the special humanoid robots used as personal computers. They came in all shapes and sizes, each of them varying in CPU capacity, appearance, and personality. Most Persocoms were bought from computer stores, however; they were quite expensive. When one added the total cost of the Persocom unit, the OS (operating system) required to make it run, extra outfits for the unit, upgrades, and required maintenance, it was easy to see why someone might be hesitant in purchasing one of these computers.

It was worth it in the long run, though.

Persocoms made life much easier. The androids could do almost anything. They could cook, clean, do laundry, do the shopping, and even get jobs. Their usefulness in everyday life made them very popular--indeed, one could hardly go anywhere without seeing one--and many people owned and cared for them.

In many ways, they were better than humans. They were beautiful, absolutely obedient, stronger, and more efficient.

Perfection, some said.

Some preferred them over people, a fact that one Suzaku Kururugi was not at all happy about.

Suzaku was a seventeen-year-old Japanese boy living in a dorm over at the esteemed campus of Ashford Academy. The campus was located in Tokyo, Japan and held a mixture of students of all nationalities and backgrounds. The only real requirement to enter the school was to have exceptional grades, but social status helped and Suzaku had both.

Suzaku's father, Genbu Kururugi, was the Prime Minister of Japan and was very well respected amongst the other nations, most notably Britannia. He was a busy man and never had a whole lot of time to spend with Suzaku. When he did, that time was usually spent questioning Suzaku on his grades and private life.

Suzaku shook his head and sighed, his breath coming out in a small puff.

There was no problem with his grades. He studied hard and rarely ever got into any sort of trouble. He was even one of the few students that made-up the Student Council--there were only four other members. He was a model student, one could say. So, no. There wasn't any problem with his grades.

His private life, on the other hand, was another matter entirely.

True, he had friends and he hung out with them quite a bit, but that wasn't the issue that Genbu had with Suzaku's private life.

The issue was Suzaku's lack of a girlfriend.

Genbu claimed that having a girlfriend would be a good experience for the teen, but Suzaku figured the real reason for his father's insistence on the subject was for bragging rights and to have something to gossip about with his political buddies.

Eh, parents.

Another subject his father was so insistent on was Suzaku's lack of a Persocom.

It was true that most people nowadays had their own Persocom. Heck, even Genbu had one. They were useful and very cute, but Suzaku didn't particularly like them. He had been curious about them in his younger years and had even entertained the thought of getting one of his own when he became older, but, as the years passed, Suzaku began to notice the increasing pattern of Persocoms being taken as lovers by their owners. Not many people did such a thing, but it was happening more and more everyday. The relationships were initiated by the human, never by the Persocom.

Persocoms had no will of their own. No feelings, no emotions. Nothing like that. There were some Persocoms that seemed to have emotions, but those particular machines were only following their personality programming. Any emotions expressed were not real. As a result, it was dangerous to enter into a relationship with a Persocom, but people did it anyway.

He sighed again and ran a hand through his wavy brown locks as he walked along the streets of Tokyo. He had finished having another lovely father-son bonding hour and he couldn't wait to get back to his dorm room. After ten minutes of discussing his school life, twenty minutes of arguing over his lack of a girlfriend, twenty more minutes of arguing over his lack of a Persocom, and the final ten minutes spent in an awkward silence, Suzaku was looking forward to not seeing his father face-to-face for another few weeks. He loved his father--really, he did--, but the man grated on his nerves.

'Still…maybe if I got a girlfriend, he would stop pestering me so much.' he considered, his forehead creasing at the thought.

Truthfully, he wasn't all that interested in having a girlfriend. Rather, he wasn't that interested in girls. He found many of them pretty enough and had indulged himself in fantasies over some, but he was actually more interested in guys. Bisexual would be the correct thing to call him.

'No. I can't do that just to please him. I'll end up being miserable…but…perhaps getting a Persocom would be better.'

He could buy a mobile unit, perhaps. Mobile units were tiny versions of the larger Persocoms. At an average of six-inches in height, a mobile unit could be easily carried around. They were just as customizable as the larger models and though they couldn't do any chores or the like, they could still receive phone calls, e-mail, do calculations, and even go on the internet. His friend, Kallen Kouzuki, had one that she had named Kaguya--which is how he knew of what the mobile units were capable of.

He didn't like Persocoms all that much--Kaguya being an exception--, but, if it made his father a little less of a jerk--which he doubted was possible regardless--, then it was worth a try.

'I don't have any classes tomorrow so I'll go to the Persocom store and take a look at the mobile units.' he decided, turning around a corner as he continued to walk towards his dorm room. '…I guess it couldn't hurt to do that much.'

It had grown dark outside and the night air was cool and pleasant feeling. He passed through a residential street as he continued to walk back to the school's campus. He wasn't paying that much attention to his surroundings and only caught sight of objects out of the corner of his eye--even then, only objects that were illuminated by the light of the street lamps--so when he passed by a cluttered mass of white garbage bags, he didn't think much of it.

Until he caught a flash of skin lying along with the bags.

He froze, turning his head so as to get a better look…and promptly had a mini heart attack.

"A-A body?!" he shrieked, staring in shock at the tied up figure nestled on top of the garbage bags. "Someone was murdered?!"

He started to panic as his imagination began to run wild, an image of a shadowy figure with a glistening bloody knife entering his thoughts.

'Ahhh!! What do I do?!' he wondered in a panic, his eyes straying back to the body. 'I can't just--wait a minute.'

Suzaku's eyebrows rose in curiosity as he moved closer to inspect the body.

"Oh. It's just a Persocom." he said, closing his eyes and sighing in relief as he held a hand to his heart. "Jeez, I thought it was a corpse! What a relief."

He opened his eyes and stared at the Persocom.

It was a thin male whose pale skin went well with his ebony-colored hair. He had white and purple EARs (Electronic Audiovisual Relays) and his eyes were closed so Suzaku couldn't see their color. His body was wrapped up with white ribbon-like cloth that exposed a fair amount of his skin.

'That's odd. He looks brand new. Why would someone just throw him away?' he questioned, scanning over the Persocom with his eyes.

He shook his head after a moment and started to walk away.

'Maybe his owner got a newer model and didn't want him anymore. It seems like such a waste to just throw it away, though. His owner could have just sold him to someone else.'

Suzaku took no more than four steps away from the Persocom before he turned back to stare at it.

He felt kind of guilty and sorry for the abandoned thing. He knew that Persocoms didn't have true emotions, but it was still sad all the same. Just being thrown out…

If Persocoms had true feelings, Suzaku would imagine that that would make them sad.

'Poor thing. To be abandoned like that is just…wrong.'

He frowned and narrowed his eyes as he found himself walking back to the android.

'Well…his owner just threw him out so they obviously don't want him anymore…and I was thinking about getting a Persocom for myself…'

He sighed.

"I can't believe I'm doing this." he muttered as he slid an arm under the android's legs and slid one behind its back.

"Oi! You're heavy!" he complained, his knees nearly buckling under its weight.

Even with his abnormal strength, it was a bit difficult for him to carry the Persocom.

They were generally quite heavy when they weren't activated, but became much lighter afterwards. So if he ever had to do this again, at least it would be easier then than now.


Suzaku took a deep breath and exhaled loudly as he collapsed against the side of his bed from exhaustion. The rest of the walk to his dorm room hadn't been that long, but it had certainly been strenuous and he hoped to never have to do such a thing again.

He turned his head to stare at the cause of his exhaustion.

He had placed the Persocom upon the center of the carpeted floor once he had entered his room.

'It's a good thing I have a room to myself.'

Because he doubted he would have been able to correctly explain what a half naked male Persocom was doing in the room without seeming like a pervert.

After taking a few more breaths, he crawled over to the android and stared down at him.

'He's really cute.' he thought, reaching out a hand to brush away a strand of hair from its eyes. 'And his skin is so soft. Why would anyone throw him away? He doesn't look it, but maybe he's broken? I guess I'll just have to turn him on to find out.'

After deciding upon activating him, he stared at him for a few minutes before coming to a realization.

'I-I don't know how to turn it on.' he realized, sweatdropping at his lack of knowledge.

There had to be a switch somewhere, but the question was, where was it?

Three hours later had Suzaku screaming into a pillow out of sheer frustration.

Where the hell was the damn "ON" switch?!

"What's the use in having this thing if I can't even turn it on?!" he complained. "I've searched this bloody computer from top to bottom. Why can't I find the switch?!"

He had tried pressing the android's ears, his nose, his bellybutton, his toes, and even his nipples, but the only thing any of that had accomplished was making him feel like a gigantic pervert.

He blinked and his face flushed as a thought occurred to him.

There was one place he hadn't checked…but…no way. No freaking way!

"I-It couldn't be there!" he muttered in horror, his eyes drifting to the place he was thinking of. "I know it's just a machine, but…i-it's such a private place!"

Honestly, what sort of pervert thought to place the switch down there?! Sure, there was less of a chance of the Persocom being accidentally switched off, but still!

"It is the one place I haven't tried…"

He groaned and shifted uncomfortably. It was just a machine. There was no reason to get so worked up over a machine.

'Just don't think of it as a person. Pretend it's a toaster. Just pretend that it's a toaster!'

He hesitantly reached out to place a hand on the android's thigh, turning his head away in embarrassment as he did so.

'Pretend it's a toaster. Pretend it's a toaster. Pretend it's a toaster. Pretend it's a--Gah! I feel like such a pervert!!'

Most Persocoms were made to be anatomically correct. While it was a rarity for them to be given genitalia, there were some real perverts out there who added such things for extra realism.

As he slid his hand down and drew closer to that area, he was relieved to learn that this particular Persocom had no such part included in his design.

The discovery didn't make him feel like any less of a pervert, however.

Suzaku gulped as he hesitated.

'This is wrong on so many levels.'

After a moment's more hesitation, he quickly slid an arm under the Persocom's back and lifted him up to lie against his chest. He took a deep breath before pushing a finger into its…uh…down there.

There was a faint click before he began to hear a quiet whirring sound coming from the android.

He jerked back as it swung its legs to the side.

The white cloth that was wrapped around the Persocom's body suddenly unraveled itself and fell to the floor in a scattered mess.

Suzaku could only stare in awe as the android lifted its head and glanced around the room before finally seeing him. The Persocom tilted his head, his beautiful amethyst-colored eyes locked onto the brunet. He blinked and his head tilted to the other side before he crawled into Suzaku's lap.

"Ru?" he said, staring at Suzaku with pure innocence shining in his eyes.

Suzaku blinked at their closeness and he chuckled nervously.

"Ru?" Suzaku repeated, rubbing a hand against the back of his head sheepishly. "Ah, what's that? Is that your name?"

The Persocom just blinked and tilted his head again.


Suzaku muttered an "Ow." as his back hit the floor, having been enthusiastically glomped by the Persocom.

"Ruuu!" the Persocom squealed, rubbing his head against the brunet's chest with a happy smile plastered onto his face.

Suzaku's blush flared up. The Persocom sounded so sweet and this sudden affection was quite adorable, but as his hand briefly came in contact with exposed skin, Suzaku had a sudden revelation.

The Persocom was naked.

His blush darkened considerably at the realization and he quickly sat up, pulling the Persocom off of himself and setting him to the side.

"Stay there!" he said, rushing to his dresser and rummaging through the drawers in search of something for the android to wear. "Ah!!"

He was so glad that he didn't have a roommate.

In his rush to locate some clothing for the android, he accidentally knocked a magazine off the top of his dresser and it fluttered to the floor.

The Persocom tilted his head and stared at it, curiosity getting the better of him as he reached out for it.

Suzaku sighed in relief as he pulled out an oversized white t-shirt from the drawer.

"This should do for now." he muttered before turning around. "I have a--WHAT ARE YOU DOING??!!"

The magazine that had fallen to the ground had been opened and the Persocom was staring down at the pictures of scantily clad women inside its pages.

And mimicking one of the women's poses.

The Persocom had a hand pressed against his chest and his other hand was pressed down between his legs.

"No, no, no, no, no!!" Suzaku exclaimed, feeling a nosebleed coming on as he snatched the magazine away and threw the t-shirt over the android's head. "Don't look at things like that!!"

"Ru?" the Persocom questioned from beneath the t-shirt.

"Where did this even come from?!" Suzaku continued, eyeing a yellow sticky note attached to the magazine's front.

He removed the note and read it aloud.

"Suzaku, thought I'd help you out and give you a little something to help you unwind." he read, eyes narrowing as he read the signed name. "Your pal, Rivalz."

He crinkled the paper up in his hand and glared at the wall.

'Rivalz. I swear, I'm going to have to install another lock on my door just to keep you out!'

He dropped the crinkled note and the dirty magazine into a small trash bin set beside his desk and focused his attention onto the Persocom that still had that t-shirt draped over its head.

Suzaku chuckled lightly at the sight.

"Ru?" the Persocom questioned again.

"Here." Suzaku offered, kneeling down and removing the shirt from the Persocom's head. "Let me help you put this on."

He slipped the shirt over the other's head and helped him push his arms through the sleeves.

"There you go." Suzaku said. "It's not much, but at least you aren't naked anymore."


"Ru…is that all you can say?"

The Persocom tilted it's head.


Suzaku smiled.

"Heh. I guess so. Well, I did find you thrown outside so it's possible that you're broken."

The Persocom's eyes dimmed and he frowned, causing a pang of guilt to penetrate Suzaku's heart.

"Hey, don't be sad." he said soothingly, reaching out a hand to rub against the top of the other's head. "I'm the one who saved you, you know? I'm not going to throw you away over something so small."

The Persocom's eyes brightened at his words and he threw his arms around the brunet's neck.

"Ruuu!" he squealed.

'He's just so cute!'

"You sure are affectionate for a Persocom." Suzaku commented. "I guess that's how you must be programmed."

His eyebrows rose as a thought struck him.

"That reminds me…I don't know your name." he said, one hand holding his chin in thought as his other rested atop the Persocom's head. "Hmm. What should I call you?"

The Persocom blinked.


Suzaku stared at the android for a few minutes, trying to pick a name that best suited him.

'…Ruru?…Ah, no. Then again…it actually does seem to suit him, but…no. I think I'll use that as a nickname for him, though.'

Suzaku blinked as something shiny caught his gaze. It had a silvery look to it and it was hanging around the Persocom's neck.

"What's this?" Suzaku muttered, inspecting the other's neck.

It appeared to be a silver small chain. It was partially hidden beneath the white shirt so Suzaku gently took hold of the chain and pulled it up.

There was a silver heart-shaped locket attached to the chain.

As his fingers ran over its smooth surface, he felt the tiny indentions of engraved letters on the locket's back. He turned it over and saw a single word written in elegant English writing.


He blinked as he repeated it.

'Lelouch…Isn't that a French name? Could it be his name or maybe his owner's?'

It certainly seemed to fit the other, he thought. It was quite a unique name and he rather liked the way it flowed past his tongue.

He smiled.

"That's your name." Suzaku stated, his mind made up.

The Persocom tilted its head to the side.

"Do you understand?" Suzaku asked, rubbing the android's head again. "Your name is Lelouch."

The Per--Lelouch--blinked once before smiling at the brunet.



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