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Title: Code Chobit

Chapter 3: Chobits

By: Serena the Hikari of Love


A pair of innocent amethyst-colored eyes blinked up at a ball of white fluff that was lazing about on top of a brick wall. The ball of fluff arched its back upwards as its forelegs stretched forward. The creature let out another wide yawn, its sharp white teeth glistening in the sunlight.

"Nyaaaaa~!" Lelouch mewled softly, mimicking the white creature's wide yawn.

The creature spared him a brief glance before it lifted a paw to its mouth and promptly began to lick at it. After licking it a few times, it rubbed the wet paw over its ear a few times before repeating the process over again.

"Ru?" Lelouch questioned, tilting his head slightly.

He lifted a hand to his mouth and licked at it a couple of times before rubbing it over his head.

The creature paused in its actions to stare at Lelouch for a moment, its tail twitching. It blinked once and then returned to its paw licking.

Lelouch blinked and his head tilted to the other side.



Suzaku stared at the hastily written directions Kallen had given him with his eyebrows knit together. If he was reading her directions correctly, he and Lelouch were not too far away from their destination.

Keyword being "if".

If he was reading her directions correctly, he and Lelouch were nearly there.

But the handwriting that the directions were written in was so terrible that he wasn't so sure he was reading them correctly.

He groaned.

Kallen's handwriting was usually very neat and easy to read, but she had been so upset at the time she was writing the directions that her words had come out looking like hieroglyphs. He was thoroughly surprised that he had been able to read as much of it as he had.

'Okay…if this is what her directions say…then that guy's house is just around the corner.'

After staring at them for a few more moments, he sighed and turned to Lelouch. The words he had been about to utter died on his lips and were replaced by amused chuckles.

Lelouch was curiously staring up at a fluffy white cat that was bathing itself on top of the wall in front of them and he was rubbing his hand over his head in mimicry. That in itself was quite an adorable sight, but when one added the way the oversized uniform Suzaku had lent him hung off his thin arms…it was almost criminal how adorable the Persocom looked.

"I see you made a friend." he said, moving to stand beside Lelouch.

Lelouch turned his head and blinked up at him.


Lelouch pointed a finger up at the white cat.

"Nyaaaaa~!" he mewled, causing Suzaku to burst into a fit of giggles.

'H-He's too cute!' Suzaku thought, trying to gain control over his giggles.

At this rate, he was going to die an early death and the cause would be Lelouch's cuteness.

"This is called a cat." he said, after managing to stop his giggles.

"No Nyaaaaa?" Lelouch asked.

Suzaku shook his head.

"Nya is how a cat talks." he clarified, smiling in amusement. "Good guess, though."

Lelouch blinked back up at the cat and pointed at it again.

"Cat." he stated. "Cat says Nya."

The white cat peered down at the two of them and mewled. It squatted down and leaned over the edge slightly, gently swiping a paw at Lelouch's hand.

She had come to terms with the fact that this "kitten" wanted her attention and had decided to amuse the younger being. After all, it was just a kitten and kittens did so love to play. She had her own litter of fuzzy toddlers back at home--which were currently being watched over by their father--so she knew how to handle them.

Lelouch just blinked at the cat's action, not understanding what it was doing.

"I think she wants you to pet her."


"Yeah. Like this." Suzaku answered, slowly reaching a hand up towards the cat.

The cat's ears lowered a bit at the sudden action, but perked back up once Suzaku ran his fingers through her soft fur.

"See?" he continued as the cat purred. "This is how you pet a cat. Why don't you try?"

Lelouch continued to watch Suzaku for a moment more before he lifted a hand to mimic the brunet's action. The cat allowed Lelouch to pet her for a few moments before her ears turned in another direction and she scampered off.

"Ruuu." Lelouch murmured, sounding disappointed.

He liked that fuzzy creature that Suzaku had called a "cat". Its fluff had been soft and it had made an interesting noise when he had "pet" it.

"Don't be sad. She probably had somewhere to be." Suzaku said, rubbing Lelouch's head. "There are lots of other cats living around here. I'm sure you'll see another one."

Lelouch blinked as he stared up at the empty spot where the cat had been.

There was more than one?

"We should keep going." Suzaku said, glancing back at Kallen's directions once more. "We're almost there…I hope."


The two continued onward at a rather slow pace that was due to Lelouch's curiosity. He would constantly tug on Suzaku's sleeve in order to gain the other's attention and he would point at something that had captured his curiosity.

Such as a mailbox--Suzaku had to stop Lelouch from opening it--, a dog--he made a mental note to teach Lelouch that licking someone's face was not a good thing to do--, a bird, a flower, and a host of other things.

At least Lelouch was learning. That was a good thing…even if it did take thirty minutes longer than it should have to reach V.V.'s residence.

"Wow." Suzaku muttered, staring at the large mansion in front of them.

As previously stated, V.V.'s house was actually a large mansion that was sealed off by a metal gate. There was a golden name plate attached to the brick wall next to the gate.

It read: Victor Pendragon.

Kallen's information said nothing about a "Victor", but perhaps "V.V." was simply a nickname. Regardless, "Pendragon" wasn't exactly a common name in Japan nor was it a Japanese one to begin with. Therefore, the likelihood of this being V.V.'s residence was quite high.

"Pendragon residence." a sudden soft voice stated. "How may I help you?"

Suzaku blinked.

Where had that voice come from?

Looking around, he took notice of Lelouch standing near the other side of the gate, pressing a button that was embedded in a metal control pad.

He removed his finger from the button only to press it again, a low ringing noise sounding as he did so.


It sounded as if he were trying to imitate the noise of the bell.

"Uh…sorry about that!" Suzaku said to the voice, quickly moving over to pull the curious Persocom away from the button. "My name is Suzaku Kururugi and I'm here to see someone named V.V…it's about my Persocom…"

"Oh, yes. My master has been expecting you." the voice said as the gate suddenly opened on it's on. "Please. Come in."

Suzaku kept a firm hold on Lelouch's hand as two of them slipped through the gate and walked along the stone path to the front double doors. He wasn't entirely sure why he did this, but he assumed that he was just worried about Lelouch wandering off. Lelouch stuck to him like glue so he really had no reason to worry…but still. There was the Persocom's curiosity to consider.

As the two neared the front double doors, both of them suddenly opened to reveal a beautiful woman awaiting them. She had lovely pink tresses that were tied up into a ponytail with a flowing yellow ribbon and she had tiny white daises artistically scattered amongst the long pink strands. She wore a light yellow sundress with white ruffles sewn into the neckline and base of the dress's A-line skirt.

She smiled at the two of them as she curtsied politely.

"Welcome, Kururugi-san and Persocom-san. My name is Euphemia. Please, come in." she said, before moving aside to allow the two entry.

Suzaku recognized her voice as being the one that he had spoken to at the gate.

Upon entering, the first thing that caught Suzaku's eye was a large staircase that took up a majority of the room's space. Its marbled steps were covered with a long red rug that spilled out onto the floor and traveled all the way up to the front door. Its tall railings were made of the same smooth-looking marble that the steps were made of.

The second thing he noticed was that the walls and ceiling were covered in art. A large intricately decorated chandelier hung down from the ceiling, its crystal pieces shining brilliantly in the light. Various paintings of people and scenery lined the walls.

'He must be an art collector.' Suzaku found himself thinking.

Normal people--even rich ones--did not have this much art. Perhaps they had a painting here or a sculpture there, but not this much.

Euphemia closed the doors behind them before turning to face them.

"My Master will be down shortly." Euphemia said, her sweet smile remaining in place. "He has requested that you wait for him in the drawing room. Please, follow me."

As Suzaku and Lelouch began to follow her, Suzaku wondered.

Was this beautiful woman calling herself Euphemia a normal girl or was she a Persocom?

It was becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate between humans and Persocoms. As newer models were created, the EARs became smaller and smaller, slowly turning into human-like ones. Sometimes he would meet a Persocom that had no visible EARs at all and the only way he could tell was either by their mannerisms or if their owner just so happened to confirm it.

Suzaku was fairly good at distinguishing what was human and what was a machine based on the their mannerisms. Most Persocoms followed a pattern. That pattern consisted of their robotic elements slipping into their actions, words, and "emotions". Suzaku found that if he listened close enough he would be able to hear the emotionless ring that a Persocom's voice carried. It was harder to hear it when he met one that had advanced personality programming, but even still.

That was another reason that having Lelouch bothered him.

Because no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't hear it.

He could not hear the robotic ring that he knew Lelouch's voice carried.

'It's just his programming.'

Lelouch's personality programming had to of been highly advanced. Whoever programmed him must have wanted to make him as real as possible. But that brought him back to his original question…

Why spend so much time on Lelouch just to throw him away?

Thinking about it just made Suzaku angry.

His eyes darted over to glance back at Lelouch.

Lelouch's wide innocent eyes were constantly moving, taking in all the new sites he was met with.

To think that someone would abandon such a sweet android…

His hand tightened around Lelouch's a bit, causing said Persocom to set his gaze on him.

"Ru?" Lelouch questioned, blinking curiously.

Why did Suzaku's hand tighten around his own? What did that mean?

Suzaku simply smiled at the other and Lelouch smiled back.

Lelouch still wasn't sure what it meant, but he made sure keep this new information. He was sure that it must be important because Suzaku kept squeezing his hand. If it was important to Suzaku, then he needed to know more about it.

"Here we are." Euphemia announced, gesturing to a plush blue couch. "Please, have a seat. My Master will be here shortly. If you will please excuse me, I must go and prepare fresh tea."

She curtsied once more as Suzaku and Lelouch seated themselves down on the couch before she left the room.


"How does the tea taste?" Euphemia asked conversationally. "I've been experimenting with new flavors."

Suzaku smiled pleasantly.

"It's taste really good." he said, setting the tea cup back down onto the glass coffee table. "I like the fruity and sweet taste it has. It's very unique."

Euphemia smiled.

"Thank you for the compliment. I was worried that the mixture of flavors would be too strange." she said, sounding relived.

"It's not strange at all. If you don't mind my asking, what flavors did you use?" Suzaku asked. "I though I tasted strawberry and honey."

"I don't mind. I did use strawberries in the mixture as well as honey for added sweetness." she explained. "I also used blueberries and a pinch of cinnamon."

"Ah, I see. Well, it certainly makes a good flavor of tea." Suzaku stated, taking hold of his tea cup and taking another sip. "You're very talented."

Euphemia giggled.

"You're being too kind." she said.

Suzaku chuckled.

"You're being too modest." he said.

Euphemia was very polite and quite pleasant to be around. She carried the scent of strawberries and honey, just like the tea she had made.

It was hard to believe that she was actually a custom model Persocom made by V.V.


Euphemia and Suzaku both turned to stare at Lelouch.

"Oh! I am very sorry, Persocom-san." Euphemia said in apology. "We have let you out of the conversation."

Lelouch blinked.


Suzaku chuckled as he set his tea cup down.

"You don't need to apologize." he assured her. "He doesn't really know how to speak other than saying a few words."

Euphemia's eyebrows knit together.

"Oh? He doesn't know how?" she repeated. "Well, that just won't do at all!"

Euphemia rose from her seat and moved around the coffee table to sit beside Lelouch.

"Hello." Euphemia said, smiling. "My name is Euphemia."

Lelouch blinked and tilted his head.

"Eu…phe…mia?" he said, sounding out the word as he repeated it to her.

"Yes! That was very good!" Euphemia praised, receiving a happy "Ruu." from Lelouch. "Would you like to try saying it again?"

"Euphe…mia." Lelouch repeated.

"Oh, yes. Very good! You learn things quite fast." Euphemia praised. "Oh, my! I do not know your name. Can you tell me what your name is?"

"Name is Lelouch." Lelouch answered.

Euphemia giggled.

"You have a very nice name, Lelouch." she complimented.

Lelouch smiled.


Suzaku kept to himself and smiled as he watched the exchange between the two Persocoms. It was…interesting, watching Euphemia trying to teach Lelouch new words.

Euphemia taught him about colors.

Pink, yellow, white, black, blue, green, brown, and purple.

She managed to teach him those specific colors using examples from around the room. For the color pink, she used her hair as an example. For the colors yellow and white, she used her dress as an example. For the color black, she used the loose uniform that Lelouch was wearing as an example. For the color blue, she used the couch as an example. For the colors green and brown, she used Suzaku's eyes and hair as an example. Finally, for the color purple, she used Lelouch's own eyes as an example by making him look at his reflection in the coffee table's glass.

'She would make a good teacher.' Suzaku thought.

"Well, I'm glad to see that everyone is getting along." a voice suddenly said.

Suzaku turned to the doorway to see a young boy who had long blonde hair walking into the room. He was wearing casual clothes consisting of a dark green button up shirt with white slacks.

"I'm sorry for making you wait so long, Kururugi-san." the boy continued, moving to sit in the seat across from Suzaku.

Suzaku blinked.

'Wait…this kid is V.V.?!' he thought, slightly shocked. 'How does Kallen know him?'

"My name is Victor Pendragon." the boy said. "But I prefer to be called V.V."


"You live here by yourself?" Suzaku asked, eyes narrowing in concern.

"Not really. I have Euphemia with me." V.V. said, taking a sip of tea that Euphemia had poured for him. "She is all I really need, but if it makes you feel better, I do have a younger brother that visits me quite often."

'Younger brother?'

V.V. hmped at the look that crossed Suzaku's face.

"I assure you that I am much older than I look." he stated. "How old are you?"

Suzaku blinked.

"I'm seventeen." he answered.

V.V. hmmed in response as he took another sip of his tea.

"I thought I was older than you and I am." he muttered offhandedly.

'He…he's not serious is he?!' Suzaku wondered. 'There's no way that he's older than I am!!'

"So…" V.V. continued, setting his tea cup down and turning his head to stare at Lelouch. "This is the mysterious Persocom I was told about."

Lelouch blinked as he returned V.V.'s gaze.


"Ah, yes." Suzaku said, turning to Lelouch as well. "His name is Lelouch."

V.V. blinked and he raised an eyebrow.

"Lelouch?" he repeated, eyes narrowing a fraction. "Lelouch…"

He appeared thoughtful for a moment before he shook his head.

"Is there a problem?" Suzaku asked.

"No. Nothing is wrong. I just had a case of déjà vu for a moment." V.V. responded, waving the question off. "Moving on, Kallen explained to me about the incident concerning her Persocom."

Suzaku winced.

Poor little Kaguya. He hoped Kallen could fix her.

"It's not abnormal for something like that to happen, but it is rare." V.V. continued. "For one computer to be able to crash another computer like that, the first computer would have to have to be quite powerful. Hmm…Suzaku, may I have your permission to analyze him?"

"Uh…sure." Suzaku said. "Does that mean you're going to have another Persocom look inside of him?"

V.V. nodded.


Suzaku frowned.

"But…the last one that tried crashed." he said in concerned. "Won't the Persocom you use crash too?"

V.V. shrugged.

"It's a possibility." he admitted. "But all my Persocoms were built by me…so I will be able to fix them should that happen. Besides, you want to know more about him, don't you?"

Suzaku continued to frown.

"Well, yes, but--"

"Then it's settled." V.V. said before turning to Euphemia. "Euphie, would you ask all the other Persocoms to gather in this room please?"

"Of course. One moment please." Euphemia said with a smile before her eyes became vacant.

After a few seconds had passed, Euphemia's eyes brightened back up.

"They are all on their way." she announced.

"Thank you."


'I knew this was a bad idea.' Suzaku thought, biting his bottom lip as he watched the last of the androids collapse.

V.V. had come up with the idea of hooking up all his Persocoms--except Euphemia--to Lelouch. He claimed that having such a large number of Persocoms scanning Lelouch's data would give them better results and would decrease the chance of them crashing.

But V.V.'s clever idea failed.

Every Persocom connected to Lelouch crashed.

And all of them were adult-sized androids, too.

"Ru?" Lelouch questioned, tilting his head as he leaned forward to stare at one android that had fallen against the couch. "Sleep?"

"Hmm. Well, this is unexpected." V.V. murmured, his arms crossed and his eyes narrowed.

"I'm so sorry." Suzaku apologized, staring down at the fallen Persocoms.

V.V. waved the apology off.

"As I said earlier, I can fix them." he said. "Hmm…he must be custom-made. His CPU and hard drive must be too large for most machines to handle. Still, he is abnormally powerful for a single unit."

V.V. reached out and took hold of Lelouch's chin, forcing the android to look up at him.

"I wonder…" he murmured, deep in thought.

Lelouch blinked as he returned V.V.'s gaze.

"Yellow." Lelouch said, a hand reaching out to tug on V.V.'s hair.

"Lelouch!" Suzaku exclaimed, reaching over to gently pull Lelouch's hand away. "You don't pull on another person's hair! That's not a nice thing to do."


V.V. hmphed and rubbed the top of Lelouch's head.

"He wasn't pulling that hard." V.V. said, smiling slightly at Lelouch. "He's just curious. It's alright."

"Even still. I want him to understand that hair pulling is not a good thing to do." Suzaku insisted.

"Hair pulling can be useful in certain situations, though." V.V. commented. "Back to the matter at hand, I have a theory about Lelouch that you may find interesting."

"Really?" Suzaku asked.

"Yes." V.V. said, moving to sit across from Suzaku. "Although, it's less of a theory and more of a rumor."

"A rumor?"

V.V. nodded.

"Yes. It has been circulating the Internet for quite some time." he said. "It speaks of a special series of Persocoms known as Chobits."

Suzaku blinked.


"This Chobits series is said to have been made in secret by the man who originally created Persocoms." V.V. continued. "The creator was supposedly asked by some underground group to create a new type of Persocom. One that had real emotions and feelings."

"But that's insane!" Suzaku interrupted. "They're just machines and no matter how real they might seem, they could never be made to actually feel things!"

Suzaku's eyes briefly flickered over to Lelouch.

'…can they?'

A small smile crossed V.V.'s lips.

"That's true, isn't it." he muttered, his voice sounding distant as his eyes strayed to Euphemia. "As much as humans would like for it to be a possibility…it can't happen, can it. But" -his voice returned to normal as he faced Suzaku once more- "supposedly, this series was able to do just that."

"So…are you trying to say that Lelouch is from this series?" Suzaku asked.

"Well, it certainly is a possibility." V.V. answered.

He reached out to take his cup of tea and took a sip of it.

"But it's just a myth and is highly unlikely to be true. It probably wasn't even worth mentioning." he finished.

'Th-Then why did he mention it?' Suzaku though, feeling as if he had been intentionally lead on. 'Sounding so serious one minute and then nonchalant the next. That's a bit rude.'

"Chances are that your Lelouch was custom-built…possibly by whoever his previous owner was." V.V. continued, taking another sip from his tea before setting it back down. "You said you found him dumped atop garbage bags, right? I honestly can't tell why he would be thrown away as he seems to be a very powerful computer and without access to his CPU and hard drive, we have no way of pursuing that reason further."

Suzaku sighed.

"Well, you've helped me a lot more than I could have hoped for." he said with a smile. "I thank you for all you've been able to do."

"You're welcome, but if it's alright with you, I would like to pursue this further." V.V. said while crossing his arms. "There are a number of BBSs on the internet that specializes on sharing information about custom-model Persocoms. I can ask around to see if anyone has any information about Lelouch."

"I don't mind." Suzaku answered. "But do you really think that you could find someone?"

"Well, there's no guarantee, but it's worth a try." V.V. said. "Anyway, I hate to cut this short, but there is something that I need to attend to."

"Ah, it's fine. Lelouch and I should be returning soon anyway." Suzaku said, standing up as V.V. did. "Let's go, Lelouch."


Lelouch stood as well and followed along behind Suzaku as V.V. lead them to the front doors.

"Thank you again for trying and I'm really sorry about your Persocoms." Suzaku said.

"Has anyone ever told you that you're a nice guy?" V.V. asked, smiling in amusement. "Really, it's fine. I can fix them."

Euphemia smiled and curtsied.

"It was a pleasure meeting you, Kururugi-san." she said kindly. "And you as well, Lelouch."

"Ru." Lelouch said, mimicking the curtsy.

Suzaku chuckled and rubbed Lelouch's head fondly.

"You know, you don't have to mimic everything you see." he said, smiling. "But it is cute."


An unreadable look crossed V.V.'s face as Suzaku and Lelouch stepped out the front doors.


Suzaku turned.


V.V. motioned for him to lean down to his level.

"No matter how cute he is and no matter how human he acts…for your own sake…don't fall in love."

Suzaku blinked.

"What?" he asked, bewildered by the strange warning.

V.V. just smiled distantly as he waved and closed the door.


Suzaku turned and smiled.

"Come on. We're going home."

Lelouch smiled.


As the two made their way back to Ashford's campus, Suzaku's mind wandered back to V.V.'s words.

"For your own sake…don't fall in love."

'Fall in love? With a Persocom?'

Suzaku's eyes fell onto Lelouch.

'With Lelouch? But that's not possible.'

Lelouch was just a machine. Technically, he wasn't even real. He was just the product of his previous owner's imagination.

A dream.

And you could not love a dream.

At least, Suzaku didn't think so.


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