Author's note:

For all those of you who have favorited, alerted and reviewed this story I want to take the time to thank you. In an effect to adequately do so, I am currently going to be revamping this story. Adding a little more description and dialogue, along with background because I am working on a sequel. I will leave this story as is, because the new updated version will change some things and leave it more open ended for a sequel, so for those of you interested in the changes visit the other version. Hopefully, you will not be disappointed.

But due to my hectic schedule the updates will probably not be as frequent, but I will be working on it to make sure to thoroughly please you all. Due to the dismal reviews I was ready to give up and call this one venture failed but some of you have inspire me with your private messages and continued visits. This second version will be more a labor of love than the original because sad to say I was a lot more inspired by the first version to get my story out there rather than thoroughly work on it.

I hope you will enjoy the updates and as of now I will re-work each chapter and then post the sequel. I am also working on another story during this time. That story is called Hating You and has a different feel than this one, a little more of a melodrama. I don't know how exactly how it will differ but the Bella is going to be very different from this one or at least her circumstances will be.

So again thank you and please always share you thoughts with me as they do inspire my work.

With love,