Summary: Leah's a little lonely one night, so she turns an old friend for some comfort.

Rating: T for substance abuse

"Awww... Isn't it just so sad darlin?" I slurred after taking a swig from the bottle. "You know," I paused, taking a delicate sip this time before making my voice a quiet whisper, " today most of the people I knew in high school are graduating from college... and just here left alone... Do you think that's sad?"

"No Leah, it's fine! At least you have me!" I pitched my voice high and kiddish.

"Yeah and you won't ever let me down huh?" Sloshing the half-full bottle around.

"No of course not Leah! Though I might run out soon..." I did a little pout as I said this, I didn't want it to end now.

I was just starting to feel good.

Tearing through the lumpy pockets of my jacket, I found an old bill - or at least, what I thought was one.

Crumpling it up into my right palm, I shakily stood up from my perch on the fire escape and headed to where I knew the nearest convenience store was. Squinting my eyes against the bright florescent lights, I tightened my jacket around me as I grabbed what looked like a wine bottle. Running up to the cashier, I tossed the bill to the figure and sprinted out the store.

Since the pills affected my balance too, I ended up crashing against a pole conveniently placed right next to the automatic doors.

Ignoring the red jerk of pain that went through my face, I turned to my right and started bumping into dark solid forms who were going in the opposite direction. Pushing forward, I started to ask the forms to follow me.

"Mooooooooove! The bright light moooves forward! Always forward! Left behind are the weak and merry! Don't let yourself be let down, never ever just fall down!"

I stopped my ramblings and began to hum a song under my breath. Pretty soon I started full out bleating the song, bumping into dark figures who were walking near me.

"RED red WINE! Gooes to mah Heaad! Makes me forget that I still need him sooooo..."

Since I wasn't able to get drunk thanks to my Werewolf Metabolism, I had hounded some passing hood kid for some drugs. I wasn't really sure what they did, but they sure as hell worked. My mind felt heavy,and trying to think of anything other than moving, singing, or drinking was like running through mud.

Just how I wanted it.

"Red red wiiiiiiiine, stay close to me, don leh me be alonme!"

My singing wasn't exactly clear, but still I felt like celebrating so I got up and swayed gently to the rhythm in my head.

"Red red wine, its up to you. All I can do I've done, memories don't go..." I mumbled.

Spinning around in a little circle the city lights looked like a big neon blur. It was all so lovely. Stumbling into a dark alley, I made my way deeper into it's shadows.

I added my own little line to the reggae song. " Don't let the shards that are my heart, kill me..."

Moving my feet forward awkwardly on the pavement, I kept my eyes up, up, up, up, trained at the sky above me.

My mouth formed a little "o" as I felt something cold and metal press against my neck. Weak human arms wrapped around my chest, bringing me behind one of the dumpsters.

"Don't make any noise and you won't get hurt pretty lady." a grimy voice purred in my ear.

Black was beginning to creep up around my vision, while glowing white circles danced around. The logical part of my brain was screaming at me, but it was too muffled through the muddy haze of the pills.

Swaying gently I turned around and swung my bottle full strength into the figure. I heard a groan and the shattering of glass, but by that point my mind was too far to care for the voice's well-being. Seeing the dark form fall to the ground, a slimy liquid began seeping away from the blurred shape.

Leaning closer to it I saw it's bright red glint. Feeling a grin creep on my face I quietly whispered to myself. "Heehee... looks jus like wine."

"Red. Red. Red." Muttering to myself as I began to move away form the figure. Wrapping my arms around my knees I banged my head against the brick wall, staring at the stars again.

"Red, red wine!" I screamed at the top of my lungs before letting out a piercing laugh.

Hey guys! I had written this for (formerly known as) ' (she changes it too much for me to remember her current one) Red Wine Drabble Challenge. It used to be a separate fiction, but since it didn't seem to get any readers I decided to add it here - not without some editing first of course. :P

Leah's a bit more... well... bat shit weird in this fiction. It's not my favourite but I'm trying to ease back into writing from her perspective. :D Hope it's adequate for you guys! THANKS FOR READING!

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