Oh dear, I think Spock is quite mad at me, (hides, surrounds with fangirls)

I do not own star trek, it was a great movie

How to annoy a vulcan

way's to make spok show emoction

poke him, several times

hide before he is able to catch you.

when he gets fed up with the poking become irrasable
until he uses his vulcan grip on you. Be completly uneffed
turn around and ask, "Did you expect that to

Make him watch Dr. Phil to help him get in touch with
his feelings.

Take him shopping, all the girl stores.

Tell all his fangirls where he is going to be in the

Negate his vulcan powers to run faster and be
stronger, and see if he can get away

When he gets on the ship lock the doors.

take him to a rollar coster park and make him ride
everything to 'test his endurence' don't forget
the kiddy rides!

Make him teach a class.

Make him babysit a whole bunch of