Part 2 Spock irritation continues; hey I'm still alive! (Turns,) I don't own and I think Spock may have serious mental problems when I'm done.

Convince him to start a conga line.

Put a teddy bear on his pillow, and demand that he cuddle with it.

Convince him to baby sit a puppy. Let him deal with the mess.

Get him to baby sit a very spoiled child.

Pour glitter on him.

Put make up on him. (Preferably have a very small child do this)

Take him out to dinner where the only food is meat. Make sure to eat it in front of him.

Talk in third person.

Only talk to him using baby talk.

Try to teach him slang.

Give him a cane, and force him to ride around in a wheelchair.

Take him to the playground and convince him to go on the teeter-totter. The wheel too!

Get him to help you build a sand castle.

Redecorate his room; make sure to use clashing colors! Make it really girly.

Make him go skiing

See if he can swim.

Stalk him, don't forget the sneaking music.

Make him watch Tom and Jerry.

All the kid shows, and insist that they are real.

Any other ideas? Tell me what you think. Also If you want me to do another charitor just tell me.