001. Beginnings.

Beginnings are peculiar things. It is hard to say where one thing begins and another ends, truly. Can a beginning be the beginning of romance? Beginning of friendship, companionship or rivalry? The beginning of every moment spent with someone?

Beginnings truly are peculiar things.


Hayner and Seifer had been rivals for a long, long time. So long, in fact, that it's hard to remember what started it all. It may have been a push on the playground, a smash of a sandcastle or a nasty word teased at one another. All that they knew was that it had caused their rivalry to start, all the years of fighting, Struggling, insulting and foul play.

It began a rivalry so famous that it would still be known several years after they graduated high school.

It was the beginning – the beginning, but of what was up to the hands of Fate herself.