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100. Love

People liked to think that they knew what Hayner and Seifer's relationship was all about. They liked to think that when they were toddlers, fighting in the sandpit - "Oh, just a little squabble. They'll be right as rain tomorrow."

They did that through secondary, High School, - "They hate each other, those guys," - and college, - "They're not really friends, just waiting for the right moment to strike," - and University - "Dude, they're just acting queer to freak us out.".

They even did it when they had their own house - "Freaks, a sadist and a masochist, that's disgusting."

But what no-one, aside from six other members of society and their own parents, seemed to realise is that they didn't care what they thought; they were wrong.

They might've hated each other when they were little, their anger subsiding when they were in High school and only striking up a tentative friendship in college, but when they got to University (or, rather, Hayner got to University, Seifer having gone for an apprenticeship), they realised something else. They had been wrong, too.


They were out walking. It was a cold October's day, but Hayner had wanted to go out for fresh air, and Seifer didn't have any extra work, so he obliged his lover this.

He obliged his husband this.

There random walk had led them down the path passed their old High School, back in the days where they had still fought like cat and dog.

"Do you remember back then?" Hayner asked, leaning his head against Seifer's arm as his hand fidgeted with the elder blond's grip, both hands firmly tucked inside Seifer's coat pocket. (He had discarded his old coat a long time ago, preferring to get something useful, like something with sleeves.)

"Yeah," Seifer answered, squeezing the hand in his grasp as he looked at the fence he used to scale to skip school. An old smirk came onto his face. Hayner only laughed breathily.

"Can you imagine what would happen if someone told us, back then, that we would end up like this now?" He chuckled a bit more as he spoke, and Seifer's old smirk slowly morphed into his new one - something softer to those who knew him, yet just as harsh to those who didn't.

"I would have beaten them until they started making sense," Seifer chuckled, too, as he realised the stupidity of his past self. To think, he might have never ended up with this feeling of happiness... it didn't bear thinking about.

"I love you," Hayner sighed out, almost dreamily as he kept his gaze on his old school. Seifer's smirk all but dropped from it's place, only to be replaced by a soft smile.

"I love you, too," he responded, laying a feather light kiss on his husband's temple. They were happy and in love, and they couldn't care less of what other people thought.

It was simply enough to be with one another.


"You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams."