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It had now been three days since he left, the love of my life. How I wish I could say existence but now I realised that, that dream will never come true, I will always be Bella Swan forever human!!

I once again wondered down that familiar path, one I had ventured down many times in the past three days, it was the only way to remember him to get the freshest memory, but then again I suppose all I had to do was wait 9 months. That was the one thing I never had chance to tell Edward, I was pregnant with his child and now as I replay those heartbreaking words over in my head 'it will be like I never existed' I finally realised that I will never get the chance to tell him.

Whilst in this trance of my thoughts I had neglected to notice that someone or something was following me, as I took another stride I faintly heard something behind me. I spun around and in an instance I was confronted by three magnificently beautiful people, just not the ones I had hoped to see.

Before me stood two men and a woman all dressed in billowing robes and staring intently at me with dark crimson eyes.

The moment of silence was broken with my gasp.

"Vampires!" I whispered under my breath but I knew they would hear.

Then a sly smirk spread onto the first males lips,

"Ahh so it is true, you know of our world, well we can't be having that can we?"

At that instant a shiver ran down my spine and goose bumps presented themselves on my arms.

"w-who…w-who, are you" I could barely get the words out as I stood like a statue.

The woman took a step forward; "we are Felix, Demetri and Jane, and we Bella are from the Volturi"

Again another gasp broke free from my lips.

The Volturi, at those words memories of that day in my house with Edward watching Romeo and Juliet came rushing back,

'The Volturi are a family. A very old, very powerful family of our kind. They are the closest thing our world has to a royal family'

"We're here to take you back with us, to Italy, we can't have you knowing all of our secrets and let you live as a human…..no, you will be coming with us."

And then at that moment I realised that I didn't even care, my life didn't matter anymore not without Edward in it, but I had to be strong, strong for the baby growing inside of me, the baby that was part of him, part of who we used to be. Happy.

"O.K. I'll go with you, j-just….j-just don't hurt my baby…his baby"

At that precise moment a look of shock crossed all three faces, and then in that second the motherly instinct buried somewhere deep inside of me, ran to the front.

I wound my arms protectively round my body.

Jane the first to compose here expression, walked forward and wrapped her arm around my back and walked me forward towards the others, and all four of us slowly approached the entrance to the forest, back towards the light, towards my future.

"Don't worry Isabella, we won't harm you, we wish to be friends….truly"

I didn't know weather to believe her or not, but I knew that now I had no other choice, I had to believe her, for the good of my sanity and if nothing else the good of my child.

"What about Charlie?" I asked in the strongest voice I could, unfortunately I think it came out as more of a choked question.

This time it was the other one who spoke, Demetri, and surprisingly it was in an almost comforting manner,

"He will be fine, he will believe you have left, gone back to Arizona, and he will not try to call Renee either. We have everything covered".

We were out in the dim early morning light now, although with it being Forks it was just fog.

I turned and took one last look at the house I now called home, the house in which I only spent a short time but would contain some of the happiest memories of my life. The memories of him, of us together and in love, or at least what I thought was love, obviously it didn't mean the same to him, I didn't meant the same to him, and that's what broke my heart. He didn't love me, he never loved me, and he would never love his child.

After one fleeting look I whipped my head back around and sat in the car, to start the rest of my forever, who knows maybe now it would be for eternity….just not the eternity I wanted!

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