Chapter 116: We are Venom Part Two.

The web slinger stirred underneath the pile of rubble. The fact he got a huge armored truck thrown at him really knocked him out of the fight. His fingers were still twitching. The racking pain going through his body meant that he was not paralyzed. That was always a good sign. Spider-Man kicked his feet, and pushed hard with his legs. He had to get this truck off of him.

The web slinger continued to heave. He had lifted much heavier off of him, but he was still weakened from the symbiote possessing him recently. Pushing was the only way to get out. He had to find his way out of this predicament before it was too late. One final push and the armored truck flipped over. Spider-Man slowly scrambled to his feet, and nearly collapsed to one knee. He winced, absolutely in misery and gave his head a shake.

'There, nothing seems to be broken, that's a miracle,' thought web head, and he moved his arms around and tried to grab a hold of the wall. 'Nothing but my pride. Venom is stronger than I could have thought. I might not have been fully able to embrace the symbiote, but Brock was able to. It made him physically stronger. Much stronger.'

Spider-Man stopped and pondered. He drew a nice and long breath, and managed to roll his shoulders. He winced at the slight movement. One final thought entered his mind that really calmed him down.

'Physically stronger, but not mentally.'

Spider-Man pulled himself up, and adjusted his web shooters. They were thankfully not broken and neither were his wrists. He took a few tentative steps back, and managed to gingerly climb the wall.

'The symbiote threw Brock down a one way trip to crazy town,' thought Spider-Man. 'And that's something I can use to my advantage. Especially because I know where Brock is heading. He might think he has settled the score with Peter Parker, or Spider-Man. There is one other person that Brock hates more than me. And if my hunch is correct, he'd be on his way to the Daily Bugle right now to settle that score. Got to hurry, Spidey.'

Spider-Man perched on the roof top before he gained momentum. The web slinger swung off as fast as he could manage to the Daily Bugle. There was no time to waste. He had to save J. Jonah Jameson from getting mauled.

The very thought almost made him throw up in his mask, but he squashed his bias. Jameson didn't deserve to be savagely murdered. Strung up by a flagpole by his underwear maybe, but not murdered. Spider-Man hastened his movements, and made his way towards the Daily Bugle.

The clock was running down, but the web slinger refused to give up. His breath quickened, his adrenaline pumped, and he nearly ran into a building in his haste. He was nearly to the Daily Bugle building, but the large net of black webbing on the side of the building indicated that he was a bit too late.

Venom beat him to the punch, and now he had to find a way inside.

In the offices of the Daily Bugle building, Venom raised his arms triumphantly, and his tongue waggled from side to side. He looked at his handiwork with wide and sadistic eyes. He walked forward, and saw several Daily Bugle employees including Ned Leeds and Betty Brant hanging from the ceiling in his webbing.

"Don't worry, it comes out with peanut butter," growled Venom, and he moved forward. The office of J. Jonah Jameson was near him.

Venom raised both of his large fists and slammed through the door. He ripped the door off, and stuck his head in, to stare down Jameson.

"Here's Venom!"

Jameson sputtered in indignation, and his eye twitched madly. His hand reached underneath the desk, but Venom jumped out and grabbed the owner of the Daily Bugle by the arms. He slammed Jameson's arms down onto the desk.

"You've really flipped out this time, web head!" yelled Jameson.

Venom gave a loud and sadistic loud of laughter.

"You think we're Spider-Man. You must have lost your mind Jameson. But that was no news flash. You lost your mind when you fired the best photographer that you ever had. You lost your mind when you decided to spurn my genius for that punk kid called Parker. We are not amused by the fact you nearly put us in the poor house."

Jameson struggled, but Venom had a tight grip.

"What the devil are you babbling about?" managed Jameson in a breathless voice, and he winced as Venom's tongue was nearly in his face.

Venom gave a loud sadistic laugh, and shoved Jameson into his office chair. He webbed him to it, and spun Jameson around several times.

"How about we go for a little ride, Jonah?" asked Venom and he looked towards the window. Jameson shuddered. "See that pavement. See that window. It's a long way down. It would be a nasty spill, wouldn't it?"

Jameson's head was forcefully nodded up and down. The gruff newspaper owner continued to stammer, and sputter.

"Just who are you, damn it?"

Venom gave a loud round of laughter, and slapped Jameson across the back of the head, causing him to wince.

"Oh don't be such a baby, if we wanted to hurt you, you would be hurt badly," growled Venom, and he wheeled Jameson around the office. "And if you want to know who is under this wrapper, well, all you had to do was ask nicely."

The face mask retracted, and Jameson's eyes widened. It took him a moment to realize that he came face to face with one Eddie Brock. His face was absolutely sadistic, and beyond any reason whatsoever. Brock's hands were on the chair and Jameson could not pull himself free from his webbing.

"Brock?" managed Jameson. "You're Spider-Man?"

Venom grabbed Jameson by the face in one palm of his hand. "No, we're not Spider-Man. Spider-Man is weak. We are strong. WE ARE VENOM!"

Jameson was showered by spit, and Venom looked bored at playing with his food.

"Brock, listen I might have made a mistake firing you," said Jameson in a small voice.

Venom surveyed Jameson with sadism. His laughter continued to echo throughout the Daily Bugle building. Venom patted Jameson on the head like a completely ugly dog, and the sadistic reflection of the web head spun him around several more times. Jameson felt absolutely nauseous.

"What do you want?"

Venom's grip was wide. Jameson could see every one of his teeth. "It's you that we want. We are going to destroy you, and utterly make you pay. It's because of you that we suffered. It was because you were so obsessed with photos. PHOTOS OF SPIDER-MAN!"

Jameson was wheeled closer and closer to the window.

"Brock, I was right in firing you, you're a basket casket!" yelled Jameson, but Brock teased flinging Jameson out of the window.

He stopped Jameson from going over the edge and held him in place. Venom turned around, and eyes were on Jameson's.

"Any time Jameson, any time we can hurl you out the window," said Venom and he pointed over his shoulder. "But perhaps we can be convinced. Will you beg for us, JJ?"

Jameson managed to contort his face into a rough and proud expression.

"I'll never beg for you Brock. You're nothing but pond scum!"

That was the wrong answer for Venom. Venom growled angrily, and pushed Jameson in his chair back into the wall. Jameson was hunched over immediately, and Venom grabbed Jameson by the throat. The newspaper owner winced, and the grip tightened on his throat.

"One touch, and we can send you to a sleep where you will never wake up from," growled Venom. "Spider-Man should have ripped your throat years ago, but he was too much of a wuss. We are harder. We are bigger. We will be your end Jameson. Are you too proud to beg? Maybe you should cry for us!"

Venom loosened his grip, and he wheeled Jameson over towards the window once again. Jameson shook his head.

"Are you too proud to beg for us Jonah? Are you too proud to cry for us Jameson? Maybe we should cause you to fly out the window hard and far."

Jameson stammered, and Brock rolled him towards the edge.

"One for the money," growled Venom, and he teased wheeling Jameson to his demise, but stopped him short.

"Brock, stop, you need help!" shouted Jameson.

Venom ignored his protests. "Two for the show!"

Jameson screamed out loud. He was beyond words at this point. It was a wonder he had any control of his bladder. Jameson's eye twitched and he knew Venom could drop him.

"Three to get ready!" yelled Venom, and Jameson once again saw his entire life flash before him. His hands trembled and twitched.

Venom paused for dramatic effect, before he bellowed out. "And four to. . ."

Venom's words were interrupted by a figure swinging into view. He was kicked hard into the wall. The desk was slammed into his ribs and Spider-Man jumped onto it. Spider-Man summoned all of the strength that he had, and began to hammer punch after punch at his enemy. Venom was rattled, but not out, and he broke through the desk. Venom jumped at Spider-Man, but the web slinger dodged the attack.

He made a beeline for Jameson once again, but the web slinger shot three lines of webbing and tried to hold Venom back.

"Hey, creep, get away from the other creep!" yelled Spider-Man and he pulled Venom in for a series of kicks to the chest. The creature's legs buckled, but Venom casually back handed Spider-Man into a wall.

Spider-Man rolled around on the floor, and tried to shake off the assault.

"We don't wanna!" echoed Venom. Venom jumped up, and his mouth opened wide. Spider-Man blocked the attack from Venom.

Several punches smacked into Venom. An uppercut backed off Venom, and Spider-Man grabbed Jameson, before pulling him away from the window.

Jameson could not resist putting his two cents into the situation. "This is all your fault web head! I don't know how, but it is. Don't you are you wall crawling reprobate. . ."

His tirade was cut off when Spider-Man proceeded to web his mouth shut.

'Yeah, now that's much better, just got to deal with big and creepy over there,' thought Spider-Man, and Venom jump at him. Spider-Man took a glass picture frame off of the wall and smashed it at Venom. Venom staggered for a minute, but did not seem to be phased. 'All of my strengths, amplified, and none of my inhibitions. Yeah, this one is going to be a fun one.'

Venom rushed forward. Spider-Man blocked one punch with both of his hands, and slid underneath him. He ricocheted off of the wall, and nailed Venom with an elbow to the face. The crazed criminal staggered around, and the web slinger fired punch after punch into the chest of Venom. Venom's knee buckled, and Spider-Man flipped off of the wall. Another attack and Venom was down.

He got back up mere seconds later.

"We can do this dance all night long, because we're not the least bit tired," said Venom.

"Yeah, well the plural pronouns are making your sentences kind of confusing," retorted Spider-Man.

Venom and Spider-Man continued their rumble in Jameson's office. Jameson watched helplessly from the doorway, unable to speak. His office was utterly trashed, and he could do nothing about it. Spider-Man punched hard in a rapid fire flurry, but Venom grabbed his hand.

"Not going to drop us," growled Venom, and Spider-Man was nearly hurled out of the window. The web slinger put the breaks on, and did a forward roll, before he pulled a file cabinet out.

A file cabinet was propelled into the air. Venom punched into it. He left a dent from the impact, and Spider-Man jumped at him. A knee to the face rocked Venom, and Spider-Man tried to scissor Venom's arms.

"No, you must be at least this tall to ride!" growled Venom, and he flung Spider-Man off. Spider-Man landed on the wall.

Venom propelled himself at Spider-Man, but the web slinger jumped down. Venom stuck to the wall and Spider-Man webbed around Venom's ankles. The webbing hurled him off to the other side of the office towards the window.

'Yeah this may suck,' thought Spider-Man, closing his eyes, before he threw all caution to the wind.

Spider-Man took a running start. The web slinger rushed Venom, and smashed him through the windows. Venom was taken off guard by this unexpected attack. He tried to punch Spider-Man, but the web slinger used his speed to duck. Another dodge and both fighters slowed the descent. The glass flew down to the ground, and Spider-Man grabbed Venom by the shoulders.

He managed to use Venom as a glorified crash pad. Venom landed on the ground hard and Spider-Man bounced off. He rolled around on the ground and skidded to the stop outside of the offices of the Daily Bugle building. Venom rolled around on the ground, and pulled himself up to his feet. He jumped up, and did the splits in mid-air. He landed on his feet, and stuck out his tongue with savage fury.

"Nice try, Spider-Man, but we are much stronger, and you aren't us!" growled Venom. "We aren't going to take this laying down. We're going to crush you underneath. . . "

Once again Venom was nailed by Spider-Man before he could finish his sentence. Spider-Man put Venom into a vegetable stand on the street. The owner cursed, as tomatoes flew in every direction. The web slinger smashed his elbow into the side of Venom's head over and over again.

The elbow strikes staggered Venom, but Venom grabbed Spider-Man. The web head flipped into the air. He landed on his feet, and a black line of webbing met with a white line of webbing. They wrapped around each other.

Both engaged in a tug of war. The web slinger and the sadistic host of the symbiote tried to gain the leverage needed to win this battle. Spider-Man used his enemy's own strength against him, and the web slinger propelled Venom over his head.

Venom flew in the air and crashed into a nearby set of wind chimes. They rang and while the loud noises were not enough to dislodge the symbiote, it did give Venom discomfort. Spider-Man jumped in the air, and landed on the chest. Venom swiped at him, but Spider-Man jumped off onto the wall.

'Speed against power, speed has to win every time,' thought Spider-Man, but Venom quickly jumped at him. 'Well this guy's quicker than he looks.'

Venom and Spider-Man circled each other. The web slinger inhaled and exhaled. A bruised rib made it hard to fight, much less breath, but Spider-Man pushed on through. If he fell, he would take Venom with him. The web slinger cracked Venom in the face, and Venom dropped to one knee, but he pulled himself up, and smashed Spider-Man into the wall. Spider-Man used his strength, plus some leverage to push off.

He grabbed Venom's arm, and somersaulted onto his feet. He hurled Venom. Balance allowed Venom to rebound back. Both fighters circled each other. Venom tried for another attack. The web slinger dodged the attack. Spider-Man rebounded onto his feet, and shot webbing around his enemy. Venom broke out with savage fury, and rushed forward. He tried to grab Spider-Man, and crush his head. Spider-Man elbowed his way out.

Venom's sadism increased. "You can't hold out forever! I'm stronger!"

"No, you're just bigger, and not that bright," said Spider-Man. "The symbiote twisted you Brock, not that you had a long way to go."

Venom growled with savage fury, and tried to grab Spider-Man. This effort was swiftly blocked. The web slinger grabbed Venom's wrist and swung him off into the city. Venom broke free, and landed on the ground. From high above, both feet connected into the villain's face!

"Come on Brock, this way!" yelled Spider-Man.

Venom rushed Spider-Man, and civilians scattered. Once again, Spider-Man just barely managed to lift up Venom. Venom was hurled halfway across the city. He landed on the ground, outside of a steel mill.

The web slinger somersaulted down, but Venom picked up a barrel. Venom hurled it at Spider-Man. Spider-Man used the flying barrel as a way to propel himself into Venom, and slammed him into a fence.

Spider-Man summoned his strength, and ripped the fence off. The web slinger wrapped the fence around Venom. Venom tried to push out, but Spider-Man webbed the fence around him. Venom tried to break free.

'Just got to find a way to separate them now, and whatever happens to Brock, happens,' thought Spider-Man, and he wrapped a web line around Venom was propelled towards the steel mill.

The heat caused the villain to wilt, and struggle. Venom slumped to one knee, and Spider-Man continued to fight with him.

"Getting a bit hot for you, isn't it?" asked Spider-Man.

"Just a minor annoyance," whispered Venom, and he nailed Spider-Man in the gut. The punch doubled over Spider-Man. Venom tried to web Spider-Man up, but the web slinger dodged. Spider-Man smashed a steel beam into Venom.

Venom doubled over in pain. He managed to draw in a deep breath, and Spider-Man flung himself into the attack. One tap and Spider-Man winced. Venom nailed him directly in the bruised ribs. Venom knew he had struck a nerve, and he grabbed Spider-Man. Spider-Man was flipped down onto the ground, and Venom smashed him into the ground.

"Admit it," growled Venom.

"Yeah, I'll admit it," retorted Spider-Man. "I admit that you really need a breath mint."

That retort was not one Venom wanted to hear. Spider-Man shoved Venom off, and the web slinger continued to fight out. Venom grabbed Spider-Man's wrists, and twisted them. The webbing was jammed. The battle raged on, and both refused to back down. The fury of Venom got more manic, but Spider-Man was fatigued from the battle.

'I don't know how much more I can keep this up,' thought Spider-Man, struggling to draw breath. 'I have to. . . I have to do something drastic.'

Spider-Man dropped to his knee. "Alright, you've proved your point. You win."

"Yes, we have!" roared Venom.

"No, not you, I'm not talking about you," said Spider-Man. "The symbiote, the symbiote has proven its point Brock. It only used you to get to me. It gave you a taste of power, and savagely beat me. I realized that I need it to fulfill my full potential."

Venom stood over Spider-Man. "Well, that's too bad, because it's mine, and mine alone. I have the symbiote."

"I, Brock?" asked Spider-Man. "And not we? Is it slipping from you? Or have I proven my point? Let's find out what the symbiote wants. It wants to return to the one it spawned from, doesn't it?"

Venom stood there, but the symbiote retracted from Eddie Brock. The symbiote began to move towards Peter. Brock began to inhale and exhale like he was having a panic attack.

"No, no, no!" yelled Brock in a crazed voice. "Come back, come back, I need you!"

Brock dropped to his knees, almost sobbing. The symbiote prepared to rebound to Peter, but he managed to shot his webbing around it. The webbing wrapped it in a sack.

"NO!" howled the symbiote. "YOU TRICKED US!"

Spider-Man saw it was trying to break free. He reacted quickly, and pried open a vent leading to a furnace. The heat was immense.

"Yeah, I did, and now you're going down," said Spider-Man.

Without another word, Spider-Man hurled the symbiote inside the furnace. The symbiote gave a blood curdling shriek as it burned completely. It was bittersweet. Spider-Man detested having to take a life, even one so twisted, but it was too dangerous to be left alive. It was already dead in many ways, the remains of a twisted version of him.

Brock was in mourning, and he looked up at Spider-Man with the deepest loathing.

"No, no, you killed it!" howled Brock, and he tried to rush Spider-Man, but he collapsed to his knees. He was too weak when the symbiote abandoned him.

"Let go of it, Brock, just let go of it," said Spider-Man.

Brock shook his head madly.

"No, I can't let go of it, I was something for once," said Brock. Sirens could be heard and the police moved in. Eyewitness accounts described a battle between a normal suit Spider-Man and the black suit Spider-Man.

"Freeze!" yelled one of the officers, and their guns were pointed at Brock.

"No, no, I can't go on!" yelled Brock, and he was handcuffed before he was dragged off.

The police read Brock his rights, but Spider-Man only half listened to them. Bruised ribs, beat up, battered and abused he might have been. Spider-Man's legs buckled, and the police moved around. Brock was handcuffed, and sent off to Ravencroft for evaluation. He screamed that he needed the symbiote.

'In some ways, I feel for Eddie Brock,' thought Spider-Man. 'He caused his rage and pettiness to get the better of him. The symbiote fed off of that, and tormented him. It's just something that I have to do. It burned to a crisp, and it's done.'

Spider-Man walked out, and looked up. The sun had set, and hopefully it would begin a promise of a brand new day. He swung off into the distance. Thoughts were on his mind, and he wondered what the next day would bring. He rubbed his side.

'Another battle done, and Spider-Man saves the day again,' thought Spider-Man. 'Uncle Ben always told me that with great power there must also come great responsibility. But most people don't figure that out. At least until it's too late. Maybe Brock will be healed. With the symbiote gone, he could move on with his life. At least I hope he can."

As for Spider-Man, there was only one place he wanted to be. He would heal. It would be back to the old grind once again tomorrow, but that came with the territory.

Ravencroft was a high rate institution that offered the guests the best care possible, to hope they would one day be able to return as functional members of society. At least that's what it said in the brochure. The number of patients who actually returned to society was very few in recent years. Over the past couple of years, a brand new breed of patients showed up at Ravencroft, and they had powers. The power corrupted them, and twisted them.

That was not the only thing that they had in common. Many of them were former enemies of Spider-Man. Doctor Octopus, Mysterio, The Green Goblin, The Sandman, The Scorpion and the Hypno Hustler all were guests of Ravencroft at one point or another. All former enemies of Spider-Man, all who dared to fight him, but were defeated by him.

The young doctor moved in. Barton Hamilton was the chief psychiatrist at Ravencroft, and took a special interest in assisting with these special cases. Hoping to find out what completely drove them over the edge and to the point of no return.

Hamilton tapped his pen to his clipboard. He walked towards one of the rooms, and spotted his newest patient. He checked the file. He was Eddie Brock. Currently Brock sat in restraints, and leaned back. He was tranquil and peaceful.

"Hello, Doctor," said Brock in a low voice.

"Good day, Mr. Brock," said Hamilton. "Or would you prefer I call you, Eddie."

"We prefer Venom," said Brock with an ear to ear grin.

Hamilton was all too used to these patients insisting on a codename.

"Well, Eddie, I understand you encountered something that twisted you into a dark version of Spider-Man. You went on a rampage throughout the city. Many were terrorized in your path, were they not?"

Brock nodded.

"Where do you think this parasite came from?" asked Hamilton.

"It came from Spider-Man," said Brock. "He rejected it. It was his dark side, the side that he infects all of these criminals with. Yet he is unable to face it. We were able to take it. Spider-Man destroyed our other, but it will return. You cannot keep that darkness down forever. We are strong, we can wait. Do you think that Spider-Man is a hero or he should be locked up with all of the monsters he creates?"

Hamilton had his thoughts on Spider-Man. He thought the web slinger presented a danger to the citizens of New York, because he created these villains. Yet, he hoped to remain professional, and did not discuss his theories with his patients.

"What I think is irrelevant. This interview is about you, Eddie, and not about Spider-Man."

"It's all about Spider-Man, Doctor," argued Brock. "It's always about Spider-Man."

Brock grinned, and took a deep breath.

"I'm sure many think Spider-Man to be a hero. But he's more dangerous than any patient you're treating. And the problem is he's being enabled by this city. He gets off on the thrill of being the hero. Why would anyone put his life on the line for any other reason, but the thrill? I got a sense of who he was from the symbiote. We were a more powerful team, and we would have done what was necessary. Someone like Osborn wouldn't have murdered all he did. Ock, Mysterio, Sandman, and the others, they would have suffered swift justice. And we would have been triumphant."

The scratching of Hamilton's pen allowed Brock a moment to pause. He reflected on everything that happened over the past couple of days.

"It doesn't matter when or how, Venom will return," said Brock. "It might not be today, or tomorrow, but soon we will take down Spider-Man. Pure luck allowed him to beat me. It wasn't anything more. Luck won't save him twice. Lighting can strike once, but never twice. We will have our day."

Hamilton made more notes.

"It's in my professional opinion that this black costume warped your mind, Eddie," said Hamilton.

Brock shook his head. Perhaps this doctor should be the one in the chair.

"No, it just cleared it, Doctor Hamilton," said Brock. "You wouldn't understand. I didn't expect you to understand. But soon the day will be ours. The day will be ours, and Spider-Man will be underneath our feet. We will save the world from him."

Hamilton nodded. The orderlies moved in. The interview was over, and Hamilton had other patients. Brock already became a model prisoner, and walked off with the orderlies. They moved him to his cell.

"We're a bit crowded, Mr. Brock, so you'll be rooming with another patient," said the orderly. "Don't be afraid, we've removed all sharp objects from the room."

Brock was now intrigued. He moved in, and the door opened. A sadistic looking man with red hair sat on a bed, hands folded. The patient had a sadistic and murderous look in his eyes, and a grin appeared on his face.

"Fresh meat," said the red head, and he held out a hand, but he retracted it. "Name's Cletus Kasady, don't touch anything you freak. Or I'll gut you."

Brock shook his head, and took a deep breath. Eddie Brock and Cletus Kasady turned their backs on each other. They were in their cell, and this should have proven to be a start of a beautiful tolerance between the two. The hatred that appeared in Brock's eyes was evident.

He wanted the symbiote. The symbiote would be his, and one day they would be reunited. Even if he had to put up with this nutcase, who was in the corner laughing like a hyena on dope.

A long last few days had passed. Peter and Gwen were out into the city. It was a beautiful evening. It was not too hot, but the warm breeze blew through them. The two walked across the city. It was a rare quiet night. They stood outside of ESU. It would be on Monday when they would start their first set of classes, and both looked forward to it. It was the next step in both of their lives towards a brighter future.

Gwen and Peter had their arms around each other. They both took a deep breath and enjoyed the moments they had with each other, together. It represented a rare downtime they seldom enjoyed with each other. Peter spun Gwen around, and held her in his arms. Gwen relaxed in them.

"After everything we've been through, this is nice," said Gwen.

"Yeah, it kind of puts things in perspective," said Peter, and Gwen nodded. "The two of us, we've been through quite the roller coaster ride over the past couple of years. It could have flung us off."

"Yeah no kidding," said Gwen with a strained smile.

She took a few deep breaths. Peter's strong arms were around her. They had survived everything together, which made everything much more wonderful. Gwen leaned up, and captured Peter's lips with a kiss. Peter returned, and Gwen leaned into him. The sounds of angry New York traffic ruined the moment prematurely. The two moved over for hopefully more quiet location.

"I look at you every day Gwen, and I realize how lucky I am," said Peter.

"Yeah, well the feelings mutual," said Gwen, and she grabbed Peter's hand. "You've been there for me during some tough times. And I would have gone to pieces without you."

Peter squeezed Gwen's hand in a reassuring manner. "No, you're strong Gwen. I don't know where I would have been without you, and I don't want to know."

"I guess we compliment each other well," said Gwen.

"That we do," said Peter. "The night's young, let's enjoy it while we can."

"Yeah," said Gwen, who half expected some chaotic event to occur to come their fun night out, their last chance out before college.

Nothing came. For once, the city decided to stop. And that was a great thing. There would be many more adventures to come, but Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy were both up to the challenge.

The future would bring many interesting things, as their relationship grew stronger, and it would not be too long before it went to the next level.

When the time was right, it would be done. They walked into a restaurant to enjoy a nice private dinner together.

Both were happy. A new day would come, with the possibility of new adventures, both good and bad, in the future.

The End of Spider-Man Chronicles Volume 1.