Bri Nara Production

I was really bored, and I'm trying to learn Japanese, so I thought of this story. I wrote this from Shikamaru's point of view, to make it sweeter. Sorry for his out of character-ness.

I was out in the forest with Bri, trying to explain to her the rules and culture of the Nara clan; seeing that she was supposed to act like my cousin. Then this deer came out of nowhere and started playing with Bri. She laughed and tried to hug its neck.

"Help, Shika!" she laughed. "I'm being attacked by your deer!"

Shika; she always called me that. Since the day we met, she always called me that. "Bri, why do you call me that? Why do you always call me 'Shika' or 'Deerboy'? I have an actual name you know."

She frooze from her playing with the deer. "Well, Shika is quicker to say. And I call you Deerboy because that's kind of what your name is supposed to mean."


She looked at me with those brown eyes. A look that said stupid boy. "Didn't you know? Shika means deer. And maru has a lot of meanings; like perfect, well-developed, zero. I think those meanings fit you more." She smiled.

"So, this whole time..."

"Yup. I was calling you one of these." She patted the deer she was playing with.

My eyebrow twitched. No wonder Mom expects me to be more active, it's in my name. And Bri was calling me a deer the whole time. Troublesome girl... "So, since you know what my name means, why don't you tell me yours means."

Bri's eyes widened, then her whole face turned pink. "Well, um, if you say my name the normal way, then it doesn't mean anything. But if you change the sound a little, so that it's Buri, then..." She ducked her head behind the deer.

"Come on, is it that bad?"


Normally, I wouldn't care, but this was Barely-Blush Bri who was hiding. If her name was bad enough to make her hide. "Come on, tell me."

"Fine, Deerboy, but don't laugh. If you changed my name slightly into Buri, then it would mean a kind of fish."

It was barely a laugh; more like a happy tsk. But that was enough to get Bri mad at me. "It's not funny!"

"That explains why you like to go swimming in the lake around here. And why you like seafood so much."

"Shut up! You like seafood too, Shika!"

"Heh. You got me. Come on, let's go back and play a round of Shougi or something."

Then Bri tied her hair up into a higher ponytail, like mine, and put on a bored expression. Then she groaned and she said a voice that more or less sounded like me, "But I don't want to walk. Can't we just take a nap out here?"

"Do I really sound like that to you?"

"Yeah," said the imitation.

"Ride the Shika then." She walked over and tried to jump onto my back. "The other Shika."


The end of this little story.

And yes, feel free to laugh at my Japanese name's meaning. -_-"

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