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A/N: Written for Lady Karelia/ladyinthecloak.

The way his pale white-blond hair contrasted sharply with the black of his robes had always fascinated her, even in her early years at Hogwarts. Now, with the freedom to run her fingers through his silky locks, there was no loss of the mysterious attraction it had once held for her.

Capturing her fingers in his large, warm hand, he looked deep into her eyes. She smiled at him, and, surprising to those who knew him, he smiled back.

It was many years since he had been indifferent to her, many years since he had dismissed her as only another Mudblood (too many of those in their world). But she was different from the others, more like a pureblood. Her prowess with magic, her knowledge of arcane practises... she was far more adept at those and similar things than most of the purebloods he knew.

She was still smiling at him, and he raised his hand to her cheek, caressing it softly, completely incongruous to his appearance. If anyone had been watching, it would be apparent that this was not a usual occurrence, for the woman's smile grew a bit brighter as she looked into his eyes.

A soft kiss pressed to her forehead said more than any words, and as the woman rested her head against his chest, she allowed herself a small, contented smile. Unbeknownst to her, the man smiled too.