A/N: Here we go a new idea. I just moved and got a new job so I won't have tons of time to write. In my new job I get to work with people in a wheelchair so here we go tell me what you think.

Summary: When Emmett gets into an accident it's just the thing to bring his studious brother Edward back to the rainy town of Forks. The Cullen's need a little help learning how to take care of Emmett in a wheelchair. That's where Bella Swan comes in. AH

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He stood before the crowd bowing over and over while roses, money, and ladies handkerchiefs were thrown at his feet on the stage. One of the rich and famous approached him to shake his hand. The handshake was firm but not too firm. The man flashed his blinding smile and opened his mouth to congratulate him on the wonderful performance instead of the praise he wanted to hear he got "Where is your boy tonight? I hope he is a gentleman maybe he won't find out what I know you were the last good thing about this part of town." Great.

With a groan he throws his arm out onto the nightstand searching blindly for his phone. It could only be one person. The only one who listened to Fall out boy in his family was Alice. Finally opening his eyes he realizes his phone isn't on the table. Shit. Scrambling out of the warmth of his bed he runs towards the pile of discarded clothes. The phone had stopped ringing and was starting up again. Shirt, socks, shoes no phone there. Pants pockets nothing but lint and a McDonald's monopoly piece. Jacket? Victory was sweet "Alice." his voice was groggy with sleep but he felt wide awake from scrambling to his clothes. He falls back onto his bed and stares at the warm canopy above.

"Edward," her chirp came over the line as if she were in the room with him. "Emmett got in an accident and we want you to come home." He opens his mouth to protest when she cuts him off, "I know what your going to say" she clears her throat and when she speaks again Edward was speaking to himself through Alice, "Alice I can't come visit my schooling is far more important. I know mom misses me and I miss her too but now is just not a good time." her voice flows back into her own persona as she continues, "But this is your brother. Your own flesh and blood and he needs you right now so pretty please with a cherry on top?"

It had been a long time since he'd been home and he was ahead in all of his classes. Sighing he agrees and too tired to argue he lets Alice set up his flight information. Pulling the covers over his tousled hair he sighs and lets the darkness lull him to sleep.

She had circles under her eyes and frazzled hair. She'd been at work all day and wanted nothing more than to crawl into the bed she was occupying at her friends house. She'd just moved and was in the process of looking for a house. Of course she could move back in with her dad but she was old enough that she wanted freedom, plus her dad had recently gotten remarried and it would defeat the purpose of the first time she'd moved back in with him.

Waving to the nurse on staff she yawns and stretches her arms over her head. "Tired Miss Swan?" she whirls around finding herself face to face with Dr. Cullen. He was young and handsome and he looked as if he should be a model instead of a doctor on graveyard. Heck he could even be a model pretending to be a doctor on the late shift and get away with it.

"A little bit." she returns his smile, "I'm still a little tired from driving all day yesterday." She studies his posture and facial expression, "I'm sorry if I sound rude or if I'm presuming anything personal but you look as if you need my help with something."

He smiles at her sheepishly, "I wish I could say I'm talking to you because I want to but your right mainly I have a favor for you." She smiles at him and makes a motion for him to continue, "Can I interest you in a cup of coffee while I explain?"