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The rain outside drizzled lazily down the windows. Out of the Cullen house only Edward really took note of the rain. Then again he'd been studying in a larger town where it hardly ever rained. It was strange to him that he found the sound of the rain soothing and as he lay on his bed letting himself wake up he connected the sound to the metronome sitting on top of his piano.

Descending the stairs of the house was deja vu. At the bottom stair he glances into the open family room and watches as Esme tries to vacuum around Emmett. "Mom can't you wait until this whoever she is shows up and moves me then vacuum." Emmett's whines were louder than the vacuums roar and Esme pretended to not hear it over her work.

The doorbell rings and Esme looks up and smiles at Edward "Be a dear and let Bella in will you?" Pictures of what this Bella will look like flash in his mind. She'd be as tall as Emmett, covered with muscles even her muscles would have muscles, and she'd have a uni-brow, a mustache, and a big mole that would distract any and all attention to it.

Pulling the door open and finding a petite brunette who had two eyebrows shaped and plucked, no mustache, and definitely not anything like his brother was a big surprise to Edward.

She smiles nervously at him "Hi I'm Bella." He steps back to let her into the house and out of the rain. Water droplets fall from her umbrella as she stands in the entry way under his scrutiny. How could this tiny girl expect to help get Emmett into the living room? Just as he opens his mouth to ask her this question a pixie dances past and pulls Bella after her jabbering on and on. "Don't be rude Edward jeesh" Alice calls over her shoulder as she pulls Bella after her into the living room.

Jasper grins at him and shakes his head "C'mon Edward lets go see if Bella can lift a bear." As they enter the living room they hear Emmett's booming laughter.

"She's supposed to be able to lift me and carry me all the way to the guest room?" His voice came out strained and in between words so what came out was "Haha she's hahahaha supposed to hee hee be able to hahaha lift me snort and carry me giggle giggle all the way to the guest room snort" and a sort of donkey bray at the end. Edward looks at those around him.

Rosalie, who'd just entered the room, looked irritated and wouldn't look anyone in the eyes. Alice looked devious and gleeful smiling and swinging Bella's hand this way and that. Jasper looked amused, Esme looked a bit bewildered but trusting in Carlisle's decision for this girl, Emmett looked ridiculous laughing and being confused. And Bella was looking annoyed by his laughter.

"Bella thanks again for coming over." Carlisle says coming down the stairs. He was dressed casually in a pair of khaki pants and a polo. Bella looked almost surprised that he could wear anything but scrubs and a white coat.

"Not a problem." she smiles at Edward's dad and takes the hand he offers her. "Ready to learn a few things?" she beams a smile and looks around the room at everyone starting with Alice and ending at Edward, where it rested the longest. "Would you like to learn in here or should we move him to the bedroom?" Edward watches her from the corner of his eye as she blows a loose strand of brown hair out of her eyes.

He watches as his dad opens his mouth to answer her instead of hearing his fathers smooth voice he hears Emmett booming loudly "Dad there's no way a scrawny girl like that can pick me and carry me. I can bench press more than she weighs by like a thousand." he looks at her and grins a happy-go-lucky grin "No offense"

"Are you saying that I'm incapable of doing my job?" Bella's tone was still light but laced with poison, like an apple pie sprinkled with arsenic, Edward wondered how many times she'd heard that same insult repeated at her.

"Not at all." Emmett says frustrated at having to explain himself,"What I'm saying is that I'm sure your capable of lifting children, and midgets but for someone like me you just can't do it." Edward sighs. Emmett had always had a way of putting his foot in his mouth. And this was no exception.

"Would you like to bet on that?" Bella's response was icy and Edward was glad that he wasn't the one receiving the glare that went with it.

Emmett had always been a bit of a gambler. So Edward, along with the rest of his family weren't surprised to hear him confidently coo at Bella "Yes, yes I would like to be on that. What were you thinking money, a car, slave for life, what?" as if she were a child or slow witted.

"I'm not one for flashy cars. I'd hate to have or be a slave for life too." Bella ponders and grins at Emmett like a kindergarten teacher trying to calm a tantrum, "So I guess money it is. Oh and an apology wouldn't hurt either."

"How much are we talking here?" Edward wanted to roll his eyes at the manly way Emmett had answered.

"Lets say an even $100?"

"Deal."Emmett's smile was confident and Edward was afraid that he'd purposely throw himself from Bella's arms just to win. "Get ready to admit you were wrong then." Emmett's voice was condescending and Edward had a bad feeling about this. He wasn't sure that Bella would be able to lift his brother. Did she even have a hundred dollars to her name right now? If she lost would Rosalie eat her soul with an I told you so gloat on her face?

"You might as well get your wallet out" Bella says grinning at Alice. Did Alice know something Edward didn't? This wasn't the time to be grinning at each other. Edward pauses. Why was he so concerned if this girl lost a hundred dollars and got her pride stepped on? He shouldn't.

He watches as Bella moves to the couch and wraps Emmett's arm around her shoulder she places her arm securely behind him and then hooks the others carefully around his knees. He watches as she shuffles her a feet to a new angle and bends her knees and lifts. Emmett lets out a shocked sound as he finds himself in Bella's arms above the couch. Edward was shocked but amazed that someone so tiny could stand there and hold his monster of a brother without showing any strain. "Where am I taking the bear?" her voice startles him from his shock and he looks up to see she's staring straight at him. He returns her gaze and looks at Carlisle and Alice both of who had given her a round of applause.

Carlisle looks at Edward and smiles at him telling him with his eyes that he'd seen the long glances between himself and Bella. "Edward would you mind showing Bella to the guest room?" shocked he nods his head.

"This way." He mumbles passing her and leading her down the hallway to the left and all the way down the hall. He opens the door and watches as Bella sets his brother gently on the bed before propping his legs up and fixing pillows around him to increase his comfort.

"So how about that apology?" She smirks at Emmett who looks at her shocked still before his laughter begins. Edward watches as the easy conversation between the two morphs and changes into one about baseball, books, late night television infomercials, and general everyday nonsense. Edward had a feeling that it was going to be a long day, and one he wasn't sure he wanted to end.