The Journey

July 2, 1013—Gettysburg

Joshua L. Chamberlain was tired. He had been making this journey every year on the anniversary of the Battle of Little Round Top and he knew this was the last time he would make the journey. As he reached the top of the hill from which he led the famous bayonet charge all those years ago he couldn't keep his mind off of the good men that he lost on that blood day, especially Buster.

"We're proud of you Colonel. You did the army proud" Chamberlain looked toward the voice and saw the ghostly figure of Buster standing beside him overlooking the battlefield.

"Buster, how is this possible?" he asks in bewilderment. Suddenly all of the men of the 20th Maine regiment that were lost during the battle appeared behind Buster and saluted Chamberlain.

"Colonel, there is another war brewing on the horizon and it will be worse than the one we fought in. The whole world will be dragged into this new type of war. There will be new types of weapons used and invented."

"Why am I being told this? Will I live to witness it? Will it come to this country? I've witnessed enough wars to last an eternity. Let it end." Chamberlain stated sadly. "I don't think I have that much longer on this earth, this is my last journey up this hill."

"You're right about that, Colonel. But I'm not able to answer the rest of your questions. I was just allowed enough time to tell you what was coming in the near future. You went on with your life after the war and made a difference in the country. You'll be remembered as a hero of Gettysburg." Buster said before disappearing.

After that encounter Chamberlain stood on the hilltop thinking about all that Buster had said. There had been troubling reports out of Europe but nothing serious. Chamberlain had served as governor and done his best to do the right thing for his state and the nation. He felt that he had lived a full and complete life. After walking back down the hill he returned to his home where his family was. Within the year Joshua L. Chamberlain had passed away and a war of epic scale had started in Europe. Three years later America was involved in the war called The Great War, which history will remember as World War One.