Hello again my darlings! After brainstorming a lot at 1 am last night, I came up with a good idea for a Bleach fic. I already knew that it was gonna be yaoi, it was gonna be mpreg, it was gonna be long, and it was gonna have Ichigo in it. The pairing was either gonna be HitsuIchi or IchiHichi. So after much thought, I came up with something. It was gonna be a classic HitsuIchi high school mpreg. I have the plot all laid out and everything. I knew I should sit down and think about it first because the last time I sat down to think of a plot, I came up with the wonderful Code Geass Suzalulu story known as "Fortune of Love"! Now I shall begin our great story! For the first time I am gonna make an entire story in first person. It's gonna switch off from Hitsugaya's pov to Ichigo's pov from time to time. I really hope you enjoy it! I'm putting off my other five fics to start this one up. I'm half way through my second chapter for my Gurren Lagann SimonxRossiu story "Bashful Boy to School Slut". I think I'm just putting off writing the lemon in it! Anyway, let's get this started! Oh, yuki-hime! I need you to tell them the disclaimer!

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Hitsugaya: It's Cap-ah who am I kidding? She ain't gonna stop calling me that.

Baby Strawberry Snowflakes

Hitsugaya's POV

Ugh, I can't believe I was jumped into the Seniors class filled with such imbeciles. They couldn't just pass me? Am I not smart enough? This is insane. I'm Toshiro Hitsugaya for god's sake. I should be in frikin college right now! Not in some pathetic class with a bunch of seniors. I finally found my classroom for my first block and walked in. A bunch of heads turned and mixed emotions were spread across the room, some were shocked at my youthfulness, some laughed at my apparently short stature, and some just had a blank look on their face as if they didn't care. The teacher welcomed me with a nod and pointed me to my seat. It was right behind this weird orange haired boy who looked to be about seventeen or so. Me being my fourteen year old short self was surely gonna have trouble looking past this tall boy and had to take notes by listening instead of copying them off the board. The boy turned around and gave me a friendly smile.

"Hi, I'm Ichigo Kurosaki. I'm guessing you skipped a few grades." He seemed confident although his redhead friend with his hair in a ponytail seemed to be forcing himself not to laugh. Very strange.

"My name is Toshiro Hitsugaya. And yes, I have skipped four grades. It seemed to take the Board of Educators a few months to see that I was too smart for middle school."

Ichigo smiled, "Is that so? Well it's nice to meet you. It's gonna be much better with you around."

"Thank you. I'm very glad to hear you say that. It's been a pleasure getting to know you Ichigo." I grinned. I guess not all the seniors are bad. He was actually kinda handsome. Yes, I'm bisexual. Laugh while you can. He probably doesn't think the same anyway.

Ichigo's POV

Renji snickered at me, "God, Ichigo. You were right, he is a loser."

I shrugged, "Well, maybe not. He didn't seem that bad. At least he isn't a little nerdy know-it-all like Uryu."

Renji glanced over to said Quincy who was frantically writing down notes. I all of the sudden heard Hichigo in my head.

So, you've finally found a real human being to hang out with? I'm glad to see you're moving on, King.

Well, like I said, Hichigo. Me being in love with my own hollow was just wrong. I had fun hanging out with you a lot but I'm a senior now and I'm looking for people who don't look like me.

But I can tell you're still interested in the white type.

What are you talking about?

I'm inside your head, King. I can sense your emotions. Your seriously crushing on that little white-haired boy sitting behind you.

Hichigo, how can you even think that way? He looks like he's fourteen! I'm seventeen. Three years is a big age difference. Isn't that like pedophilia or something?

Not necessarily. Three years isn't that bad actually. Now if it was something like six years, then there would be a problem. And besides, I've talked toHyorinmaru and she seems just fine with it. In fact, she told me that Toshiro feels the same way.

Who is Hyor- wait, he does?

Yeah. He's bisexual, believe it or not. So, when are you gonna make your move?

I'm not making a move. For god's sakes, I only know his name!

Well that's a good start. Sit with him at lunch and talk to him more. Who knows? Maybe by the end of the year, you can take him to the school dance!

School dance?! Are you insane?

Partly, yeah.

Ugh, talking with my hollow is so aggravating.

I heard that, King.

Shut up! Go away!

Finally, now that I have some piece and quiet, I can pay attention to the lesson. God, how much harder can trig get?

You could get Toshiro to help you.

Goddammit! Shut the hell up! I can't concentrate with you always interrupting my thoughts! Go pester Zangetsu!

But I am-


I could tell Renji was confused. He was looking at me weirdly.

"Hey Ichigo, you okay? You've been staring in space for the past like 10 minutes. You aren't thinking about Toshiro are you?" he grinned.

I vigorously shook my head, "What?! Hell no. He's too young for me."

Renji scratched his face, "Hmm, yeah that's true. I doubt he's gay though. Like you."

"Shut up! I told you I'm bi! You are too!"

"Yeah I know. That's why we dated last year." Renji lifted an eyebrow at me.

The bell rang like an angel's chorus to me. Finally, I can get some time alone at my locker. I got up with my books and walked outside the classroom. To my relief Toshiro's locker was the other way.

Hitsugaya's POV

I walked over to my new locker and after a few tries was able to get the lock open. I heard Hyorinmaru talking in my head.


Ugh, yes Hyorinmaru?

That boy who sat in front of you. You like him don't you?

Hyorinmaru, I don't think that's any of your business.

But it is my business. I'm part of you, remember? I know and feel your emotions. Plus I got to talk to his hollow a little bit.

He has a hollow?

Yes, but don't be alarmed my kit. His hollow is quite tame. It seems Ichigo has been able to take control over it.

Okay then, what did the hollow say?

He mentioned that Ichigo is feeling some emotion toward you as well as you are him.

So he's bisexual? Or is he fully gay?

He's bi. To my surprise, Ichigo used to be in love with his hollow a few years ago.

Ew, really?

That's right. But Ichigo soon came to his senses and decided to date other people. He's not in any close relationship right now. Just some friends. According to his hollow, Ichigo is into the "white type" I suppose.

The white type? So that means…

Apparently you are the white type.

Just because I have white hair?

I guess so.

Well, I appreciate the talk, Hyorinmaru but I have to get to my next class.

Do well my kit.

Thank you.

I walked into the next class which was English. I sat in a desk near a window that was free. Not everyone had come in yet so I had some piece and quiet. Unfortunately, that came to an end when Ichigo sat down in the desk beside me. Karma can be such a bitch can't it?

Ichigo seemed quite happy to see me, "Toshiro, your sitting here? I guess that's okay."

"Well it was one of the few seats available to me. I just prefer to look out the window."

"Oh okay, that's cool. So do you have any family?"

I sighed, he wasn't gonna shut up anytime soon, "Not really, I have an adopted sister named Rangiku. But that's about it. She and I live in an apartment."

"So, you don't have a girlfriend?"

"Why that would count as family, I don't know, but no I am in no sexual relationships right now." I could tell he was trying to find out more about me. Maybe he does like me.

"Are you a virgin?"

"I'm sorry, is this an interrogation?" I got pissed at his rather personal question.

Ichigo shrugged, "I was just wondering. Cuz I'm not."

I rolled my eyes, "Well that's interesting, but if you must know, I am still a virgin. And hopefully I will stay a virgin until I am at least sixteen."

"I know a girl that had lost her virginity when she was fourteen and a year later she dropped out of school."


"Cuz, she got pregnant and had to drop out to take care of it." (Stay in school kids!)

Right when I was about to say something, the teacher came in and we had to start class. Thankfully, we never got another chance to talk for the rest of class.

Ichigo's POV

After the bell rung I put my stuff in my locker and headed to the cafeteria. I met up with Toshiro in the lunch line.

"Hey Toshiro, what's up?"

"Nothing, I'm just getting my lunch."

I chuckled nervously. God I'm such an idiot, "Of course. Since we are in the lunchroom right?"

Toshiro slowly nodded. I decided to keep to myself until we got to a table. Once we sat down Toshiro immediately started talking to me.

"Okay, now it's my turn to interrogate you."

It was obvious he meant business. Though he looked so cute talking, "Uh…okay."

"Do you have any family?"

"Yeah, I have an retard for a dad and two younger sisters."

Toshiro took a bite of his food, "Really. So, I have another more personal question. Are you a soul reaper?"

I dropped my fork, "What?"

"It's okay if you are. I mean, I was just curious."

I hesitated a little, "Kinda, I'm a substitute soul reaper. I'm actually a human."

Toshiro nodded, "I see. I happen to be Captain Hitsugaya of Squad 10."

I mentally kicked myself. I knew that name sounded familiar! I just couldn't think of it! He's a captain! Now I'm positive I'll never get him, "But you still go to school?"

"Yes, I need to have a high school and college degree so I can fully become captain. I'm the captain but it's not completely official yet. So you are the sub soul reaper I've heard such great things about."

Great things? I've done great things?

Toshiro smiled a cute smile, "I must say I'm thoroughly impressed with all the good things I've been told about you. Quite outstanding."

Impressed? Was he flirting with me? Well at least he wasn't one of those cheap guys who try to get a girl with cheesy pick up lines like, 'you must be a broom because you sweep me off my feet' or 'if you were homework I would get on the desk and do you' and some other creepy shit.

Hitsugaya's POV

Finally lunch was over and I was able to go through my day without any more problems. Ichigo and I seem to be getting along really well. I think he really does like me a lot. Maybe this could work out after all. When I finally got home, Rangiku greeted me with a hug and giant boobs in my face.

"Hi, Toshiro! How was your first day at your new school? Was it fun? Did you meet any cool girls or guys? Oh, you just hafta tell me all about it!"

I sighed, "If you must know, I have made a friend named Ichigo."

She jumped up and down, "Ichigo! He's a boy ain't he? Are you in love with him?"

Rangiku must have been drinking again or she wouldn't be so bubbly and hyper, "Yes he's a boy. And I don't know if I love him or not. And have you been drinking?"

She just waved her hand at me and ran off into the other room. Probably where she was drinking earlier.

The next day was pretty normal. Except today we had Phys Ed. Luckily it was free time. Free time normally meant the preppy girls would get in a corner and talk about the Jonas Bros and Edward Cullen, all the stoners and druggies would go hide and smoke pot, the nerds would sit on the bleachers and do homework or extra credit, the art freaks would go and draw, all the punky gothic emos would talk about the next horror movie and listen to music, and all the normal people would play basketball or soccer or football. I didn't really fall in any of those categories. Sure I was smart, but I wasn't some loser acne faced geek. I decided to go where Ichigo went. And that was with the anime and manga people who were watching a Code Geass episode on one of the people's ipod. They seemed to be talking about whether Lelouch had a better evil laugh or Light Yagami from Death Note.

One of the girls spoke up, she had blonde pigtails and freckles, "Well, I think Lelouch has a better laugh because Light's just creeps me out too much. He's just some insane creepy guy who has the hots L."

A guy with a hat and a straight bowl haircut protested, "What?! Are you insane, Hiyori? I agree Light is gay but he seriously is more in love with Ryuk than L."

The girl named Hiyori fought back, "Ryuk?! That's just gross, Shinji! A shinigami and a human are too fucked up to be together."

Ichigo nodded, "I agree with Hiyori. L and Light should be together. They just fit."

This conversation just took a turn to what Death Note yaoi couple is better. This is freaky.

Ichigo continued, "The best couple though, is Mello and Matt."

"I totally agree!" the guy Shinji stated, "They obviously love each other."

"Isn't Mello just the cutest guy in Death Note?" An attractive brunette girl with red tips in her hair added, "Raise your hand if you find Mello before or after his scar, attractive."

To my surprise, a lot of the girls and even a few guys raised their hands. Apparently this Mello was pretty interesting.

Ichigo chuckled, "Interesting point, Kathryn."

"Why thank you, Ichigo." The girl called Kathryn smiled, "But I gotta wonder, what about Mello and Near? It's obvious they like each other."

Hiyori seemed to agree, "Maybe the Mello, Matt, and Near could be a pairing."

A male brunette scoffed. A few set of eyes turned to him. Shinji titled his head, "I'm sorry Michael, do you wanna add something?"

Michael shrugged, "It's nothing, but I just thought them and a threesome wouldn't pan out too well."

Kathryn shoved him playfully, "Must you always complain?"

I tuned the rest of the conversation out for the last 10 minutes of class. Ichigo offered to walk me home after school. He talked to me about some of his friends in the little anime/manga group.

"Yeah, we have fun a lot. Sometimes we go out to a bar and just drink some and dance." Ichigo chuckled.

I looked up at him, "They seem to all be like couples or something."

Ichigo looked at me weirdly, "What do you mean?"

"It just seems like, Hiyori goes out with Shinji and Kathryn goes out with Michael."

He smiled at me, "No way, Hiyori and Shinji act too aggressive toward each other to go out. We worry that if they are in a room alone together for too long, that one would kill the other. There have been some rumors about Michael and Kathryn but they always deny it. They get pretty pissed when someone asks them though. Why would you ask?"

"Just thinking."

Ichigo's POV

I was a little confused about Toshiro's relationship questions about my friends. It was kinda weird. But I was just glad I was with him, "Hey Toshiro."

He stopped and looked at me, "What is it Ichigo?"

I did the daring thing and hugged him, "Thanks for being such a good friend to me."

"Uhm…your welcome I guess."

When we broke apart, I probably did the one thing that changed my life forever, "Y'know Toshiro, my friends and I are going to the club this Saturday to celebrate Christmas since now we are out for Winter Break. Wanna come?"

Toshiro paused which got me a bit worried, "I guess so. Sure. That'd be cool."

I nodded and did the most unbelievable thing, I kissed him. I leaned down and pressed my lips against his. They were cold but soft and smooth. And was it just me, or did he meet me half way? When we broke apart staring at each other, snow began to fall. We both looked up at the clouded sky and saw the snowflakes falling. Our eyes met again in a sense of awkwardness.

Toshiro looked bewildered as he touched his lips, "Uh…see ya later."

I watched him run off and smiled as I turned around and headed for my house.

Hitsugaya's POV

I started running as fast as I could. He kissed me! He frikin kissed me! And it felt so good. I was almost positive that I was as red as his hair. It was gonna be real interesting when I see him again this Saturday. Saturday…that's only four days away!

YAY! That's the longest chapter I've ever written! Over 3000 words! This had better be good! I had to sit for ten minutes to think of the title. And Michael and Kathryn are two people I thought up to be Ichigo's friends besides Hiyori and Shinji. And I made Hyorinmaru a female since I don't know whether it's a he or a she. She calls him 'her kit'. Isn't that the cutest? I made Rangiku drunk in this chapter since in every fic I read with her in it, she is always drunk at one time in the story. So I really hope you people like it. PLEASE REVIEW! I would like at least 5 before I post another chapter!