Hello once again. I am about to cry for three reasons. One, I just finished reading the latest chapter of Kuroshitsuji that is extremely sad. Two, this is the final chapter for this story. And three, you will find out in a minute. Can you believe it's over? There will be the sequel, but this is the end of Baby Strawberry Snowflakes.

I also will be going to Animazement '10 coming this May with Caleb. I'm going as Leafeon on Friday, GLaDOS on Saturday, and Sunday is still in question.

As an honor to the end of this, let me tell you a bit on how this was thought up. I was sitting in the computer chair, spinning around while thinking. My parents and my brother were about to go to a baseball game. I stayed behind because last time I went I met my stalker. We won't go into details. Anyway, I had thought about the plot and everything the previous night. I was at the computer and just realized I never thought up a title. So about ten minutes of crucial thinking later, I came up with Strawberry Snowflakes. Strawberry represented Ichigo and Snowflakes represented Toshiro. But I felt as if something was missing. Since it was an mpreg, I decided to add 'Baby' to it. And thus, the masterpiece you are reading now was created.

This final chapter is in memory of my best friend in the world, Michael Harrington, who I just recently found out had died at war. That was the third reason. He was the one who stuck by whenever I needed it. I miss him so much.

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Baby Strawberry Snowflakes

Epilogue (1 year later)

Toshiro's POV

Everything turned out alright after all. Gin, Izuru, and their son are able to go to Hueco Mundo and come back here as they please. I sat at my desk and looked out the window at the sunlight. It seems like peace has been restored once more to the Soul Society.

5 months after Luna and Nana were born, Yumichika gave birth via C-Section to his triplets. He named them Josephina, Sapphire, and William. The two girls have the raven hair of their mother and the boy at first didn't have any hair. Not like that was surprising, but soon enough he started to grow little blond locks. Some people wonder if that was Ikkaku's hair color before he lost his hair. But no one has wanted to ask as they treasure their life too much.

Nana has already started walking and has a good vocabulary. Luna is still a bit wobbly but is getting there as she tries. Ichigo and I are incredibly proud of our children. We wouldn't give them up for the world.

Blayne is a year and a half old and already is showing a mischievous side. Everyone can see that he will be a troublemaker as he gets older. That much is clear. However Gin and Izuru don't seem to be doing much about it. I don't mind much as long as he doesn't mess with my things.

As of late, I have noticed my desk as become more cluttered. Luna is quite attached to me as Nana is to Ichigo. I would be working and Luna would appear out of nowhere. I'd see her and she would hold up her arms without saying a word. I'll pick her up and set her on my lap. Within minutes, she'd be playing with things on my desk and making a mess.

Parenthood for Soul Reapers is an interesting study in itself.

Neliel's POV

With Aizen dead and Tosen disposed of, Las Noches was at peace. Ichimaru-sama came by with his family every once in a while and other than that we have been running the palace ourselves.

I walked down the halls which had been repainted from white to red and black. I really liked how everything turned out. We get to do what we want and we threw out all the tea we were so sick of drinking. So later on, Ichimaru-sama had come by and given us so alcohol instead. It took us a while to get used to but we mostly drink wine and such.

And with not much to do, we've taken the liberty of getting to know each other better. Everyone has become really good friends. I breathed in the clean air and sighed. Nothing could get better than this.

Yumichika's POV

Now that we had the triplets with us, things have been quite chaotic. With Ikkaku being the third seat, he was being called to missions more often. I was still on maternity leave so I couldn't go anywhere.

William looks kinda like Ikkaku. He's got the eyes and the blonde hair he had long long ago when he had hair. That was back even before I first met him.

Sapphire takes mostly after me. She just has that charm I do. Plus she has sparkly blue eyes, hence the name.

Josephina is the youngest and definitely the neediest. I slightly envy her hair. Although it's just like mine.

The only thing that I didn't like about the pregnancy was being so fat. I became as big as a house and stayed inside the last 3 months out of pure shame and embarrassment. The only other thing is the repulsive scar that is disgracing my abdomen that came from the surgery. Those three have no idea what they are getting themselves into being raised in the 11th division. But that just means they'll grow up strong.

Ichigo's POV

A lot has happened in the past couple years. I met the love of my life, had two adorable daughters, and started a new life with amazing friends. In the end, I wouldn't take any of it back. My life was perfect and I wouldn't have it any other way. Toshiro walked in just then.

I smiled at him, "Hey you." I walked over and kissed him quickly, "How are you holding up?"

Toshiro nodded, "Pretty fair."

"I'm glad." I replied, "I care about you a lot Toshiro. I love you."

He smiled too, "I know. I love you too."

"Then," I bent down on one knee, "Will you marry me, Toshiro Hitsugaya?"

Toshiro gasped at the question but soon burst into tears and hugged me, "Yes, Ichigo. Yes I will."

I drew back from the hug with tears streaming down my face too, "You've just made me the happiest person in the Soul Society. Because…"

Yumichika's POV

William started crying for attention. Cradling William in my arms, I sighed contently, "…it's Your Heart…"

Neliel's POV

I opened the large doors leading outside. I bent down and let sand sift through my fingers, "…My Life…"

Ichigo's POV

"…Our Soul." I said before I leaned in and capturing Toshiro's lips in mine.

And that's the end. Do you know what the sequel's name is gonna be? If you didn't catch it, it's "Your Heart, My Life, Our Soul." It was voted the most out of them all. I am on the brink of tears right now. As most of you don't know, my life isn't going very well at the moment. My family is going through a lot of financial problems and they've just decided to pull the plug on my competition, my opportunity to get into the Performing Arts, in order to save money. I am not asking for donations or anything. My family will get through this. Just keep us in mind for a while. I allowed them to call it off, but after everything that's happened, life isn't at its best.

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