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I knew that I would have to leave sometime. The castle was suffocating me. I mean, I enjoyed living with my father, but, I just had to do it.

My name is Isabella Marie Volturi. My father is Aro Volturi. My mother is Sulpicia. And we are vampires.

I have been thinking about running away from the castle for a while now, but today, I actually did it. The reason for doing it is because my father never let's me leave the castle. Not for anything. He has our food (humans) bought into the castle. This is the way we all feed. I don't like it all that much, though. It just feels wrong.

Heidi is the only one that has known about my thinking of running away. She tried to convince me otherwise at first, but then she finally realized how I felt. I wouldn't dare tell anyone else.

Felix would probably accidentally joke about it in front of father, Caius would immediately be the good soldier and tell father, I don't really trust Marcus all that much for some reason, and Janeā€¦I know that I can't tell her.

She has always been jealous of me because father pays more attention to me than her. But anyway, I finally gathered up all of my courage and ran away.

I just hope that all goes well and that father and mother won't be too mad at me.


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