Okay, this song was literally released yesterday, and I heard it on the radio, and I was like, WOW! This is a really great song, so I taped it so that I could get the lyrics, because the second thing I thought was WOW! this would make a really good fanfic! (How sad am I??) It's a good thing I don't have anything to do at work today. tee hee.

"Let Me Down Easy*"

He watched her walk into the coffeehouse, and sit down casually. He knew that she had no idea what she did to him. She was oblivious to him, to his feelings, at least. She brushed a stray hair from her forehead, and in one, graceful motion, tucked the stray whisp behind her ear. He was staring. He knew he was staring, but he couldn't help himself. She was so beautiful. She glanced up, and for a brief moment, their eyes met. She smiled warmly, and he felt his heart melt.

You smile, then turn away
I've been thinking of what I should say
Oh, last night, I stayed up dreaming
I look at you
I'm just a guy
I know my place, but still I'll try

He saw a man enter the coffeehouse, and sit down next to her. He said something, she laughed and touched his arm. He wished that he could be that man. He wanted so much to make her see that he was all that she needed.

You must be tired of people asking
But I'm still asking
Oh, please let me down, easy
Please just let me down, easy
Don't you hear my heart is calling
You don't know how hard I've fallen
For you

He knew he didn't have a chance, but he had to try. How awful would he feel if he never even tried? She smiled, and looked his way, and he wondered what she was thinking. He worked up his courage, and made his way toward her, his heart on his sleeve, and his mind in a whirl.

Another day, you're passing by
Today's the day I'm gonna try
You don't know how much I'm hoping
How I'm hoping
Oh, Please let me down, easy
Please just let me down, easy
Can't you hear my heart is calling
You don't know how far I've fallen
For you

It was now or never. The man she was with had gotten up to use the phone. She was alone on the tattered orange sofa, sipping her coffee, and making his heart melt. He would give her the world, if she asked. He would die for her, if need be. All he saw was her. All he'd wanted, for years was her. He watched her every day, and he knew that they were meant to be. But he was sure she didn't feel the same. He had to know. Today. He was going to ask...

If you told me
To follow
You know I'd fly for you
I may fall
But I will try
So please let me down easy
Please just let me down, easy
Just let me down, easy

He looked at her, as she turned and lifted her head. She looked at him, her eyes dancing. A warm smile pursed her lips, and he knew that it was the time. He smiled, and opened his mouth to speak, but nothing came out. Before he could reveal his heart, before he could prepare himself for certain rejection, she spoke, her voice like an angel's song.

"Gunther, can I get some more coffee?"


yep, it's short, and it only took me 15 minutes to write (can ya tell?) crap, now i have nothing to do, LOL.
only 7 more hours till my vacation, baybee!!
uh, i was originally planning to make it a Chandler/Monica fic, but it wasn't working. but the song is fantastic, and if you hear it, turn it up!

*"Let Me Down Easy", words and music by Chris Isaak.
You'll be able to hear it soon at http://www.chrisisaak.com