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Hermione Granger had a massive secret. She wasn't Hermione Jane Granger, but Hermione Leona Clarus-Phillips, which means Pure horse lover. Not only this, but she held another secret. She was the princess of an old herd of unicorns that dwelled within the Forbidden Forest. The legend surrounding the herd was that they were once witches and wizards that disagreed with a powerful wizard, so he had made them unicorns. But they could easily turn from unicorn to human. Each unicorn was a natural animagus, being able to turn into another animal from birth. Hermione's was a lioness to match her strong nature. To add to this, all of unicorns had been educated at Hogwarts and were all purebloods. Occasionally, a half-blood or Muggleborn was brought into the herd, but it was rare. Each Unicorn had a soul mate and that soul mate, once united with the Unicorn, could turn into a unicorn and join the herd. The soul mate was revealed during a ceremony before the end of the summer before seventh year.

Hermione roared and leapt over a branch as she chased an elegant Siamese cat through the forest. With a growl, she launched herself into the air and pinned the cat under one of her large paws. The cat turned into a fair haired girl with bright blue eyes. She laughed and shoved Hermione's paw off her chest. "Okay, okay! You win!" She laughed. Hermione sat back on her haunches and turned back into a human. "I told you, didn't I?" She grinned. The two girls laughed some more before a unicorn arrived beside them. The unicorn turned into a beautiful woman with warm chocolate eyes and soft black hair. "Hermione, there you are." She sighed in relief. "Sorry mum, me and Luna were just playing." She grinned. Luna Lovegood rose to her feet and bowed slightly. "Your majesty." She whispered in her dreamy voice. The woman laughed. "How many times must I tell you to call me Carissa? You're Mione's friend, therefore are allowed to call me that." She grinned. Luna laughed lightly. "Okay, Carissa." The two women smiled at each other. "Any way, Luna your father is looking for you. It's time for your ceremony. Come on you two, race you back!" Carissa cried, turning into a unicorn and galloping off. The two girls smiled at each other, before assuming their own unicorn forms and following her.

Hermione and Luna stood in the middle of a circle of unicorns in their own unicorn forms, flowers weaved into their manes. A stunning white unicorn stallion stepped forward, on his head a crown of purest gold. 'Welcome my herd. Today, the day before the return to Hogwarts, we honour our tradition. Today these four stunning unicorns will learn who their soul mates are. I call forth, Luna Lovegood.' The unicorn said, his voice echoing in every unicorn in the herd's head. Luna stepped forward and bowed, the moon falling onto her silvery coat. The king began to chant and the place above Luna's heart glowed. Words formed in the air in front of her. 'Ron Weasley is your soul mate, Luna. May you go forth and unite with him, become whole.' He ordered. Luna dipped her head and backed into the circle beside her father. The same was repeated with the other two. The king looked down at Hermione and his eyes twinkled in the moonlight.

'Hermione, princess of unicorns and my daughter, step forward.' King Aaron demanded. Hermione stepped forward and her father chanted the spell. A light glowed from her heart and words formed in the air. 'NO!' Hermione's voice yelled in the herd's heads. 'It can't be right. Father, tell me this is wrong. Please!' She begged her eyes wide in horror. Aaron bowed his head. 'I'm sorry, the ceremony is never wrong.' He sighed. He raised his head. 'Draco Malfoy is your soul mate, Hermione. May you go forth and unite with him, become whole.'

Hermione's heart broke and she turned into her human form. Her parents and the herd turned as well. Aaron ran a hand through his wavy honey brown hair, his soft blue eyes troubled. Carissa ran forward and gathered her daughter into her arms as she cried. "My grandfather foretold this union." Came a soft voice. The herd turned to see a young female centaur standing there. She approached Hermione and knelt down. "Mione, I'm so sorry. I've been friends with you since we were kids; I know how much you hate him." She whispered. Hermione looked at her sadly. "It's okay, Fern. Why did he foretell it?" She asked. Fern shrugged. "Whenever I asked he always told me it was not his prophesy to predict, that it was destined for another." She sighed. Hermione smiled weakly. "I suppose I can't ignore him then?" She asked hopefully. "Afraid not. If there is to be a prophesy about you, then no. Plus, your love could be important." Fern replied. "Very well. You'd better go; your dad will be looking for you. Firenze was worried last time you were back late." Hermione told her friend, hugging her before she galloped off into the forest. Hermione shut her eyes. A Prophesy was to be told of her love for her enemy, she couldn't run from this, no matter how much she wanted to. In Hermione's point of view, she was doomed.

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