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Itachi looked through an old dusty window to a large home that dwelled in the Uchiha compound. He could see a small figure curled up in a mess of covers on a double sized bed sleeping comfortably. With a sigh he gently pushed the window open and scurried inside. Just as before he closed the window carefully and walked to the small ball of a person.

A mop of black hair could be seen from over the covers and relaxed, unlabored, breaths could be heard periodically. Silently Itachi pulled the covers back slightly so he could get a view of a small face. His brother looked so peaceful, just as he always did when Itachi came to check on him and make sure he was okay.

He wished that he could look into Sauske's eyes and Sauske would see the loving brother he had once had. Itachi supposed that was his own undoing; however the killing of his clan was for the young Uchiha's own protection. If Itachi was to say that he loved Sasuke then he would surely be killed. But if everyone thought that Itachi hated his younger brother then their lives would continue as normal…or somewhat normal.

Itachi could see the hate in Sauske, and the evil that was accumulating. He did not want Sasuke to become evil as he had…he wanted Sasuke to be happy and live a normal life.

Gently the older Uchiha took a strand of Sasuke's hair in between his fingers.

I will make it up to you, Sauske, Itachi thought determinedly, you will have a second chance.

With a small smile he gently kissed the top of Sasuke's head and walked back to the window. Reaching into his pocket he pulled out a small piece of paper. Quickly he stuck it onto the inside of the window and jumped out, in a white puff of smoke Itachi realized the seal had been activated

Maybe not now, he mused running amongst the building rooftops, maybe not ever but you will thank me for this.

There was now just one more stop that had to be made before Itachi could disappear from the Hidden Leaf Village, and that was at Kakashi Hatake's apartment. Despite the fact that Kakashi would no doubt want to kill him he knew that it was this Junín that loved Sasuke dearly. Itachi knew that Kakashi would take care of Sasuke and give him what he never could.

The Copy Ninja's home came into view and very gingerly he landed on the front door step. He coughed in his throat, as if mentally preparing what he was going to say. It was only now that he realized that there was really no easy way to say this, but it had to be done.

With pursed lips Itachi banged his fist on the front door. He had a shuriken up his sleeve just in case it did get violent but he, desperately, hoped he would not need to resort to using it.

"What do you want…" came a snarled, grumpy, reply.

"I am here to talk about Sauske Uchiha."

Muffling his voice was very difficult considering it was deep already, but he supposed it did the job considering Kakashi had opened the door.

"What about- ITACHI!"

Still tired it was no problem knocking Kakashi unconscious and dragging him back into the house. Tentatively he laid Kakashi onto the sofa but not before tying him up so he would not be able to attack him while he spoke.

It took a couple of minutes but Kakashi eventually came too.

"Scream and I will kill Sasuke." He whispered dangerously.

Kakashi headed the warning and kept his tone low, but deadly.

"What have you done to Sasuke…where is he?" he ground out.

"Sasuke is fine, I will not harm him." Itachi said smoothly. "I have a favor to ask of you-"

"Bite me." Kakashi spat.

"Shut up," Itachi snarled, "Sasuke is losing the battle between good and evil-"

"He can still win…I will see to that-"

"You can't because the damage has been done and there is nothing more anyone can do," Itachi said, feeling somewhat guilty, "but I have changed that."

"Wha-…what did you do?" the Copy Ninja asked fearful.

"That will be discovered in the morning, but only in the morning," Itachi warned, "if you go to the Uchiha compound tonight I will kill him."

Kakashi nodded in compliance.

"What I want from you is," Itachi's face softened considerably, "I want you to care for him…the way I should have."


"You cannot tell him that I have come, nor can you tell him that it was my doing-

"What did you do?!" Kakashi pleaded.

Itachi stared, it was clear that he had made a good decision. And a smile played on his lips.

"He will thank me later," the eldest Uchiha whispered, "as will you."

"If you won't tell me what happened," Kakashi bargained, "can you at least tell me if he is hurt?"

"Sasuke-chun is fine." Itachi stood from where he was sitting. "I am going to untie you; if you attack me Sasuke will die. Do you understand?"

Through gritted teeth and fairly pursed lips Kakashi nodded.


Instantly after Itachi had spoken the ropes disappeared and Kakashi could move once more.

"Why are you doing this?" he asked.

At the door Itachi smiled and looked back. Kakashi froze, how alike Sasuke and his brother looked.

"Sasuke deserves a second chance." He sighed. "He deserves better then this life."

Kakashi stared in wonder as Itachi disappeared in a puff of smoke. He didn't know whether or not he should go and check on Sasuke himself, but something told him that Itachi was not making idle threats and that if he did leave to go and check on him the young ninja would be killed.

Uncertain of what to do Kakashi went back upstairs to bed and crawled back into the covers. He would never understand Itachi Uchiha and why he did not kill Sasuke and everyone else in his family. What type of hatred did that man have that would make him so lethal.

Now that this had happened there was no way in nine hells Kakashi would be able to go back to sleep. His thoughts were going to torture him until morning when he could go and see Sasuke.

Itachi Uchiha, he thought spitefully, if that boy is dead I will hunt you down and kill you myself.

Morning came as if often does and the buttery sunlight filled Sasuke's room even with the dusty windows. Sasuke however was not in the mood to get up yet. His head ached and his stomach continued to turn uncomfortably.

How am I supposed to train, he thought weakly, if I can't even get up without feeling like I'm going to puke?

Well that had settled it; Sasuke would just remain in bed today. It wasn't like he had made a habit out of missing training sessions; and he really did feel awful.

Kakashi did not sleep all night and morning did not come early enough. He had gone to retrieve his team, and this time he was actually there promptly when he had said he would be.

"Kakashi-Sensei?" Naruto exclaimed. "You're actually here?"

"We have to go to the Uchiha compound…NOW!" he spat.

"What…why?" Sakura asked concerned. "Has something happened to Sasuke?"

Kakashi did not answer but began to run at full speed and seeing that as their cue, Naruto and Sakura followed closely behind.

They ran and ran not stopping to catch their breath until he was right at the front door of Sasuke's home.

"Ka-Kakashi Sensei." Naruto gasped. "What...what has happened?"

Kakashi shrugged his shoulders.

"I don't know." He said banging his fist on the door.

At first there was not answer and when Kakashi tried again there was still no answer. Sighing rather irritably he looked for another way to gain entry. He ran to the other side of the home and found a large window facing him. He ran up the side of a tree that was closest to the window pain and once there he pushed the glass open.

He jumped inside shortly being mimicked by Naruto and Sakura then raced to Sasuke's side.

"Sasuke!" he yelled shaking the form in the bed.

"Ugh…go away." He moaned.

Kakashi almost laughed in joy that Sasuke was snapping at him. He shook Sasuke again, this time to just hear him yell.

"Stop!" the Uchiha spat vehemently.

"No, c'mon Sasuke," Kakashi said, "it's time for training."

Sasuke ignored his Sensei further and turned on his side away from the annoying Junín. He buried his face farther into the blankets and yawned.

"Fine," Kakashi grumbled, "We'll do it your way."

Without a second thought or argument Kakashi flipped Sasuke's mattress sending him flying onto the floor in a pile of blankets and pillows.

"KAKASHI!" Sasuke spat.

Naruto landed on the hard wood floor laughing hysterically, with tears rolling down his cheeks.

"Woo Hoo…you go Kakashi- Sensei!" he cheered.

Sakura glared coldly at Naruto but could not help but smile slightly.

"Fine." Sasuke grumbled childishly. "I'll get up."

Sasuke stood from the blankets and his team mates stared at him. Kakashi's eye's widened to the size of dinner plates and from underneath his mask his jaw had dropped.

"S-Sasuke?" Sakura stuttered.

"What?" Sasuke asked rolling his eyes.

"Wow." Naruto said in shock.

"WHAT?!" Sasuke spat throwing his arms into the air.

It was only when Sasuke saw the small digits did he understand why everyone had been looking at him as though his head had been floating above his body.


He ran out of the room and into the bathroom that was one door away. He looked at the sink counter only to find that it was about two feet too high. He climbed onto the toilet seat and then onto the counter top. His eyes met the mirror and what he saw mortified him.

"GAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!" he screeched!

Staring back at Sasuke was a four year old, or maybe a five year old…Sasuke could not tell. His big eyes scanned his now shrunken body in an oversized t-shirt.

How could this have happened? His mind reeled frantically. How could I have…have…


Kakashi came into the room and looked at Sasuke who was staring at the mirror in horror. He sighed, and leaned against the door frame.

So this was your surprise Itachi? He thought. How is this supposed to help Sasuke?

Sasuke looked at Kakashi pleading in those large black orbs for some type of comforting words.

"We'll go and talk to the Hokage, I am sure she can do something."

The little Uchiha nodded, feeling that that was the most sensible decision that could be made, and hopped off of the sink.

"First, I think Sasuke needs clothes," Kakashi said noticing the shirt Sasuke was wearing was close to falling off, "Sakura, could you run to a store and get Sasuke something more form fitting?"

"You got it Kakashi-Sensei!" Sakura said running off.

Naruto giggled.

"Why not just throw Sasuke's clothes in the dryer and let them shrink."

"Shut it Lowser." Sasuke spat irritably.

Kakashi grinned from underneath his mask, Sasuke was so adorable in this state, the Junín wasn't sure he had the heart to change him back.

"Lowser?" Naruto mocked. "I kinda like you like this!" he laughed.

Sasuke looked very upset, on the verge of tears as it happens. He watched as the little four/five year old before them bowed his head sadly and looked down at his bare feet.

"Naruto," Kakashi spat, "stop it."

Naruto did as he was told but continued to laugh under his breath. Never once had he seen Sasuke in such a state, it amused him greatly to see the coolest ninja confused.

When Sakura came back she had a large bag with clothes in it as well as underwear and such. Sasuke took the bag with him into the bathroom. Even though he was young he could still remember how to get dressed and tie his shoes and everything.

He opened the bag and pulled out a pair of white shorts that had two black stripes running down the left and right side of them. He slid them on and sighed.

Well at least Sakura has good taste in boy's clothes. He thought lightly.

Again Sasuke reached into the bag and pulled out another artifact of clothing. It was a t-shirt that matched his pants. Sighing he pulled it over his head and continued going through the bag. His hands passed several other materials of clothing but stopped when he felt something plush.

He pulled it out and saw that it was a toy. Sasuke scowled; leave it to Sakura to buy him something so foolish. And yet, Sasuke felt compelled to want it. He never really had a toy before…all of his childhood was spent training and trying to prove himself to a father that was always too busy.

Carefully Sasuke eyed the stuffed animal. He could tell it was a cat, and he was grateful that Sakura had also known what his favorite animal had been. Tenderly he stroked its soft, cream colored, ears and smiled.

Gah…what am I doing? He thought throwing the stupid thing back into the bag. I'm seventeen; toys are not for seventeen year olds!

He stared at the bag longingly though; he wanted to play with the kitten. Still Sasuke shook his head and carried the bag back outside to his bedroom.

"Tank you." He said softly.

"Awe," Sakura cooed, "anytime Sasuke."

"Okay, so now that you are dressed," Kakashi stated, "we can go to the Hokage."

Kakashi bent down and pulled Sasuke up into his arms, at first the Uchiha had half a mind to kick his Sensei where it would REALLY hurt; but he was comfortable up in Kakashi's arms, and it wouldn't be very nice to kick someone…especially there.

"Wait!" Sasuke shrieked.

Kakashi stopped abruptly and looked at the small boy in his arms.

"What, what's the matter?"

"I want my hweadband!" he spat. "I'm stwill a Leaf Ninja!"

"Sasuke," Kakashi began, "I do not think that is such a good idea-"

"Pwease," Sasuke pleaded, "I rweally want it…pwease!"

The Copy Ninja looked to see that Sasuke's lower lip was quivering slightly; he didn't think he could bear to see Sasuke cry.

"Okay," he complied, "Where is it?"

"On my dwesser." Sasuke said pointing with a little finger to his room.

"I'll get it Sasuke."Naruto said rushing off into the room.

When he came back he handed it to Sasuke who desperately try to tie it onto his head and wear it as he once had. But it was far too big now.

"Oh," Sasuke said bowing his head, "it won't fit." He whispered.

"Sasuke," Kakashi whispered, "don't worry about it."

But Sasuke did worry, he worried that if he was no longer useful to Kakashi that he would be forced to give up being a ninja and go back to living alone in the Compound. And maybe because he was five and thinking less sensibly it scared the living daylights out of him.

He buried his face in Kakashi's vest and pursed his lips so tight that he was certain the skin would tear. He could not cry, he was not five…he would NOT look weak in front of his team mates. He continued to hide his face in Kakashi's shirt when a couple stray voices reached his ears.

"Awe, look at how cute that little boy is," and, "he is so adorable…I did not know Kakashi had a son?"

Sasuke wished Kakashi had him as a son, at least then he would know he had a home to go to if this de-aged thing could not be fixed. He looked up for a brief moment into the sun lit sky and sighed. It was amazing how his life could crumble and everyone else's day continued with a beautiful blue sky.

Sasuke almost wished it would rain, at least then everyone could feel what he felt…depressed.

Kakashi proceeded down the street holding Sasuke protectively to him, he wasn't sure if this wasn't all Itachi had planned. He was prepared to fight if that scum came back around with his thug Kisame.

Apparently they would not be attacked today, the walk to the Hokage's office was uninterrupted by anyone. Enemies or friends, Kakashi supposed that was fortunate, he did not want to explain how Sasuke had gotten this way. Especially since Itachi had told him not to; Sasuke's life was too important to him to just dangle there because he had to tell the truth.

"So, how do we break this to Grandma Tsunade?" Naruto asked bluntly.

"I'll take care of Lady Tsunade." Kakashi corrected shrewdly.

He could not stand how Naruto referred to the Hokage as Grandma! It was highly disrespectful, but explaining respect to Naruto was like trying to talk to a brick wall…completely pointless.

They went into the Hokage's office to find Lady Tsunade reading a familiar orange book, noticing that she was no longer in the quiet of her office. She shoved the book into her desk drawer.

"T-Team Seven…" she said straightening up. "How can I help you?"

Kakashi stepped forward and tried to place Sasuke in front of the Hokage…but he would not let go!

"Sasuke," Kakashi said confused, "c'mon, let Lady Tsunade look at you!"

Sasuke shook his head; if he was five then he would act five. There was no WAY he would let the Hokage see him this way!

"She will be able to help you!" Kakashi pointed out.

That was until Kakashi made that very well placed point. Slowly Sasuke turned to face Lady Tsunade. The Hokage lost her stern look and smiled.

"AWE." She cooed. "He is so adorable…and…and this is Sasuke?!"

"Yes." Kakashi said setting Sasuke on the ground.

"I'm sworry." Sasuke apologized. "I didn't mean to turn into a kid."

Lady Tsunade's eyes shimmered as if she was in love. Sasuke was just so adorable that she could not stand it, and that small voice made her melt!

"Oh," she pulled Sasuke up, unable to resist, "I am sure this was not your fault."

Kakashi took Sasuke back and balance him on his hip.

"Do you think there is anyway to change him back?" Kakashi asked somewhat sadly.

"Um, I don't know," Lady Tsunade said hesitantly, "can I speak to you in private Kakashi?"

Kakashi handed Sasuke to Sakura who was completely jubilant to finally get a hold of him.

"I can walk ya know." The young Uchiha spat.

"I know…but you are so sweet!" Sakura said ecstatically.

Sasuke rolled his eyes; he was not in the mood to argue over the fact that he was NOT cute. With a sigh he leaned his head on Sakura's shoulder and watched as Kakashi disappeared when the door to the Hokage's office closed.

"What do you think I should do Kakashi?" Lady Tsunade asked.

Kakashi sighed sadly.

"Change him back." He said solemnly.

"But you don't want him to be changed back?" she assumed.

"No," Kakashi answered quickly, "I don't."

"Well then I won't." Lady Tsunade said simply. "Not that I could even if I wanted to." She grumbled.

"Wait," Kakashi spat, "that's it…no arguing…no yelling?"

"Kakashi, Sasuke never had a childhood…or a father that took care of him."

Kakashi nodded, he had already known that.

"Don't you think he deserves a second chance at that?"

Sasuke deserves a second chance. Kakashi heard Itachi's words run through out his mind.

"Yes, you are right, he does."

Lady Tsunade nodded and pulled out her book once more.

"What do I tell Sasuke though?"

"What you think is right." She said once more.

Kakashi sighed, knowing that was all he would get, and walked outside. Sasuke hopped from Sakura's lap and raced over to Kakashi. A smile played on his lips and quickly he pulled Sasuke up into his arms.

"Can Grwandma change me back?" Sasuke asked innocently.

Kakashi groaned, why was Sasuke calling LADY Tsunade that now?

"Sasuke," he said casually, "you know that isn't very polite don't you? You'll start sounding like Naruto… and we don't want that do we?"

"Hey!" Naruto spat. "For your information Kakashi-Sensei, Sasuke can't pronounce "Lady Tsunade" so I told him to call her grandma!"

Kakashi sighed and rolled his eyes, well at least Sasuke had a legitimate excuse.

"Alright, fine, but don't make a habit of it." He said rather coldly. "Sasuke, grandma cannot change you back."

Sasuke's eyes widened immensely and shimmered like dark stars. He bit his lip and bowed his head until black strands of hair hid his upset expression.

"I…I can't be a ninja?" he said with a quaking voice. "I…I am useless." He said sniffling.

"What?" Kakashi asked. "No, Sasuke you are NOT useless!"

"Then what can I do?!" Sasuke spat looking up at Kakashi; tears trailing down his face in rivulets. "I CAN'T FWIGHT ANYMWORE!" he sobbed.

"Sasuke," Kakashi said very gently, "you should know better than that, I am not going to leave you on some doorstep just because you cannot fight."

"WHY?!" Sasuke cried. "I'M…I'M JUST DEAD WEIGHT NOW!"

Kakashi sat down on a bench that was sitting next to a neighboring wall and placed Sasuke firmly on his lap.

"Sasuke Uchiha," he said sternly, "look at me."

Sasuke could not help but obey; even when he was younger he was a very obedient child.

"You are not useless, you are not dead weight, do you understand?"

Kakashi waited for Sasuke to nod and once he did he continued.

"Do you think for a moment that because you cannot fight or be a ninja I would just throw you away?"

Sasuke made no answer.

"Never Sasuke-chun," he whispered, "never ever would I do something so cruel to you!"

The warmth from Kakashi's tone made Sasuke cry even more, he did not want to be thrown away like trash. He wanted to stay with Kakashi…she wanted Kakashi to be with him always!

"You…You won't…W-w-weave me will you?" the little raven haired boy sniffled.

"No, Sasuke," the Copy Ninja said hugging the child, "I will not abandon you."

Gently Sasuke wrapped his arms around the jonin's neck and snuggled his face into his shoulder. The day was finally catching up with, he soon discovered, when a yawn could be heard on his part. What he wouldn't give to just fall asleep. With a muffled yawn Sasuke settled himself comfortably in his Sensei's arms and began to doze.

"So Kakashi Sensei," Sakura whispered, "does this mean Sasuke will remain this way?"

Kakashi nodded and stood leading them all out of the building.

"Wha-wha-wha-what?!" Naruto whispered frantically. "You're going to keep Sasuke that way?"

"Shh…" Kakashi snapped. "Yes, he deserves a second childhood…he deserves better then the life he had once had."

"Yeah, but," Sakura began, "Sasuke will still want to get revenge when he is older, won't he?"

Kakashi shook his head.

"No, part of the reason Sasuke was so set on revenge was because the only feeling he ever really knew was hate," they took a right down a street and proceeded to the Uchiha compound, "now, maybe he will see that love can overpower those feelings."

"Ah," Naruto said in understanding, "that's why grandma Tsunade won't change him back-"

"She CAN'T change him back Naruto," Kakashi said pointedly, "but yes that is part of the reason."

They walked into the ghost like compounded and preceded to the largest house in the whole area. It was only know, that they weren't rushing that Kakashi noticed just how big this house was. It had to of been hard for Sasuke to live in such a big house all alone.

"Kakashi Sensei," Sakura whispered, "Sasuke is not going to want to leave the Uchiha compound…what are you going to do?"

Kakashi sighed.

"I don't know yet."

"You should move him in with you," Naruto suggested, "It isn't healthy for him to be living here. With all those bad memories and everything."

Kakashi nodded, that had to of been the most sensible thing Naruto had said all day.

"Well for now, I will stay here with him-"

"It's creepy Sensei." Naruto whined.

Kakashi glared coldly at him.

"It is not like you have to stay here," he spat, "What are you complaining about?"

Naruto shrugged his shoulders and looked up to the flawless sky.

"Are you going to be okay here Kakashi Sensei?" Sakura asked. "You don't want any help?"

Kakashi smiled slightly; Sakura always wanted to be helpful. Of course her main objective had always been Sasuke to begin with.

"Thank you, but no." Kakashi said gently. "I think I will be able to manage. Sasuke isn't that young and I am not that clueless when it comes to kids."

Sakura blushed slightly, she didn't mean for it to come out sounding like that. She just wanted to spend time with Sasuke.

"Okay, Sensei." She said bowing her head slightly.

"A'right," Kakashi said opening the door to Sasuke's home, "you guys can go home, you have the rest of the day off, tomorrow meet me at the memorial stone."

"What time?" Naruto asked.

"Noon, sharp, don't be late."

As Kakashi walked inside he could hear Naruto grumble, "even though you will be?" With a chuckle Kakashi closed the door and walked upstairs to Sasuke's bedroom. Very cautiously he placed Sasuke on his hip while he straightened the mattress he had flung onto the floor.

He laid Sasuke back down and covered him with one of the blankets that was on the floor. Smiling he very quietly slipped out, nearly tripping over the bag of clothes Sakura had purchased.

Cursing mentally to himself for being so stupid he picked the bag up and peered inside. Suddenly his eye made contact with a small stuffed toy. He pulled it out and examined it thoroughly, as if it would blow up if he handed it to someone the wrong way.

He turned to Sasuke, whose hands were open slightly, and settled the toy into his arms.

"Mm," he chuckled, "You really are better off this way Sasuke."

"Told you so."

Kakashi's head shot around and quickly he took out a shurikun and held it firmly in his hand.

"I thought we had come to an understanding, Kakashi." Itachi growled, "I only want what is best for my little brother."

"So you de-aged him?!" Kakashi spat.

Itachi looked to see Sasuke stir slightly.

"Let's talk somewhere more private, you'll wake him."

Kakashi nodded in agreement, the last thing Sasuke needed to see right now was his older brother.

"So this was your gift to him?" Kakashi asked.

"Yes, this was my gift to him." He purred. "And to you, ha, you seem pretty happy with the arrangement of having Sasuke-chun staying with you."

Kakashi didn't move his face, he wasn't sure whether to smile or scowl.

"Don't act so serious, you know that this was the only way to save him." Itachi spat. "It is better this way-"

"Is it?" Kakashi spat. "What happens when Orochimaru finds out?"

"Are you saying you are not capable of protecting your own son, Sauske Hatake?"


"I do not see the problem-"

"He still remembers what you did, and he will always have that with him." Kakashi growled.

Itachi did not answer at first and bowed his head in utter shame.

"Yes, he will always have that on his heart. But the pain will lesson as the love you have for him and the love he has for you grows."

The Copy Ninja rolled his eyes and clenched his fists.

"Who are you to talk of love?"

"I talk of it when it comes to Sasuke because I love him, he is my little brother…I will always love and want what is best for him."

Kakashi did not argue back, for some reason he found himself convinced with what the older Uchiha's intentions had claimed to be.

"You still don't want me to tell him that it is you that did this, I assume?" Kakashi whispered.

"Someday, maybe when he is older he will understand, but now I do not want you telling him."

Itachi turned to leave but Kakashi's hand clasped over his shoulder.

"You could never kill him could you?" he asked.

Itachi's breaths quickened somewhat, as if the question hurt him.

"No." he breathed. "Never."

And in a puff of smoke Itachi Uchiha was gone, possibly forever.

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